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The Natalie Dormer & Katie McGrath chronicles

I found a video on YouTube entitled “I was too into Katie McGrath to be straight” and it speaks to my very soul and I just started remembering the blur of my Natalie Dormer/Katie McGrath obsession so here’s a few things I did:

•Made bad iMovie slideshows of them
•Watched everything they were in
•Made little photo edits of them for Instagram with loads of different colour things (holy shit it was rainbow who would’ve guessed)
•Made my phone’s homescreen a pic collage of Natalie Dormer photos (the lockscreen was Ryan Reynolds because I was a closet case)
•Changed my instagram icon to a picture of Natalie Dormer surrounded by little hearts with music notes in em
•Literally cried when a girl I knew on Instagram said how she wished Natalie Dormer’s character in Game of Thrones was gay
•Would not shut up about Natalie Dormer when I got a Tumblr and it quickly eclipsed Instagram
•Was so so fascinated by Lucy Westenra, Katie McGrath’s character in Dracula, and had no idea why
•Always thought Lucy could do better than her shitty husband
•Watched the video of the two of them doing the ALS Ice bucket challenge over and over and over again
•Watched the Hozier music videos with both of them in over and over again
•I’m pretty sure I cried over the From Eden one at some point to be perfectly honest
•Kept reblogging posts about Natalie Dormer’s GoT character long after I realised how shit the show was
In conclusion:

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I made a post of things Katie said about Lauriver, and an anon asked for one of Stephen (good old days) so here it is:
“There’s history between them.” (2012)
“It was always our (Katie and Stephen) thought that we’d (Laurel and Oliver) known each other for a really long time. Before I go to the island, I’m a jerk. I’m immature, and I’m selfish, and I’m petulant. I’m a jerk! And we discovered that she was probably always the person that called me on my you-know-what, and said, ‘Hey, knock it off,’ or ‘Really? Oliver, you should do this?’ She was always the person that grounded me.” (2012)
“Oliver will always pursue Laurel - [she’s] the love of his life… ” (2013)
“I love the scene between Katie and I when we’re at Tommy’s grave.” (2013)
“Oliver’s always going to love Laurel. He’s always going to love her, period.” (2014)
“Oliver quite literally is the person that Laurel always wanted him to be, and now she knows that.” (2014)
“Laurel is a love from a different part of his life. It’s always gonna be there.” (2015)