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A Netflix Catwoman TV show starring Nicole Beharie as the openly bisexual Selina Kyle, a thief who has ended up becoming the protector of a rough neighborhood in Gotham - the Narrows - that gets her tangled up with the mob. David Oyelowo plays Black Mask, a ruthless mob boss who has climbed to the top of Gotham’s underworld and whose cronies are currently terrorizing the Narrows. Arden Cho plays Holly Robinson, Selina’s plucky young protege. Michelle Rodriguez plays Renee Montoya, a tough GCPD detective determined to topple Black Mask’s empire and take Catwoman off the streets all while keeping her rookie partner in check. Katie Cassidy plays Renee’s short-tempered but kind and well-intentioned partner and Lucas Till plays Black Mask’s right-hand man and love interest. Osric Chau plays Robin (Jason Todd? Tim Drake?) who occasionally either helps or hinders Selina, depending on the situation and also gives us insight into how Batman and the rest of the family are doing. We also see romantic Bruce/Selina through flashbacks, e.g. the both of them at glamorous parties, ect. In present day, Tao Okamoto plays Selina’s love interest, a florist whose shop Selina breaks into when she’s on the run from the cops. Harley and Ivy eventually appear down the line, as do other rogues and batfamily members. No one is straight. 


Persephone – Possible Fcs I

- Katie McGrath [Age Range: 25 – 35 years]

- Miriam Bryant [Age Range: 20 – 28 years]

- Holly Earl [Age Range: 15 – 26 years]

- Jessica Green [Age Range: 16 – 26 years]

- Grace Phipps [Age Range: 18 – 27 years]

- Odeya Rush [Age Range: 15 – 22 years]

- Emily Rudd [Age Range: 16 – 24 years]

- Ryan Newman [Age Range: 15 – 21 years]

- Alexandra Daddario [Age Range: 16 – 32 years]