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voltorn characters based on sentences i overheard at band camp

Pidge: If you touch me, I’ll flippidy flap shove this flag up your ass

Lance: Do you guys dare me to shake this trash can filled with angry wasps?

Keith: *stroking Trombone* I named it Father Debby the Deathly Destroyer

Hunk: Do you guys want to try this drink I just made? I call it Freshmen Tears. It’s a mixture of spoiled lukewarm blue Gatorade and hose water!

Shiro: *about to play in a parade* I don’t have this song memorized and I’m going to play random notes the entire time

Allura: I’m roll stepping away from your sexist bullshit

Coran: Ok for section day, we are going to dress up as Space Pirates because they’re fucking cool


Lotor: My skincare routine costs more than your lame ass flute

Matt: The only thing that’s straight about this line is that junior up in the front

hatarlakrits opened up commissions recently, and so of course, I asked for some cute Teevert and Valgleeson nonsense. an 800-word rant about their performances and a few days later, I get this!!! and it is!!!! so perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been ranting to let-it-be-extraordinary about it for ten minutes already, somebody save me from my emotions