katie is grate


“Print out these Voltron Valentine’s Day cards & share with your favorite people! Happy Valentine’s Day from the galaxy’s greatest defenders!” - [x]

santa didn’t bring me katie mcgrath for christmas????

2016 just continues to be a disappointment

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Current mood: 1. Loves Kara Danvers 2. Loves Lena Luthor 3. Loves Katie McGrath 4. Loves Odette Annable 5. Hates Melissa Benoist

Yeah same. I love the character of Kara (S1), but after the convention I can’t see melissa the same way I could before. I’m just grateful Katie stood up for us and that she had Odette to support her

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!! I am honestly so grateful for you. A lot of stuff went wrong in the last year but becoming friends with you and some other people on here is one of the main reasons I got out of it. You have given me some amazing advice, even if you don't believe it. I really look up to you. But I digress. You are a really cool person and an amazing friend and I am so happy to know you. Happy birthday!

CASSSS AHHHHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH??? i’m so glad that i’ve helped you it really means a lot to hear that 💜💜 and thank you for helping make this an amazing birthday!!!

Along Their Skin- Michael

Ray’s | Ryan’s

A/N: Special shout out to Katie for being amazing and helping me figure out the sentences for this one. <3

Michael had been ready to meet his soulmate. Or soulmates, really.

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guys i hope you realize that katy hart is literally one of the strongest women in gmw. and no, i don’t mean like “badass, doesn’t care about what men say, tumblr standards” but i mean, she is devoted to maya and her wellbeing. everyone overlooks how much she invested her time into making sure that maya is living an alright life. sure, she can’t make maya’s life perfect but she’s a single mom and works her butt off trying to make sure that maya has a decent life, even if she can’t always see her daughter. in gmw, we mostly just see the matthews family taking care of her and even though katy is so grateful for that, she still tries her best to provide whatever she has just for maya. katy really needs some appreciation because she is a dedicated mom and you know what, katy has never abandoned her kid just because it was too hard. and katy is obviously hurting. she always tries to be happy and not put pity on herself. i mean, her ex left her and i bet she constantly thinks this is her fault. that she drove kermit off and it’s all her fault maya is living this way when in fact, it’s probably not even katy’s fault. she is hurting emotionally bc of this but not once has she failed to give her best for maya. and that is some true power in this amazing woman, katy hart.