katie boo

ok ok ok ok ok ok so ok… sok ok so i want there to be a mom ent. a very specific moment. you know the part of the movie where tadashi guilt trips hiro like oh what would mom and dad say and hiro is like uh idk cause i was like 3 when they died…FREEZE FRAME that moment real fast ok.

ok ok ok ok NOW. now imagine younger them when both of their parents first die.. right before they both are taken in by aunt cass who does hiro have?? only TADASHI,. but also who does tadashi have?? ONLY HIRO.. except hiro at 3 isnt really ‘there for him’ ya knoW?? at this point hiro mostly needs to be distracted in order for it to be a distraction for tadashi.. NOT SAYING HIRO IS A BURDEN but he aint much of a help at 3??? A NY WAY anyway anyway

SO tadashi always had to be strong for his brother you know?? cause a baby would get scared and start crying if you started crying so did tadashi ever realyl have a moment to really be upset about his parents?? did he really get a proper private mourning?? i imagine him and hiro literally did everything together maybe not to an unhealthy codependence point but enough where they became a bit clingy because hey they already lost a lot better hold on right?? A NYWAY but beyond that tadashi probably sort of maybe forgot about it?? like not their death or anything but got past it enough where he didnt need to dwell and it didnt feel all that bad because now he has so many distractions like work and friends and a little brother and school and blah blah

bUT LIKE COME BACK TO THAT FREEZE FRAME MOMENT OK. BRING IT BACK UP HERE. what if there ar emoments like that where it is suddenly impossibly hard to forget that it happened and there are no real distractions ya know???? NOW TAKE THAT MOMENT THERE AND INSERT THE MOMENT I WANT TO HAPPEN HERE—->

i want tadashi to cry. big fat baby tears. i want him to try and push it off and take hiro to SFIT and encourage him because hey thats what tadashi knows best to do and then i want them to come back and rtight when they go to bed and tadashi thinks hiro is asleep i want him to cry to himself like the little boy who never got to cry about his parents death. i want him to be sO WEAK in that moment that he doesnt even notice hiro crawl into bed with him and give him a big ol hug and whisper that he is sorry he said that about mom and dad and that everything will be ok and that they would be so proud of him


My doggie is cuddling with me and it’s so sweet because she hardly ever does this :)

I love it when she’s feeling snuggly. Even if snuggly for her is putting her paws on my feet and resting her head on my shin. 


Katy Perry booed at BST.