katie arnoldi

Chemical Pink by Katie Arnoldi

So I’m reading this novel that I stumbled upon on Amazon.  I love stories about female bodybuilders. Can’t get enough of them. So long as it doesn’t get all crazy weird with incest and penises.  

Anyways , I’m only a few chapters in and I have to say I am a bit conflicted about how I feel about the book.  I rather loathe the male protagonist, as he is a major creeper in my opinion.  He basically buys himself a bodybuilder by “sponsoring” her by means of straight up cash, a car, and a place to live for her daughter and she.   He’s the comically stereotypical guy you think of that admires muscular women. Short, skinny and fairly unattractive.   

Then there’s the object of his affection.  The beautiful, muscle lady that is down on her luck.  She is more than willing to be saved by him.  This totally disgusts me personally.  She’s not even attracted to him by her own admission.  She likes his little hands, and smart speech.  

Anyways the book is basically about the dark-side of female bodybuilding. As it delves heavily into the the use of AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids).  

I’m gonna try and finish this by the weeks end, and then I’ll give my final review. So far it ain’t lookin’ so good.