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Fashion babies Pidge and Lance - they shopped new clothes at the space mall. I bet Lance runs some fashion blog or something (lets be real, he’s the only one to be dressed correctly). 

Or maybe Allura runs a model agency in the real world. Idk (heh, Lance would be the tailor right?). I’ll do the others Pals and our favorite Alteans (and maybe Matt?) next !

“Suspenders, really Lance ?”

“Blue is my color”

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what we're all waiting for

someone: so are you a fan of supercorp

katie: haha, the fans are great and they can feel however they want about it-

someone: but what about you?

katie: uh-

*trips, spilling thousands of signed fanworks from her coat*

katie, laughing nervously: this isn’t mine, just holding it for a friend

someone: because ‘that’s what friends are for’ huh? ;)

katie: dammit

katie: ok fine maybe i do ship it a little

someone: finally

signed papers: finally

the ground: finally

rao himself: finally

“You know that door’s not really an entrance…”

Kara was getting a little lonely.

Here is Ms. “I filled your apartment with flowers, built a balcony just for you, what are friends for?” Luthor. There is seriously no heterosexual explanation for half of the things this queen does when around Ms. Danvers in Supergirl, so can we just make Supercorp canon yet? #supercorpwillrise #gayagenda

Lena Luthor, Supergirl.

Completed: June 11, 2017.

Delightfully, Ms. Luthor came together in the short space of a couple hours. What took the most time was deciding whether or not to include a line on those big ol’ lips o’ hers (I spent a good chunk of my life dedicated to debating the decision, and had to call in an Australian authority on the matter). 

My overall plan here was to demonstrate how Lena constantly works to move out of the shadow of her family name, and I hope I got that across with the vibrant colours peeking out the top and the bottom of the image. If you’re still trying to figure out wtf is in the background, it’s chess pieces — pls tell me you get the reference. Anyways, please enjoy Lena in all her on fleek eyebrow glory and let me know your thoughts!

P.S. The biggest shoutout from the rooftop of the L Corp building to @littlekbrother who put up with a billion screenshots and silly questions about minuscule details. Lena wouldn’t have lips if it wasn’t for this goof, so y’all should thank her. 

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Classified 11

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Doctor!Reader

Warning: Swearing, Death, Heart Break, Angst, Fluff, violence and hostages//Take Over.

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Rule One of being a doctor, don’t get over attached to your patients.

Well that rules been broken.

Rule Two of being a doctor, don’t date your patients.

But what if he has blue eyes and a killer smile that make your insides throw a dance party when he’s near you??
Rule Three of being a doctor, don’t ever loose focus on doing your job, nothing comes between you and your career.

See comment above… was the smile mentioned? Or that he’s Captain America?

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“You’re going to forget me, but I’ll never forget that you loved me.”

I wondered what would be Shiro’s last image after his memory wipe in @amillion-smiles‘ fic, then drew it out.

anonymous asked:

Katie McGrath wearing that coat makes her softer and cuddlier in case someone gives her a hug. This angel is just thinking about the people. It's also a cruelty free fur coat because no muppets were harmed in its creation.

She’s suffering for the softness (and for the aesthetic)

laughing-fangirling-alldaylong  asked:

How would kyoya react when his s/o paint him instead of the wall of your new apartment? I'm so happy that a kyoya blog exist. Thanks :)

Ahhh, so sorry for the long wait! You send in the cutest prompts !

“You do realize we could just pay professionals to do this, right?” Kyoya looks around skeptically at all the rollers, paint brushes, paint trays, and gallons of paint set carefully on the tarps covering the floor. “It would probably look a lot better and would be a lot easier-”

“Or,” you interrupt him, handing him a paint roller, “we could save the money and just paint ourselves.” You give him a small, wry smile as you turn to start filling the paint trays. You hear him sigh as he comes up behind you.

You start to roll paint onto the wall in clean, even strokes, Kyoya doing the same. You glance at him quietly, a smirk creeping onto your lips.

Since this is such a messy project, you had convinced him to wear some casual clothes, most of which you had to buy just to make sure that they were cheap enough that he wouldn’t be pissed if they got ruined.

And boy, are you going to make sure that they get ruined.

You take your paint brush, dip it in the pool of paint, and you flick your wrist at him. Paint hits his right arm, creating a random pattern on his skin, while droplets of paint fall to the white tarps on the ground. His eyes widen at the sudden assault of cold liquid before turning to you.

A goofy smile stretches across your face as you see his look of confusion. You flick your brush again, this time painting across the front of his shirt.

“Y/n, stop, this is completely childish and a waste of paint-” you flick the brush at him again. He narrows his eyes at you, and for a moment you’re worried that he might actually be mad.

You let out a surprised yelp as he grabs his paint brush and sends a cascade of splatters towards you. Laughing out his name, you raise your arms to block your face. He steps closer, smearing his brush across your front.

“Stop, stop!” you laugh out, trying to grab at his brush. The wet bristles slap against your fingers, completely covering them in sticky paint. You bring your brush down, painting a stripe across his chest and catching a bit of his neck in the process. You feel his arms wrap around you, trapping your arms between your body and his. After a bit of a struggle, your brush falls from your grasp, useless. A small smile graces your lips.

“Are you done?” he asks, a mixture of exasperation and amusement in his voice. You nod, leaning your head against his shoulder and pressing your lips to the side of his neck.

“Yeah, let’s finish the first coat.”

-Admin Katie