katie and her boyfriend

Katerina: Sorry about asking you to carry me, how undignified.

Lancelot: Well you’ve never been a very dignified princess.

ahh so au time!!!!!!! So like how Pollux was a sister planet in the og voltron, Celaeno is a fictional sister planet to both Pollux and Altea that is ruled by Princess Katerina (Katie, aka Pidge) with her boyfriend advisor Lancelot (Lance). They were both the original Green and Blue lion Paladins respectively and when war broke out had to flee while Alfor scattered their lions, despite their protests to go out fighting. They were evacuating their planet, but things didn’t go as planned. Katerina’s family and herself were able to escape unharmed, though Katerina does not know of her partner’s fate. 

Not all of Lancelot’s family was able to evacuate on time, and those that did felt terrible about their fate and guilt for those left behind. They didn’t care where they went, just somewhere far far away. 

Both end up on Earth, unknown to the other that they were also on Earth.

As you can imagine lots of hijinks ensue.

Unlike Alteans, they cannot change species, but they are still a chameleon species that can alter one’s appearance (general appearance, hair, eyes, ears).

do not question lance’s weird shading for his shirt/jacket/whatever. i should give better full body colour refs

beginner’s guide to horror movies

Okay, so you’ve seen a few scary movies and enjoyed them, and now you’re looking to expand your horror prowess. Maybe you’ve been reading/listening to a lot of creepypasta, and you feel like you’re ready to take the plunge. Or maybe you just have a feeling that you’d like horror, but have no idea where to start. 

I’ve been a huge fan of all things creepy and scary for years. I was just reading an article called, “Horror Gems You Haven’t Seen Yet” and realized that I actually had seen almost every film on the list, so I guess that makes me an expert. So, my new baby horror fans, allow me to introduce you to the genre.

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Too many uncles - Jordie Benn

Requested by anon: Love your last imagine. Can I have a Jordie Benn imagine where his wife goes into labor?

A/N: Hey! First of all, thank you. I’m glad you like my imagines. I hope you like this one as well. Thanks for requesting it.

Word Count: 1056

Warnings: the word ‘shit’

Originally posted by bennyandthestars

Your biggest fear has become true, you were going into labor and Jordie is on the road. Okay, that might be a little dramatic… you were indeed going into labor, but Jordie was on a charity trip with the team just an hour away from Dallas.

“Do we have everything you need?” Katie, Jamie’s girlfriend, asks you and you give her a quick nod.

Not having the guys around has made everything go a lot smoother, to be honest. Instead of freaking out when your water broke, you had called Katie really calmly and put everything you needed together while she drove to your place. Katie had got out of the car and called the hospital to warn them while you got in, ready to go.

“I probably should call Jordie, but I kind of want to wait until we are there, so he doesn’t freak out too much” you tell her and she agrees, starting to drive to the hospital.

Your pregnancy has been incredibly smooth; you didn’t have a single problem. Jordie, on the other side, has been a mess during the nine months. You knew that he was scared to be a father, you were scared too, and he has worried about pretty much every single thing that could go wrong. At first they were smaller things, like you not carrying any weight or banning anything with alcohol inside the house, but the last trimester of your pregnancy has been absolutely crazy with him not wanting to leave you, even for games, and controlling absolutely everything you did.

“Are you excited?” Katie asks and you smile.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to hold my little bean” you say and your heart flutters with anticipation.

Jordie and you decided to not know the sex of the baby until he or she was born, so you have been calling the baby ‘little bean’.


“And” you add “I can’t wait have Jordie off my back and stop having cravings”

“You have had the weirdest cravings ever” she laughs and you join her.

“Celery with peanut butter and anchovies is absolutely delicious” you defend yourself and Katie makes gagging noises, both of you cracking up.

And then you feel it, the worst pain you have ever felt in your life. You let out a sound in between a sigh and a scream and Katie looks at you, and moves her hand from the wheel to hold your own.

“Hey, (y/n). It’s ok. You are having a contraction” her voice is calmed “just keep breathing and think about how soon you are gonna have that baby in your arms”

The pain goes away and you look at the clock on the dash.

“It’s 1:35 pm, let’s time up contractions” you say and she nods.

By the time you get to the hospital you have had just another contraction. They were waiting for you, so your room was ready and the paperwork filled before you know it.

“Let’s get you in the gown and then we’ll call Jordie” Katie says and you shake your head.

“Katie, you are gonna kill me, but can you call him and tell him?” you ask, pulling your best puppy eyes “he is going to be mad because we haven’t called him sooner and I don’t want to have a fight hours before our kid is born”

She nods, helping you into the gown and leaving the room to make the call in the exact moment the doctor walks in and checks you, assuring you that you were dilated already and that it shouldn’t be long.

Katie hears the doctor and looks for Jordie’s number before pressing the call button and waiting.

“Hey Katie, what’up?” Jordie answers the phone and she bits her lower lip.

“Hey Jordie. I’ve called to tell you that I’m in the hospital with (y/n)” he doesn’t let her finish.

“Is she ok? What happened? Is the baby ok? Did she fall?”

“No, no, Jordie. She is going into labor. She is having the baby today” and he goes mute “Jordie? Are you ok?”

No one answers and Katie starts to worry when she hears noises on the other side of the line.

“Katie? What’s wrong?” it’s Jamie’s voice.

“(y/n) is giving birth today. Her water broke and she called me. We are in the hospital and it seems like it is gonna be rather soon” She informs him.

“Shit…ok. We are in the bus right now” Jamie says and Katie hears everyone wondering what it’s going on.

“Alright, I’ll see you soon” and they hang up.

Katie walks in the room and catches you sending texts to your family and friends.

“He is coming” she informs you and you smile.

“My parents are getting in a plane” you say.

“This is so exciting, (y/n)”

You spend the next hour talking with Katie, your contractions becoming very frequent and the doctor tells you that it could be any minute now. You start to become a little anxious; you didn’t want to bring your kid to the world without Jordie by your side.

“Hold on a little bit more, daddy is going to be here soon” you say, rubbing your belly.

Your contractions are happening minutes from each other when you hear the door of your room open and Jordie walks in.

“I’m here, baby” he runs to your side, ready to be with you during childbirth.


You are holding your baby girl in your arms, your head on Jordie’ shoulder when there is a knock on the door and Jamie’s head pops in.

“Can we come in?”

Jordie and you look at each other and nod, so Jamie walks in and behind him the whole Stars roster, Coaches and Katie.

“Let me meet my…” Jamie doubts and you laugh.

“Niece. You have a niece”

“Guys, let me introduce you to Jacqueline Louise Benn” Jordie grabs her from your arms and walks towards the guys, so everyone can get a look at her.

“Hello, baby girl” Tyler coos and everyone laugh “you are going to be a spoiled princess. Look at how many uncles you have”

“God, I’m sorry for her boyfriend” Katie says and Jordie’s head snaps up.

“No boyfriends until she is 40” and you shake your head, feeling happier than you have ever felt.

No Trade Backs - Josh Pieters

Request: Hiii can you please do an imagine where reader is dating josh and he hears her talking about how she doesn’t deserve him and he gets mad or something and it ends with fluff??

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I hope you like it! :)


Easter weekend was always your favourite time of the year. Your family gathering to spend time together instead of receiving gifts was something you appreciated more than anything. Living in London was great but most of your family lived elsewhere so getting to see them made you incredibly happy. However, this year was different. You were bringing your boyfriend, Josh, with you. You and Josh started dating a year ago and although he’s met your parents and siblings, he had yet to meet your extended family. You insisted he didn’t have to come along but he did anyway. It wasn’t that you were embarrassed, you loved the kid to death but you didn’t want him to have to go through the interview stage all over again.

“(y/n) dear, can you grab an extra plate? Katy brought Ben.” You laughed as your mom ran around the kitchen, trying to get everything ready for everyone.

“Way to go, Katy, you put her even more on edge.” You said, jokingly, causing your sister to roll her eyes in response.

After the meal, everyone gathered in the living room and entered into the food coma you had been looking forward to for weeks. Katy, however, enjoyed spending time outside so you thought you’d join her.

“How’s it going?” You asked, sitting down next to her on the porch swing.

“Really good.” Katy had been having trouble with her boyfriend, Ben, which is why no one thought he’d be at dinner today. “We’re really working on things.” You smiled as you didn’t know what to say back. You were unsure of their relationship but he made her happy so you kept quiet. “What about you and Josh?”

“We’re good.” You replied, smiling as you watched passing cars on the street. “It kind of freaks me out.”


“Well, he’s just so sweet to me. We’ve never fought; he’s just so understanding and supportive of everything and he puts in a crazy amount of effort with me…it just…sometimes makes me feel like I don’t deserve him, you know? Like, there could be someone out there who could treat him a thousand times better than I do…I dunno…he’s just…he’s too good for me.”

“Hey, we’re watching home movies.” Derek, your brother said, popping his head outside. “We’re on the one where Dad runs Katy over with his toboggan.” 

Later that night, You and Josh returned back to his apartment, deciding to watch a movie to relax. Just as Dear John was getting good, Josh paused the TV.

“Did you really mean what you said?” You propped yourself up and turned to look at him in confusion. “To your sister. I heard you outside…Do you really think you don’t deserve me?”

You smiled awkwardly in embarrassment since you didn’t exactly want Josh to know you felt this way. “I just feel like…I don’t treat you as well as you treat me. The things I do for you could be better or bigger or with more thought, you know? You’re so incredibly amazing to me and to you…I’m mediocre.”

“Babe, you’re not.” Josh retaliated, taking your hands in his. “The little things you do make me so happy and thankful that I have someone like you in my life. You make sure I’m on time, you cook me dinner, you make me feel better about myself, you’re the most supportive person I know and if it helps, you’re pretty hot too. You make me a better person and I wouldn’t trade that for anything” 

You wrapped your arms around Josh’s neck and pulled him towards you. “I love you.” You whispered just before connecting your lips with his.

[A fifteen year old Katie is sitting on the steps of the Demeter cabin, cutting the tops off of strawberries before putting them in a bowl. Travis is pretending to help and stealing every third strawberry for himself. Billie Ng, having been at camp for all of two days, watches in confusion]

Billie(Slowly): So… are you her boyfriend?

[Katie and Travis both pause before turning to look at each other. Travis grins before theatrically throwing an arm around her]

Travis(Melodramatically): No, I’m her fiance!

Katie(Deadpan): We’ve been promised to each other since birth.

Travis(Fake whispering in Billie’s direction): Our wedding isn’t until March!


so there’s for sure going to be a part two to this, i don’t know how any of this happened to be honest, i’m sure this wasn’t what the person who requested this was expecting but… it kind of just happened. i’m sorry if you’re disappointed :/

request: can you do something along the lines of jock harry and cheerleader y/n? that would be awesome

warnings: abuse

It still felt like summer as we were moving back into our apartments. The sun beat down on us, scalding and unforgiving as we hauled our suitcases upstairs.

“Hey,” Katie grunted between stairs that we were hauling our television up, “Did you hear about the transfer from Britain?”

“It’s a big school, Katie.” I blew a piece of hair out of my face, almost to the top. “Why would I have heard of a transfer at a school of thousands?”

She frowned at me as we put the TV down, “Didn’t Jack tell you?”

I narrowed my eyes, “Didn’t Jack tell me what?”

“The transfer is his roommate. The transfer contacted him on facebook basically begging him for the extra room in his apartment. He’s joining the soccer team.”

“Why do you know this and I don’t?”

Katie raised her eyebrows, “How should I know why you and your boyfriend don’t communicate? It’s not my fault people tell me things.” I opened my mouth, but Katie held a hand up, “No, it was not Jack who told me, I don’t remember who told me.” She sighed when she saw the look on my face, “You’re gonna leave to go talk to Jack aren’t you?”

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The Friendzone

You know that little space between “girlfriend” and “girl friend?” That’s the Friendzone. As potentially depressing as it is to say, I consider myself to be an expert on the art friendzoning–for it is after all an art form. Sometimes I friedzone, and I don’t even know it’s happening–let alone the poor guy. (That’s how good I am.)

The Friendzone is the place where we corral the men we don’t completely want to date, but we still want them in our lives. As I mentioned in “Laws of Attraction,” each person we surround ourselves with sustains attractive qualities, even if said person isn’t necessarily attractive to our specific tastes. These are the people we friendzone. 

Mr. Collins is the perfect example of a man stuck in the Friendzone. As ridiculous as the man is, he found himself in a rather good situation at the service of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, though he didn’t have much else to recommend himself with. His manners were unpolished, thought not necessarily offensive (unless you’re Mr. Darcy and he skips social protocol by addressing you first–the impertinence!).

Poor Mary Bennet should have been his bride, possibly the only woman in the book who could’ve improved him in both manners and mind–rather than the toleration and coexistence that resulted from his union with Charlotte Lucas. 

Most guys obtain female friends in the hopes of the relationship evolving into something a little more…physical? Sure. Girls can have guy friends (though personally, I’ve never been able to successfully accomplish it).  But the difference is that once a guy is deemed a “friend,” it’s very difficult to move up into the ranks of “boyfriend.” 

Such a girl has deemed a guy suitable of being her personal confidant, but she doesn’t necessarily find him attractive enough to actually date. So instead, he is situated firmly in the Friendzone, where he must listen to all her problems (including boys problems), but alas, he reaps none of benefits of being the boyfriend. 

There are the occasional exceptions–the ”He was here all along!” stories. But I’ve never experienced such a moment myself. My friend Katie had that moment with her boyfriend Rob. Junior year of high school, they were set up by our other friend’s boyfriend, Rich. Everything started out sweet, all those adorably long text messages that you get in the beginning of a relationship–still shaving above the knee, if you know what I mean. But when she graduated a year early and moved away to college, she wanted to see what else was out there.

It took her a few months to realize what has been my daily struggle–good men are hard to find, so when you do find one, hold on to him. She bounced between frat party to frat party and kept finding the same sort of guy: well dressed in J. Crew, but with little interest in any serious intention of a relationship. (”I don’t want to be a traitor to my generation and all, but I just don’t get how guys dress today.” No words better encapsulate my sentiments about basic-looking frat boys.) After experiencing the horror of what it is to be single at a school dominated by the Greek system, Rob and Katie got back together and are still dating. (I suspect a serious proposal imminently.) 

Returning to the idea of a friendzoned guy not receiving the perks of a boyfriend–is this why guys get so pissed about being friendzoned? Because believe me, I can’t say I’ve ever received positive feedback from friendzoning. Sometimes I get frustrated–just because I’m nice to a guy and want to spend time talking with him doesn’t mean that I have to like him as more than a friend. Can’t a girl just be nice without having any ulterior motive?

This is where the stereotype arises that men and women can’t be friends–have you ever seen What If? with Daniel Radcliffe? (He plays a British med student–because having a British accent wouldn’t make him desirable enough, they had to make him a doctor, too.) Are all male friends secretly waiting in the shadows, hoping for a status upgrade to boyfriend?

I think something many men don’t know (or don’t consider) about the Friendzone is that if you’re there, she’s already taking you into consideration as “boyfriend material.” The difference is that you didn’t make the cut. This means she said “no” when she could’ve said “yes.” (I realize that’s harsh, but i’s the truth.) So as a compromise, she now gets to keep you with all your wit and whimsy, while continuing to look around for Mr. Right–or in my case, Mr. Darcy.

I often feel bad for men. In my personal experience, it’s much more common for a man to be the friendzonee, rather than the friendzoner. Men have to put up with a lot of crap from us fickle women. 

One of my best friends is firmly set on me marrying a kid we went to high school with. Granted, he’s adorable and very deserving of his senior award for “Nicest Guy,” but I’m not as certain she is that he’s my Mr. Darcy. I love to talk with him, and and he’s always available to listen to me, but I’m just not convinced that I feel “that way” about him. And if I’m not sure, then obviously I’m going to keep looking for something I’m sure of. 

I hope that I’m being clear that we women don’t friendzone for no reason. If you know that you’ve been friendzoned, it’s not because she doesn’t care. Once she knew it wouldn’t work or that there was no chemistry, she didn’t want to lead you on and hurt your feelings. 

It’s not intentionally bitchy–she’s just being honest. There is no ulterior motive for telling a guy “Hey, I’m just not that into you.” It’s saving both parties time and energy they could be spending with someone who could potentially be their Mr. Darcy or Elizabeth Bennet.

I started this post thinking I’d shed some light on friendzoning, and I hope I’ve done at least that. (Though, I don’t think I’ve quite gotten to the root of why it happens so often in my own relationships.) I have to believe that I friendzone for a reason. I’m not intentionally hurting anyone’s feelings, and in reality, I’m saving you precious time that you could be using to actually find a girl who loves all your little quirks that I just couldn’t get past.

Think about Lizzy and Mr. Collins. She rejected him, and that allowed him to move on to Charlotte–a woman who could accept him for what he was. A fundamental part of the friendzone is the unwavering resolve to not settle for something that is less than what we want.

At times, I’ll admit, it can be an option used too frequently–an eject button if a relationship moves too fast or we start to have doubts. I’m certainly guilty of overusing it myself. But the main takeaway is to ensure that both parties involved can find a happier ending, and isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t that why we date? 

The point of dating is not to just keep on dating; it’s to find love. We date so that after the twists and turns of life, the unreciprocated “I love you”’s, that weird guy who you went out with that one time who braided his beard, after all the no’s and uncertainty, we may all find a happiness that equates that of Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy’s epic affair of the heart. 

Stories for Taylor: Meet Katie 

 It is said that the best friends are the people who make us want to be better people because we know them and Taylor; you’ve been that kind of influence for Katie. Katie ( @partaylikeits1989 ) first found Taylor in 2009 and has loved her ever since, but in 2015 Clean really helped Katie through a difficult situation. 

You see, Katie was in a toxic relationship, and Clean gave her the courage to end it. Hearing the lyrics “The flowers we’d grown together died of thirst” especially resonated and helped Katie keep her resolve even when her boyfriend tried the “but I love you” card to keep them together. Even with that, Katie kept Taylor close, hanging onto Taylor’s messages of self-love and individual happiness. 

Through the years Katie has grown to know Taylor as someone who is real and kind and someone who on the serious side has helped Katie decide to live life on her own terms. On the not so serious side because of Taylor Katie knows it’s probably best that she pursue her ambition of being a teacher rather than try to earn her living through strutting the runway (or in Taylor’s case – prancing). 

Remember the Ellen segment where Taylor showed Ellen how to strut down the catwalk? Well, Katie decided one night that she was going to try Taylor’s moves as she went downstairs to check to see if some cookies were finished baking. Katie decided to try the advanced form of the move and do it while going down some stairs, in the dark. However, it was too soon for such tactics. Katie slipped on the landing and fell down a flight of stairs on her butt. Though, perhaps this might have been a truer imitation of Taylor than what we saw on Ellen?? Worst of all though, the cookies weren’t even done and Katie’s mission was in vain. 

Taylor, Katie says that you are the reason she is happy as she is today and knowing you makes her want to be the best version of herself, and P.S. she thinks your Tumblr hashtags are awesome! @taylorswift

are we as an Internet community really going to crucify Taylor Swift for confirming that she wrote her ex boyfriends song but ignore the fact Katy perry is using global tragedies to promote her new single

anonymous asked:

your hating on taylor swift because of kim k's proofs??

Oh honey, I couldn’t care less about the tea Kim K is spilling right now (but I’m glad that it brought attention to taylor’s nonsense over the years). I thought they were both in the wrong to some degree. But anyways, I’ve always found Tay iffy because of many other pressing issues such as her stance on “Feminism” which encompasses a lot of things I never liked her for:

She calls herself a feminist but the “feminism” that she has spread and taught her fans was white feminism. Her idea of feminism helps no one else but white women despite the fact that their group is probably the only one currently not being targeted at the moment. Her feminism is piping up about a handful of white police men that died in their line of duty while staying quiet about the hundreds, thousands of black people that have died due to police brutality. Her idea of feminism is slut shaming Camilla Belle (remember her?) so badly and so unnecessarily that it literally ruined her career and future in the music industry. Her feminism is literally throwing herself in the line of fire in discourse about black women in music and making herself the victim over and over again (see Nicki’s and Beyonce’s tweets). Her feminism includes filming a whole video for Wildest Dreams in Africa and not including a single black person in the video. Her feminism, doesn’t address or help queer or trans folk and like I’ve said earlier she had homophobic lyrics back in the day that she simply buried under the rug and never addressed or apologized for. Her feminism relies heavily on playing the victim and bashing other women to further herself. She pokes fun of people in her songs: all her ex boyfriends, katy perry’s mental illness, people’s sexualities, people’s sexual activities … yet one little lyric about her (which she gave approval to btw) and she plays the victim once again …

Mortal Kombat X Cosplay Party Gone Terribly Wrong (Closed Rp.)

It was a cosplay party at Jason’s house, and the theme was Mortal Kombat X. Jason dressed up as Erron Black, his favorite fighter, with realistic 8 bullet golden revolvers, holsters, bullets around his waist and had a hat on with bullets around it. He’s been looking forward for this party for weeks, and thought that nothing was going to go wrong. He invited his friends over and a dozen showed up. One of his friends, Randy, showed up with a updated Scorpion costume and had a realistic spear with a few pyrotechnics up his sleeve. Another friend, was named Daniel, showed up with a Jax costume. Daniel had a suit of armor and big, bulky metal arms when he lit a cigar. Daniel wasn’t at Jason’s parties much but had to be for the MKX party since he met Jason at a Mortal Kombat convention. More friends showed up. Seth, with his Kung Lao costume with a bladed hat around the circle, and he even grew out a ponytail to be Kung Lao. Tanner, with his Jason Voorhees costume with a hockey mask and a machete. Then there came Kayla. With her Cassie Cage costume with a headset in and everything. Then came Katie, with her Sonya Blade costume. And she had brought her boyfriend, Jeffery, who, of course brought a Johnny Cage outfit. Then Jason waited for more people. @saphirafoxgirlspost

Second Anniversary Pt.1

Hey! I haven’t written a story or anything in years! But, I had this idea come into my head and had to write it down. I have read so many brilliant fan fictions on here for MMFD that I really wanted a go at writing my own too. There is a second part to this which I hope to have up next week.

Hope you like it :)


6:23pm, 04.12.1998

Two more hours. Just two more and I can go home, have a bath, put my pjs’ on and watch The 11 o'clock Show.

I need to find a new job and soon. This is just depressing. Mike has been here since we opened at midday. And Sally arrived not long after. Have they got nothing better to do with their lives than to just drink them away? I know they are paying my wages but still.

Guess I’ll just wipe the bar down .. again. Bored. Bored. Bored. BORED.

As I’m rinsing my cloth out I hear someone sit down at the bar. I know who it is before I even turn around. He has been here everyday at 6:30 for the last two weeks.

If he ain’t careful he will end up like the rest of this sorry lot.

I turn around and wait for him to finish taking his jacket off. He looks at me and gives me the same tight lipped smile he does everyday. His eyes are dark and guarded and his face looks a little blotchy like he has been crying. Though it could just be the cold has gotten to him. They were talking about snow on the news earlier.

“Usual Finny?”

“Yeah. Ta’ Cass.”

While I’m pouring I glance over at him chewing his fingernails. He is staring at the bar like it has all the answers written in it. There’s a slight wrinkle in his brow as he continues to chomp away at his hand. When I place his drink in front of him he starts and looks at me and gives me that same tight lipped smile.

He takes a sip of his drink and continues to stare down at the bar, that crinkle appearing again.

I should just leave it. He obviously doesn’t wanna talk about it.

He’ll talk to me when he’s ready. He hasn’t even noticed me staring at him.

I look around the rest of the pub at the sorry sods who have been wasting away here for years.

They must know each other. They spend everyday in the same pub but none of them talk to each other. They barely acknowledge one another. All just staring at their pints, or the clock, watching the days pass them by.

Finn doesn’t belong here. Not with these lot.

I pick my cloth back up and start cleaning the taps. He is now picking at the bar slowly with his change, making a dent in the old wooden surface.

Whatever is eating him up needs to come out. Usually it would be a few days and he would blab. But this was fucking ridiculous. Two weeks he’s been here. It must be bad.

Dad was talking about it on the phone last night with Gary. By the sounds of it he ain’t talked to no one. Just got up one day and decided he was coming here. He only ever comes here when things are shit in Stamford. The only time he didn’t was when Nan died and that’s only cause we all turned up there instead.

He also hasn’t mentioned Rae once since he got here. I know they broke up but Gary says they are still mates. She is usually all he talks about. It must be to do with Rae.

Gary says its not. Gary says he’s fine. Just having a hard time. My arse he’s fine.

I lean across the bar and pick the change out of his hands. That’ll stop him digging more holes.

When I turn back from the till he is now picking at the hole with his nails. Enough is enough.

"Come on then, out with it.”

He looks at me like a rabbit in headlights. Wide eyed and scared.

“Out with what?”

“Why are you here Finn?”

“I just wanted a dri-”

“Not in the pub, knobby, in Leeds. Why are you here? You only ever come here if things are shit at home. You can’t just sit in here drinking away the days. It’s been two weeks, Finn. Out with it.”

He looks back down at his drink, take another sip and swallows. He’s still looking at the bottom of his glass when he mumbles his reply.

“I don’t just come here when it’s shit.”

"On your own you do.”

He takes another sip and then downs the rest. He stares at the bottom of the glass for a minute. They all do that. He looks back up at me. His eyes stubborn but yielding.

“Fine. But I’ll have another one first.”

He starts picking at the bar again while I pour. That hole is only getting deeper.

“Finn stop-”

“We fucked it all up.” Sad eyes look up at me and then back down at his hands. I watch him as I place the drink down on the bar. He has another swig.

Then he starts speaking. And he doesn’t stop. “Both of us. Me and Rae. We both fucked it up. She started it but I made it so much worse. I don’t know why I believed her. She were going on about being Rae’s friend and how she was worried about her and how Bristol was Rae’s dream and how Rae deserved to get what she wanted. As if I didn’t know that! And then she turned up at mine going on about how Rae was dragging me down and I deserved better. As if! And then she threw herself at me and Rae turned up.”

He takes another swig and looks at me, defeated. “The look on her face Cass. Everytime I close my eyes thats the face I see. The amount of times I’ve seen her smile and laugh and its the look fo disgust that comes back to haunt me.  I should never of hidden her in my room. I thought Rae wouldn’t know she was there. Of course she knew. I should of told Rae, outright, why she was there and what had happened. Rae started it but if I wasn’t such a wanker we could of sorted it out. Moved past it you know.”

Finn has never said so many words in under 2 minutes. This must some sort of record. Whatever it was was really eating him up. I thought it would be like last time. This was much worse.

“We would of been together two years today. If I hadn’t fucked it all up.” He took another sip of his pint and stared back it hands.

I am so confused. “Okay so who’s this ‘her’ and what did Rae do that started all this? And where’s Rae now?”

“Katie. She was Rae’s … 'friend’. She’s a dick. Me and Rae were kinda on a break cause she lied to me. She told me she didn’t get into uni and agreed to move in with me. I turned up at the pub a few days later and everyone were going on about how I must be so proud of her cause she was off to Bristol. They were buying me and drinks and patting me on the back. So when I eventually found her she started coming out will all this bullshit, about how she didn’t wanna go cause I was the best thing that’s ever happened to her and all this crap. I didn’t wanna hold her back so I left and told her to decide. I thought that if I weren’t around she would make her decision on what she wanted not cause I asked her to move in with me. So all this crap happened and now she’s in Bristol.”

“Wait. So did anything happen between you and this … Katie?”

“No. She tried to kiss me and then Rae turned up. I pushed Katie in the bedroom cause I didn’t want Rae to know she was there cause she might get the wrong idea. It was stupid. She walked straight in and saw her.
I’m such a dick. I shouldn’t of hidden it. It made it look loads worse.”

“So, did you tell Rae? That nothing happened?”

“No.” He looked back down to the bottom of his glass. There’s never anything at the bottom of an empty glass. “I told her I did kiss her. Katie said Bristol is her dream and I didn’t want Rae to stay because of me. She needed to go off and have the life she deserves. I didn’t want to be her reason to stay and for her be unhappy. She always hated Stamford and she wasn’t gunna leave if she stuck with me. She deserves to be happy. Bristol will make her happy.”

And there it was. Why he was so miserable. It wasn’t because of what had happened. And it wasn’t because what had happened was unfixable. Telling the truth could fix it all. In Finn’s eyes Rae was happier without him.

It’s a Nelson trait. We all believe everyone is much better off without us. Like his Mum was happier without him and his Dad. Like my Mum was happier without me and my Dad. It happens often enough and you start to believe it.

Not them though. Finn needed Rae. They were always happier together than apart.

He was back to picking at the bar again.

“How do you know she’s happy?” He looks back up at me, that crinkle appearing again and then scoffs.

“Of course she is. It’s her dream.”

“Did Katie tell you that?”

“Well yeah-”

“And isn’t Katie the 'friend’ who tried to get off with her 'friends’ boyfriend?”

“Well yeah-”

“So, why the fuck are you taking what Katie say as gospel? Did you even ask Rae what she wanted?”

“I didn’t need to. She went to Bristol anyway so she obviously did want to go.”

God Finn could be tool sometimes. “Did she have any other options? She probably thought she had two until you lied and told her you snogged Katie. Why would she wanna stay to try and make things work with the knobhead who snogs her friends? She probably wanted to get out of town and as she already had a place at Bristol just went. It wasn’t really a decision by the sounds of it. Sounds more like she had no other options.

Have you spoken to Rae?”

“No. Not since she left.”

“So how do you know she’s happy?” I watch the realisation on Finn’s face appeared. He didn’t know. She could of been feeling just as shitty as him and he has no idea. Too busy wallowing in self pity.

“I don’t.”

“You should talk to her. At least then you’ll know. At least you’ll be miserable for a reason then.” He sticks his tongue out at me and I do the same. He smiles into his pint and goes to down the rest but places it back on the bar instead. He looks at me with a smirk and I can see the wheels turning.

“I’m gunna go see her.” He gets up and starts putting his jacket on.  

“What now? She lives 4 hours away!”

“Yeah. Look, if I ring her it makes me look like a coward. And you can lie on the phone too. She could pretend like its all hunky dory. No, I’m gunna go now and tell her what really happened. And that I’m sorry. For lying. For being a dick. Everything.” He fished his keys out of his pocket and then lent over the bar and kissed my cheek. When he stood back he had a proper, all teeth, grin on his face. God, I hope it goes well.

“Thanks Cass. I’ll call you when I get there okay. Tell Uncle Kev I’ll be back tomorrow. Or in a few days. You never know.” He winked and threw that big grin at me again. He was now at the door. “Laters.”

The door bangs shut behind him and Mike starts in the corner.

Sadie rushes through the door as the clock chimes, shouting apologies as she takes her coat off and hangs it out the back.

Half past eight. Home time.


11:57, 04.12.1998

Jeez! Who is this ringing at this time?

It could be Finn.

I pull the blanket off me and reach behind me for the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey, it’s me. I’m here. Her light’s on.”

“Okay. Good luck! And don’t leave until you have told her everything. And just the truth this time. No bullshit”.

“I know. Thanks again Cass.” He sounds nervous. Pull it together Finn.

“It’s alright. Now go! This conversation has been delayed long enough.”

“Alright, alright. Night Cass.”

“Night Finn.”

The line goes dead. I really, really hope it goes well.

KTX Stream

we did it guys. Katie, intertwinedemotion is now going to RTX and doesnt have to worry about her medical bills.

i’m so blown away that we managed to reach the $1,300 goal in the 11 hours of streaming that we did today. holy shit guys. i’m so emotional.

this stream was a last minute idea yesterday while on a plane. i planned on streaming for fun this weekend and then i wanted to dedicate it to katie’s fundraising page that was made last night. and then expectodanielle offered up her house and an oppurtunity to make the stream more entertaining by raging our way through half of halo ce. and then our friends amaury and sam from RTNY offered to help us mod the chat and switch between perspectives. and then Katie and her boyfriend and our good friend acunamatata surprised us halfway through the stream by showing up out of nowhere.

when we reached the goal, katie was crying from joy, i was crying from seeing katie so happy, everyone else was crying. the six of us managed to help run a stream that raised $1,000 for our friend to have a good time that she so greatly deserves. and this is the power of the RT Community. we met through the rt community. we formed our own mini community in our area. and today we advertised this stream to the RT Community via tumblr and the RT site mostly and together we helped a girl get to RTX to spend time with the RT Community.

i’m so floored by everyone’s support and kindness. seriously, i’m still in shock. what started out as an idea of streaming in Katie’s name in my apartment alone to 6 members of the RT Community having so much fun raising money for another. i’m so so so proud to be a part of a community that cares so much about each other.

now, after tonight, not 5/6 but 6/6 of the people in the stream are going to RTX. we’ll see you guys there. <3

(when we raised that $1,300)