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beginner’s guide to horror movies

Okay, so you’ve seen a few scary movies and enjoyed them, and now you’re looking to expand your horror prowess. Maybe you’ve been reading/listening to a lot of creepypasta, and you feel like you’re ready to take the plunge. Or maybe you just have a feeling that you’d like horror, but have no idea where to start. 

I’ve been a huge fan of all things creepy and scary for years. I was just reading an article called, “Horror Gems You Haven’t Seen Yet” and realized that I actually had seen almost every film on the list, so I guess that makes me an expert. So, my new baby horror fans, allow me to introduce you to the genre.

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Bullet fic

scifi au, kinda: Bitty was kidnapped by a group for superpower experimentation, and presumed dead by everyone, including his husband. When he finally manages to escape, Jack’s moved on without him. Warnings for human experimentation (not very graphic), and presumed character death. This turned out to be very, very long. 

  • It’s years after Bitty graduated and he and Jack are married. As in, jack proposed and they got their marriage license immediately afterwards. they’re planning on jack coming out soon and holding a huge wedding reception after. 
  • jack’s signed a no trade clause and bought this nice, huge house a few blocks away from marty’s place. there’s a yard. jack built bitty a patio, and he built a swing set “for the kids in the future”
  • one day bitty’s invited to a fancy party with some other college alumns, and faulty wiring and a gas leak in the building blows everything up and theyre all pronounced dead or missing. bitty was one of the missing bc they couldn’t find anything in there that identified as him. 
  • but they weren’t actually dead or caught in the explosion: they were taken by a group who needed human bodies to experiment powers and run tests on. while bitty’s being strapped to a gurney and reliving his worst nightmare of being trapped, jack’s suffering a panic attack because he just got news that his husband died in a freak accident

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Tyler Seguin #2

so this little imagine just kinda came to me, sorry i’ve been sort of shit with posting lately and i can’t find any inspiration but i hope you all liked this even though the end was horrible :)))

Word Count: 2,253

Originally posted by paulina58

It was the first official day of the teams off-season. Yet, here most of them were in Jamie’s backyard drinking some beers and splashing in the pool. Honestly you were glad Jamie and his wife, Katie, decided to have everyone over. It meant you actually got a evening off to sit and relax while slipping a martini and smiling as Katie rubbed her growing belly. 

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“So, how’s things with you and Ringo?” I cooed down the phone to Ed.

“They’re good. Really good. She’s come out of her shell so much, Pippa. You’d be proud.” I could hear him grinning from ear to ear. “How are things with you and your non-existent boyfriend?”

“Oh, really good, thanks.” I sarcastically smiled. “He told me he loved me for the first time the other day. We plan to marry in Spring.”

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Supergirl SDCC 2017 panel recap

  • Adrian Pasdar, Carl Lumbly, Yael Grobglas, and Emma Tremblay have joined the cast.  
  • Kara is dealing with sending her boyfriend into space. Also Katie and Jeremy are fighting over who built the lead device. x
  • Alex will never let Kara go through anything alone. x
  • The theme of season three is what does it mean to be human. All the characters will explore that, especially Kara. x
  • Kara would make the season finale decision again. x
  • Adrian Pasdar is playing Morgan Edge. x
  • Petra Solano will be playing Psy. x
  • Cat Grant will be in the premiere and will reoccur all season. x
  • Reign has a very specific agenda, she has her own reasons for dispensing her justice which we’ll find out. x
  • James gets a new love interest and he’ll get back to his roots as a journalist and photographer. xx
  • Mechad is looking forward to the love interest because he can show charm, “I wanna be sensitive.” x
  • The bromance is strong between Mehcah and Jeremy, just like Winn and James. x
  • Lyra and Winn are still together. x
  • Kriesberg wanted to change the suit, but Melissa still loves it. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” The cape is a good AC because she can fan people. x
    • “He adds roller skates to mine.” -@MehcadBrooks joking about Winn upgrading Guardian’s Suit x
  • David Harewood likes that he’s become Space Dad but now Space Dad has a dad! We’re meeting Martian Manhunter’s father this season. There will be some complications. x
  • Katie thinks Lena will be upset that Kara didn’t trust her enough to tell her because she sees her as a Luthor. x
  • They have an amazing and beautiful story to tell about the #Sanvers relationship. They’re devoted to them forever. x
  • Only a final few episodes of Maggie. She’s leaving the show but she’s welcome back anytime. x
  • Alex will be struggling with managing her person & professional life this season.
  • It sounds like Kara is going to be really self-reliant without a love interest next season. x
  • No immediate appearances for Hoechlin but they’re hoping to see him again. x
  • “Can I get a puppy?” Melissa’s season three goal. x
Cam’s Voltron Fic Rec 2/∞

Cam’s Voltron Fic Rec Lists:  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

( ** =  favorites )

(Gen unless otherwise specified)

**Beacon by glitteringconstellations (also on tumblr)

Word count:  21,863 (6/?)

Summary:  An emergency mission to answer a distress call wasn’t unusual. The urgency in Allura’s voice wasn’t necessarily unusual, either—she was very much of the mind that Voltron was obligated to answer every single distress call brought to their attention. Being the defender of the known universe came with a certain number of responsibilities, after all.

But seeing the pinched, pale look on both Allura and Coran’s faces when they converged on the bridge was unusual. “The universe is vast even in terms of those planets still yet beyond the grips of the Galra. But…. the distress call came from the Terra Firma Quadrant.”


Comments:  Back to Earth AU. Reunion fic. This one occasionally flips pov to some characters on Earth so we get to see their reactions to the gang’s initial disappearance and then the realization that they are not alone in the universe. This fic is so different from the other Back To Earth ones I’ve read, all the little details make it feel so real.

don’t go (i can’t follow) by My_King_And_Your_Lionheart

Word count:  10,670 (5/5)

Summary:  Keith’s shirt falls to the floor and Shiro gets so distracted by the ink on his skin that when he finally realizes Keith was trying to flip him, he’s already on his back. With the mismatched ‘Never tell me the odds’ pressed against his throat, Shiro thinks he could fall in love like this.

Comments:  Part 1 of the series blame it on the stardust which is partway through its second installment just pretending to know. This is a Sheith fic featuring tattooed!Keith. Also, my favorite part is the OG GARRISON TRIO AKA Matt/Shiro/Keith bonding bc they are my favorite friendship group ugh. Also Keith’s adoptive parents are super awesome like seriously I love them so much. This one ends with the start of season one basically, and Part 2 kinda picks up from there.

i want your heaven and your oceans too by mothpoem

Word count:  11,622 (1/1)

Summary:  “Not—not that you’d be my rebound! I mean, you’d be helping me take my mind off of this guy, but to be a rebound, I’d have to have dated him first, I think, and he doesn’t even know I like him, so. You wouldn’t be a rebound. At worst, we become badass partners-in-crime with a grudging respect for each other, at best, we’re soulmates for life and this is fate trying to help us find happiness. So. Um.” Lance swallows and looks up at the Blade of Marmora soldier through his lashes. “What say you?”

They look down at their hands for a moment, fingers twisting together in deep thought. Then they’re pulling their gloves off, revealing pale, half-bruised knuckles of the human variation, and their mask is dissolving, giving way to big blue-purple eyes and an achingly familiar jet-black cowlick. “Who,” says Keith Kogane, in that low-pitched rumble that makes Lance’s stomach roil in the good way—holy fuck—“is this guy you’re trying to get over?”

Comments:  Lots of Lance whump. And obviously this is Klance endgame. I just love how far this goes before Lance finds out its not just some random bom guy. Lance is such a sassy guy when he’s in danger and it really comes out in this fic. Add in a heaping tablespoon of protective Keith and you’ve got yourself the perfect post-s4 voltron fanfic right here.

Burn Break Crash by NaryCanary

Word count:  36,891 (7/?)

Summary:  When Katie "Pidge” Holt arranged a special road trip with her boyfriend that doesn’t go according to plan, she somehow throws herself in an unexpected predicament and now must take responsibility for it. What is it she must do? Take Keith Kogane - an attractive, mysterious, arrogant guy from school - on the road with her across the country.

Growing up, Pidge was always taught to look both ways before crossing the street to avoid accidents. Nobody ever told her what to do if her life happens to go up in flames.

Comments:  Slowburn Kidge roadtrip AU. Background Shallura. This is a college AU that feels very raw to me idk. Like its not just all fluff and comedy, its also angst and comfort and thrilling in all the ways. The way their conversations flow and relationship develops is so natural and un-forced. This fic really made me like Pidge a lot more after reading. Even if you don’t ship it romantically, it really makes you appreciate the fiery, explosive bond between them. Platonic Kidge is also something I started exploring because of how much I loved the interaction with these two.

**Entangled by Purpleneutrino (mackerelmademedoit)

Word count:  101,859 (12/12)

Summary:  When Keith found himself mentally linked to Lance of all people, he never thought that it would end in anything but irritation and misery on both sides. He certainly never imagined that it would be a useful asset in team Voltron’s fight against the Galra Empire. Now if he can just keep his feelings in check, they might actually have a chance at defeating Zarkon.

Needless to say, when he’d wished for a ‘bonding moment’ with Lance, this wasn’t exactly what he’d had in mind.

Comments:  Klance with eventual mature content. Whump for both parties in this fic, and lots of angst. Also super-protective-over-Keith Shiro, which is my fav. A warning that this is very slow burn. I mean look at that word count. It’s amazing tho bc we get so much of this goodness. I love Stuck-Together and Forced Co-Dependency Tropes and this satisfies both. These two are forced to show so much vulnerability to each other and get so much closer as a result.

**Kieth’s ‘Physical Contact’ Initiation Program by alisayamin (sh_04e)

Word count:  26,522 (6/6)

Summary:  Keith didn’t move and neither did Pidge. It was a little awkward until Keith finally said, “Maybe we could officially officiate this..?”

“What do you mean?”

“Fist me.”

Pidge recoiled and sputtered, “Keith, what the f-” She was cut off by Shiro’s bellowing laughter from the observatory deck.

With his straight face unchanged, Keith lowered his left hand with the stopwatch and lifted his right hand, fisted.

Pidge actually sighed with so much relief, “OH. You mean fistbump! Right.” She slapped her forehead to remove the very very wrong image her imagination drew for her, “Holy shit, Keith, we need to work on that but yeah sure, I’d be honoured to officiate your physical contact program whatever.”


That one time Coran realized Keith was too distant and decided to make him undergo the 'Physical Contact’ Initiation Program which then led to –> 5 times the paladins realized Keith was an actual cat.

Comments:  I. LOVE. THIS. STORY. ugh. Keith bonding with everyone through hugs and cuddles, man. That is all that needs to be said. Oh and also Keith whump plus lots of comfort. Also Matt&Keith bros and Pidge&Keith bros is life. And super-protective-over-Keith Shiro. LITERALLY EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WANT ALL IN ONE GLORIOUS FIC. But seriously in this one, Keith unashamedly knows he wants physical affection, he just struggles with how to ask for it.

**Antidote by salineshots

Word count:  53,759 (8/?)

Summary:  Based very loosely off of @eyugho’s lovebug AU, which I love more than anything?? Thanks to them for starting this wonderful AU!

Keith’s bitten by a lovebug, but this one doesn’t make him all cuddly. Instead, every moment he spends away from Lance is physically painful for him, and every moment he spends touching him is really, really nice. That’s frustrating enough already without Keith having to hide his massive crush.

Lance just wants to help, but he knows that Keith doesn’t like to be touched. Also hiding a massive crush, because these two are horrible at communication.

Comments:  Slowburn Klance with so much Keith whump and comforting and supportive Lance. I really like this version of the Lovebug AU, especially bc it basically doubles as one of those Stuck-Together Tropes, and also they become super co-dependent on each other which is also nice because we get to see all their vulnerabilities and insecurities forced into the spotlight.

Muzzled by Emls479

Word count:  5,181 (1/1)

Summary:  The blade of Marmora aren’t the only ones with time altering technology. Days on the outside can be months within. Keith finds this out a little too late.

Comments:  This is more than a little dark and also I cried so watch out if you don’t like hardcore whump on our boy keef who really needs more hugs.

Yes, Sir by mikkimouse

Word count:  8,302 (1/1)

Summary:  “Are you all ready to get started?”

“Yes, sir!” twenty voices answered in unison.

Shiro’s stomach flipped at the words. Oh, no.

The soul mark on his right wrist burned, confirmation that his soulmate was one of the twenty people who’d just uttered the phrase.

Oh, shit.

Comments:  All 3 Works in this series are so great. Not just bc its a Sheith Soulmate AU, but also bc its just the perfect mix of funny, angsty and fluffy.

Cam’s Star Wars Fic Rec Lists:  [1] [2]
Cam’s Voltron Fic Rec Lists:  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Too many uncles - Jordie Benn

Requested by anon: Love your last imagine. Can I have a Jordie Benn imagine where his wife goes into labor?

A/N: Hey! First of all, thank you. I’m glad you like my imagines. I hope you like this one as well. Thanks for requesting it.

Word Count: 1056

Warnings: the word ‘shit’

Originally posted by bennyandthestars

Your biggest fear has become true, you were going into labor and Jordie is on the road. Okay, that might be a little dramatic… you were indeed going into labor, but Jordie was on a charity trip with the team just an hour away from Dallas.

“Do we have everything you need?” Katie, Jamie’s girlfriend, asks you and you give her a quick nod.

Not having the guys around has made everything go a lot smoother, to be honest. Instead of freaking out when your water broke, you had called Katie really calmly and put everything you needed together while she drove to your place. Katie had got out of the car and called the hospital to warn them while you got in, ready to go.

“I probably should call Jordie, but I kind of want to wait until we are there, so he doesn’t freak out too much” you tell her and she agrees, starting to drive to the hospital.

Your pregnancy has been incredibly smooth; you didn’t have a single problem. Jordie, on the other side, has been a mess during the nine months. You knew that he was scared to be a father, you were scared too, and he has worried about pretty much every single thing that could go wrong. At first they were smaller things, like you not carrying any weight or banning anything with alcohol inside the house, but the last trimester of your pregnancy has been absolutely crazy with him not wanting to leave you, even for games, and controlling absolutely everything you did.

“Are you excited?” Katie asks and you smile.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to hold my little bean” you say and your heart flutters with anticipation.

Jordie and you decided to not know the sex of the baby until he or she was born, so you have been calling the baby ‘little bean’.


“And” you add “I can’t wait have Jordie off my back and stop having cravings”

“You have had the weirdest cravings ever” she laughs and you join her.

“Celery with peanut butter and anchovies is absolutely delicious” you defend yourself and Katie makes gagging noises, both of you cracking up.

And then you feel it, the worst pain you have ever felt in your life. You let out a sound in between a sigh and a scream and Katie looks at you, and moves her hand from the wheel to hold your own.

“Hey, (y/n). It’s ok. You are having a contraction” her voice is calmed “just keep breathing and think about how soon you are gonna have that baby in your arms”

The pain goes away and you look at the clock on the dash.

“It’s 1:35 pm, let’s time up contractions” you say and she nods.

By the time you get to the hospital you have had just another contraction. They were waiting for you, so your room was ready and the paperwork filled before you know it.

“Let’s get you in the gown and then we’ll call Jordie” Katie says and you shake your head.

“Katie, you are gonna kill me, but can you call him and tell him?” you ask, pulling your best puppy eyes “he is going to be mad because we haven’t called him sooner and I don’t want to have a fight hours before our kid is born”

She nods, helping you into the gown and leaving the room to make the call in the exact moment the doctor walks in and checks you, assuring you that you were dilated already and that it shouldn’t be long.

Katie hears the doctor and looks for Jordie’s number before pressing the call button and waiting.

“Hey Katie, what’up?” Jordie answers the phone and she bits her lower lip.

“Hey Jordie. I’ve called to tell you that I’m in the hospital with (y/n)” he doesn’t let her finish.

“Is she ok? What happened? Is the baby ok? Did she fall?”

“No, no, Jordie. She is going into labor. She is having the baby today” and he goes mute “Jordie? Are you ok?”

No one answers and Katie starts to worry when she hears noises on the other side of the line.

“Katie? What’s wrong?” it’s Jamie’s voice.

“(y/n) is giving birth today. Her water broke and she called me. We are in the hospital and it seems like it is gonna be rather soon” She informs him.

“Shit…ok. We are in the bus right now” Jamie says and Katie hears everyone wondering what it’s going on.

“Alright, I’ll see you soon” and they hang up.

Katie walks in the room and catches you sending texts to your family and friends.

“He is coming” she informs you and you smile.

“My parents are getting in a plane” you say.

“This is so exciting, (y/n)”

You spend the next hour talking with Katie, your contractions becoming very frequent and the doctor tells you that it could be any minute now. You start to become a little anxious; you didn’t want to bring your kid to the world without Jordie by your side.

“Hold on a little bit more, daddy is going to be here soon” you say, rubbing your belly.

Your contractions are happening minutes from each other when you hear the door of your room open and Jordie walks in.

“I’m here, baby” he runs to your side, ready to be with you during childbirth.


You are holding your baby girl in your arms, your head on Jordie’ shoulder when there is a knock on the door and Jamie’s head pops in.

“Can we come in?”

Jordie and you look at each other and nod, so Jamie walks in and behind him the whole Stars roster, Coaches and Katie.

“Let me meet my…” Jamie doubts and you laugh.

“Niece. You have a niece”

“Guys, let me introduce you to Jacqueline Louise Benn” Jordie grabs her from your arms and walks towards the guys, so everyone can get a look at her.

“Hello, baby girl” Tyler coos and everyone laugh “you are going to be a spoiled princess. Look at how many uncles you have”

“God, I’m sorry for her boyfriend” Katie says and Jordie’s head snaps up.

“No boyfriends until she is 40” and you shake your head, feeling happier than you have ever felt.

Well, You Found Me

Prompt: Hi! Could you please write something angsty for Matt Holt? The lack of imagines for him makes my heart hurt. Maybe when they meet again? (Also, maybe she was in the garrison too and that’s how she’s in space, bc she was with Pidge that night in the garrison’s roof and now she fights alongside the paladins/allura/coran) Ugh I’m a sucker for angst honestly.. Thank you lots! By anon

A/N: This isn’t super angsty? Sorry, about that lol

Y/N sometimes couldn’t believe she was in space. So much had happened since they left Earth that it was hard to grasp that it was really happening.

Not that she regretted it. There was no place she would rather be than with Team Voltron. Well, maybe there was one place.

Before the Kerberos mission, she and Matt had been close. Well, closer than close. They had been dating. Shiro liked to tease them by calling them “lovebirds” and “garrison sweethearts”, but it only warmed Y/N’s heart to think about how much she loved her boyfriend. She had tried not to think about him being gone for so long. If only she had known what was to come.

She had been hanging out with Katie when they got the news. With Matt gone, the two girls had become close. Y/N spent many nights over at the Holt’s house talking and watching movies. She was there the night that they got the dreaded news. It had felt like all the color had left the house.

She didn’t come over as much after that. Not because she didn’t care, but because she couldn’t go to the house where so many happy memories had been made. She couldn’t see his pictures on the walls and mantel. She couldn’t look into Katie’s face without seeing the face of her dead boyfriend.

Not that Katie let her break away. Not too long after the funerals, “Pidge” showed up on her doorstep and passionately declared she didn’t believe Matt was dead. Y/N thought it was just a part of her grieving process and decided to help. Then the data began to pile up and she realized the girl wasn’t wrong.

That night when Shiro’s ship fell from the sky, Y/N felt her heart come alive again. If Shiro was alive, that meant Matt had to be out there, right? She wouldn’t stop searching until she found out.

Her search led her to where she was now. She and Pidge had gotten a lead about a planet on the edge of a secluded solar system. Not a lot of galra activity happening there, strangely enough.

They landed on the surface of the planet and watched as aliens with varying armor and uniforms gathered to greet them. They appeared to be kind, so Pidge and Y/N exited the lion and stepped forward to meet the crowd.

When they removed their helmets, a cry came from the back of the crowd.

“Y/N! Katie!” A figure made its way to the front of the group, the aliens stepping out of his way.

“Matt?” Pidge gasped as she moved forward. She threw herself into her brother’s arms and he spun her around. When he pulled back, they were both crying.

Y/N felt her chest tighten when he lifted his eyes to meet hers. He slowly removed himself from Pidge’s hug to move towards her.

He stopped right in front of her, hesitant but longing to draw nearer. Y/N closed the distance and kissed him with all the emotions she had been holding back. The love, the fear, the relief. Matt kissed her back with as much emotion.

Y/N pulled back first, resting her forehead against Matt’s. “It’s really you.” She sniffled.

“It’s really me.” He answered as he wiped away her tears. “What are you doing in space?”

“I was looking for you, you big dummy.” Y/N laughed as she pressed close to him and buried her face in his shoulder.

“Well, you found me.” He laughed. Y/N giggled as Matt held her to him.

“We’ve been here less than five minutes and they have already gotten all mushy.” Pidge grumbled to Green. The lion just purred happily. She loved happy endings.

Rinse and Repeat

* That’s great! Can I get one with Newt? Can you please do an imagine where Newt is dating Y/N but then another girl comes up in the box and takes an immediate liking to Newt and constantly flirts with him despite knowing he’s taken and Newt being Newt doesn’t realise it. But it makes Y/N very uncomfortable and particularly jealous so one day when the other girl offends Y/N saying something like she isn’t good enough for him , Newt notices and comes to interrupt their conversation and full on makes out with the reader in front of everyone for a good few minutes (just put in a heated make out session tbh) and then tells off the other girl saying that he’s taken*

“(Y/N)! What are you doing?” Thomas asked loud enough to break you out of your sombre trance. 

“What do you mean?” With much effort, you pry your eyes away from your boyfriend and the new girl that had popped out of the box a week ago and turn to Thomas. He grabs the twisted cloth out of your white knuckled hands; they are almost too stiff to remove. Thomas eyes you with worry as yours flicker back to Newt and that track hoe. 

“How come he can’t see it, Tommy?” You ask, eyes big and wide, wanting a genuine answer.

All he can do is give you a halfhearted shrug. “That’s because all he sees is you, (Y/N).”

You look at them one more time before your gaze finds your feet. “I’m not so sure anymore.” You say,quiet enough you question if you even said it at all.

You and Newt sat around the fire, his arms around your shoulders; one of the only blissful moments you’d had since Katie had arrived, by now she’d realised her name. You’d both been laughing at Chuck’s and Thomas’ antics when she sat down on the opposite side of Newt. Your laughter fizzled out quickly.

“Hey Newt.” Twirling her auburn hair around her finger, she looked at you for a fraction of a second, if that, distaste lining her features. The only one who managed not to notice was your seemingly clueless boyfriend who smiles back at her. 

“Hey Katie.” He replied back before they go into a whirlwind of conversation, you barely keeping up because your mind’s on the way they’re laughing, the way she’s touching him, the way she’s smiling at him.

You break away from his warm touch under the guise of wanting to pay more attention to what’s going on with Chuck and Tommy, you notice Newt eye you with a hint of hurt as you do.

And that was it was like for another week or so. You’d be with Newt and Katie would come and steal his attention, flirting, touching, smiling. Rinse and repeat. Rinse. And. Repeat.

Your emotions fluctuate between raging jealousy and overwhelming sadness as you watched the tall, blonde boy you were in love with be made happy by someone else.

You’d been thinking about it, lines furrowing your brow, while you helped cut vegetables. Something bumped into you from behind, nearly causing you to cut your finger. 

“Oh, shuck.” You shriek, placing the knife down to see what knocked you. What meets your eyes turns your vision red. Katie. You barely manage to stop from rolling your eyes as a smug little smirk appears on her face. 

You try to get back to work but from the corner of your eye you can see her there, checking her cuticles like she had nothing better to do. 

“You’d think,” She said, finally looking up with you, that smirk still on her face, “that a guy like Newt would have better taste in girls.”

She pauses for effect. Your grip on the knife handle and your jaw tightens but you remain silent. 

“Well, I mean, it’s not like he had anything better to pick from… Well at least he didn’t.” 

You stab your knife into the table and you’re about to shucking pounce on her when a sight of blonde hair starts making it’s way through the room. You see him, his strides are long and his jaw is set. He’s also making his way towards you. Both you and Katie are surprised to see him.

“Newt-” You barely get out his name when his hands are on your face pulling you to his lips. His soft lips are pressed against yours. Hard. His hands have wandered down from your face and have landed on your hips, a tight grip pulling you impossibly closer to him.You could feel the heat radiating of him, or you, it was impossible to tell. 

He pulls away from you after what feels like forever, leaving you breathless and a little bit stunned. “Newt.” You breath. He ignores you, whirling onto Katie. 

“For your information, love, I didn’t have anything better to pick from because there is nothing better to pick from. Now, you best make yourself scarce, slinthead, because I don’t take kindly to people who insult my girlfriend.” At that, he grabs your hand, tightly and you can feel the strength in it. His eyes meet with yours and all you can see is them love, through and through.                

anonymous asked:

Hey, first of all, I'm not even in the Supergirl fandom and have no idea how different parts of the fandom interact, but what are your thoughts on the original song that was sang by Jeremy Jordan and most of the cast(I think)? Because I honestly don't think it's right to mock an LGBT+ ship regardless of what *some* of the shippers are like, and it just came off as blatantly rude to me. Again, just want to hear your thoughts on it, have a good day :)

Hello, wanderer! Thanks for stopping here :D

First of all, jokes are jokes. Some are rude, some are unfunny, some are silly, some are funny as hell. But the point is – we are all different, we have different experiences, different things make us laugh or offended. Some of us will laugh at the same thing that others will find offensive. It’s quite natural.

Ok, now because you are not in the fandom, I think you need a bigger picture and the context to understand what REALLY happened.

Supergirl cast is constantly harassed by the Supercorp (Lena x Kara, FF ship) fans for MONTHS now. What I mean when I say “harassed”? Few examples.

Rahul Kholi, a POC actor, you may know him from IZombie, a wonderful, sweet, amazing guy played Lena’s love interest for ONE ep. Supercorp fandom sent him on his social media the most awful racist shit you can imagine. A “haired ape” was not the worst. The “go away, Lena belongs to Kara” were normal. Shit he got was so awful that he called Supercorp shippers “fan hooligans” in recent interview. Yesterday he got shit from them again.

Next, Melissa Benoist, the main heroine. For months she didn’t really talk about ships. All she said was, that she wants Kara to be happy. That’s it. But you know what Supercorp fans have been doing? Interesting things. Like, questioning Melissa’s SEXUALITY and wanting her to be with, yes you guessed, Katie (aka Lena). That her relationship with her current boyfriend, who plays her love interest in the show, is just a PR. That she could do much, much better than him, even if I haven’t seen her so happy and careless in months. That she is very unhappy with Kara’s arc and she wants Supercorp but shows runners banned her from saying what she really wants.

And now, let’s move to Chris, Melissa’s guy. This man lost his father to a mental disease, because of it he became an activist who tries to make people aware of this kind of problems. He is lgbt community and black lives matter movement supporter. Basically, it’s hard to find valid things to hate on this guy. But so far, Supercorp fans: sent him death threats, said how much they want him dead, how he steals the screen time, how he is useless in the show, how horrible actor he is, how the whole cast hates him, how he uses his relationship with Mel to stay in the show; makes gross jokes about his appearance, constantly twist his words and take them out of the context to make him look rude. They planned to corner him on SDCC and encouraged people to boo him and asked uncomfortable questions. I talked with a friend who knows this kind of things and who said Chris was nervous in the beginning of sdcc and the whole cast was supporting him. Cool, huh? He suspected what was coming, but thank God that to the SDCC go real fans, not fanatic shippers. I mean, every celebrity receive shit like that, but he gets TONS of it and only because he is an obstacle for a ship. There is no other reason.

Jeremy? Left social media for some time, because he had enough of harassment.

Katie? Doesn’t have social media. Too bad her brother has – poor guy was catfished by a, surprise, supercorp fan.

Btw Supergirl official media? A fucking mess. A girl that was running the SDCC panel and interviews asked on twitter for questions. Supercorp fandom, of course, sent her hate and things you would never ask anyone. Cheers.

Things like that are happening for MONTHS. So, I guess the fact the cast has absolutely enough of shit like this is not so surprising and they are tired of being silent. So, they made a joke song about how Supercorp is and will be friends. Nothing more. That’s it. Some people may think it was mocking and offending LGBT community but, seriously? The cast just clearly said there is NO queerbaiting in the show. That’s the whole crime.

But you know interesting thing? Few minutes before that song Melissa said that PEOPLE CAN SHIP WHATEVER THEY WANT. That includes Supercorp. So, this is seriously homophobia? And you know, I’m confused. There is a lesbian couple in the show – Sanvers. A real and CANON LESBIAN COUPLE supported by the cast and the show runners. But I got an impression that dear Supercorp shippers don’t give a flying shit, because more important is their crack ship. Sorry, I’m not sorry but the whole “we Supercorp shippers are offended because a lesbian couple was bashed and we support and protect lesbian ships” is… an excuse for hating on cast and showing how they are upset, because thing they want won’t happen.

And now the best. Have you seen what Supercorp shippers so far sent to the cast after the SDCC drama? How they started slutshaming Melissa? How they say she should slit her wrist? How she cheated on her husband to hook up with Chris? How she is a typical white fake feminist and let’s fuck her? How she and members of the cast are cancelled? Friendly reminder she, Jeremy and Chris support lgbt rights. Actively. They don’t sit in front of the computers “supporting” lgbt by shipping fictional couples and posting shit on social media. They help. But it’s all cancelled because of one, damned joke.

I understand that peoples’ feelings were hurt. But the shit that cast is receiving right now is 1000 times more horrible and gross than a song about two fictional female characters being friends. I know, they could do it in a different way. But I feel like they reached their limits.

Few more things. Supercorp fans claim that Katie was uncomfortable during that song. It’s a bullshit. She laughed her ass off and not because everyone were laughing, but because she found it funny.

Supercorp fans throw tantrums on social media, their posts about this issue are reaching a lot of notes, because “let’s protect lgbt people from bad homophobes”. The problem is – they don’t tell the whole story. And secondly, I saw a lot of people who claim they don’t watch the show and don’t know the whole story but are there to fight with homophobia. And it’s wrong. People knowing half-truths from one biased side of the conflict are shitting on innocent people who are FAR from being homophobic. Supercorp fandom, because they are salty, are making FUN of the real homophobia problem.

And I know that a lot of people really felt offended or felt triggered. But it doesn’t give them rights to spread horrible, gross lies and throw awful shit at real people.

Rant over. Hope I answered your question.

P.s. I know I generalized here the whole Supercorp fandom and there are nice shippers. I am aware.

[A fifteen year old Katie is sitting on the steps of the Demeter cabin, cutting the tops off of strawberries before putting them in a bowl. Travis is pretending to help and stealing every third strawberry for himself. Billie Ng, having been at camp for all of two days, watches in confusion]

Billie(Slowly): So… are you her boyfriend?

[Katie and Travis both pause before turning to look at each other. Travis grins before theatrically throwing an arm around her]

Travis(Melodramatically): No, I’m her fiance!

Katie(Deadpan): We’ve been promised to each other since birth.

Travis(Fake whispering in Billie’s direction): Our wedding isn’t until March!


so there’s for sure going to be a part two to this, i don’t know how any of this happened to be honest, i’m sure this wasn’t what the person who requested this was expecting but… it kind of just happened. i’m sorry if you’re disappointed :/

request: can you do something along the lines of jock harry and cheerleader y/n? that would be awesome

warnings: abuse

It still felt like summer as we were moving back into our apartments. The sun beat down on us, scalding and unforgiving as we hauled our suitcases upstairs.

“Hey,” Katie grunted between stairs that we were hauling our television up, “Did you hear about the transfer from Britain?”

“It’s a big school, Katie.” I blew a piece of hair out of my face, almost to the top. “Why would I have heard of a transfer at a school of thousands?”

She frowned at me as we put the TV down, “Didn’t Jack tell you?”

I narrowed my eyes, “Didn’t Jack tell me what?”

“The transfer is his roommate. The transfer contacted him on facebook basically begging him for the extra room in his apartment. He’s joining the soccer team.”

“Why do you know this and I don’t?”

Katie raised her eyebrows, “How should I know why you and your boyfriend don’t communicate? It’s not my fault people tell me things.” I opened my mouth, but Katie held a hand up, “No, it was not Jack who told me, I don’t remember who told me.” She sighed when she saw the look on my face, “You’re gonna leave to go talk to Jack aren’t you?”

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No Trade Backs - Josh Pieters

Request: Hiii can you please do an imagine where reader is dating josh and he hears her talking about how she doesn’t deserve him and he gets mad or something and it ends with fluff??

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I hope you like it! :)


Easter weekend was always your favourite time of the year. Your family gathering to spend time together instead of receiving gifts was something you appreciated more than anything. Living in London was great but most of your family lived elsewhere so getting to see them made you incredibly happy. However, this year was different. You were bringing your boyfriend, Josh, with you. You and Josh started dating a year ago and although he’s met your parents and siblings, he had yet to meet your extended family. You insisted he didn’t have to come along but he did anyway. It wasn’t that you were embarrassed, you loved the kid to death but you didn’t want him to have to go through the interview stage all over again.

“(y/n) dear, can you grab an extra plate? Katy brought Ben.” You laughed as your mom ran around the kitchen, trying to get everything ready for everyone.

“Way to go, Katy, you put her even more on edge.” You said, jokingly, causing your sister to roll her eyes in response.

After the meal, everyone gathered in the living room and entered into the food coma you had been looking forward to for weeks. Katy, however, enjoyed spending time outside so you thought you’d join her.

“How’s it going?” You asked, sitting down next to her on the porch swing.

“Really good.” Katy had been having trouble with her boyfriend, Ben, which is why no one thought he’d be at dinner today. “We’re really working on things.” You smiled as you didn’t know what to say back. You were unsure of their relationship but he made her happy so you kept quiet. “What about you and Josh?”

“We’re good.” You replied, smiling as you watched passing cars on the street. “It kind of freaks me out.”


“Well, he’s just so sweet to me. We’ve never fought; he’s just so understanding and supportive of everything and he puts in a crazy amount of effort with me…it just…sometimes makes me feel like I don’t deserve him, you know? Like, there could be someone out there who could treat him a thousand times better than I do…I dunno…he’s just…he’s too good for me.”

“Hey, we’re watching home movies.” Derek, your brother said, popping his head outside. “We’re on the one where Dad runs Katy over with his toboggan.” 

Later that night, You and Josh returned back to his apartment, deciding to watch a movie to relax. Just as Dear John was getting good, Josh paused the TV.

“Did you really mean what you said?” You propped yourself up and turned to look at him in confusion. “To your sister. I heard you outside…Do you really think you don’t deserve me?”

You smiled awkwardly in embarrassment since you didn’t exactly want Josh to know you felt this way. “I just feel like…I don’t treat you as well as you treat me. The things I do for you could be better or bigger or with more thought, you know? You’re so incredibly amazing to me and to you…I’m mediocre.”

“Babe, you’re not.” Josh retaliated, taking your hands in his. “The little things you do make me so happy and thankful that I have someone like you in my life. You make sure I’m on time, you cook me dinner, you make me feel better about myself, you’re the most supportive person I know and if it helps, you’re pretty hot too. You make me a better person and I wouldn’t trade that for anything” 

You wrapped your arms around Josh’s neck and pulled him towards you. “I love you.” You whispered just before connecting your lips with his.

some things never change

A Kidge fluffy summer au because why not! 

Also on AO3

She loves him, she supposes. It is simple enough. One of her brother’s friends, a few years older than she is. It would have been a love story for the ages, right? High school sweethearts, friends. Two people who manage to click into place early-on and no matter who gets between them, they easily fit back into a routine.

It’s a shame the world doesn’t work that simply, doesn’t it?

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