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ive been distracted by Lena’s red coat so i didn’t make this comment weeks ago but: kara, i don’t care what’s going on in life, how do you forget you have a date with lena fucking luthor? like i could get murdered, and i’d leave my own funeral to keep that lunch date, im not kidding. my ghost ass is going out for kombucha with lena. period.

Kara knows Lena is innocent because she can hear it in her voice but she can also hear her heart racing in fear of losing her only friend.

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so i saw the man from uncle and throughout the movie armie hammer’s character is very obviously not neurotypical (my money was on autism) and at the end it actually said that armie hammer’s character has “volatile personality disorder” and i looked into what that is and apparently it’s like a 1960’s name for borderline??? a character in a big mainstream movie canonically has bpd and isn’t treated like a monster with no emotions???? and is shown with non-laughable symptoms and has episodes where he’s angry and shaking and loses control and you don’t feel uncomfortable or scared of him and he’s still treated like a competent agent (actually, like one of the best agents)???????

May we all live to see each of our favorite actresses of old play at least one (1) gay character
Katie McGrath vs. Supergirl Producers: Part III

Producers: We went over the scenes in episode 2x05 last night and… maybe we weren’t clear before, you were supposed to invite Kara to the party as a FRIEND. 

Katie McGrath: I did. I said “you’re my only friend in national city”.

Producers: What about the lip bite and the flirting?

Katie McGrath: Well, there are many kinds of friends, depending on your view.

Producers: In this show we have a clear definition of friends, Miss McGrath. We’d like you to follow the show’s ideals. 

Katie McGrath: Okey, gotcha.


Melissa Benoist: What did the producers want this time?

Katie McGrath: They told me to hit on you.

Melissa Benoist: WHAT?

Katie McGrath: They told me to follow this show’s concept of “friends”. Maggie is constantly telling Alex they’re friends while declaring her undying love for her, so do Jimmy and Winn with Kara. So I guess I’ll have to keep flirting with you.

Melissa Benoist: I’m confused.

Katie McGrath: Just like your character!