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So I’ve really been trying to stay out of this weird Katie McGrath discourse. But things keep popping up on my dash and I look through the Katie McGrath tag pretty regularly. Apparently, we all need a discussion on how to act like normal functioning adults. And this is the only time I’m going to post about this. Because I didn’t think we needed to talk about this. But apparently…

For people that say they’re fans of a person, some of you are disrespectful as hell. I could get around the “Kashy McGra” thing, even though I’m personally really bothered by it. I’ve never like it and you’ll never find me using that tag. But hey, when an actor/actress starts gaining more prominence, jokes like that surface more and I understand that was lighthearted fun. But when some people start digging up pictures and making a big deal out of something that is a person’s job. Well. Let’s just say that it’s probably good Katie doesn’t have social media and honestly, I don’t think she should ever get on it if this is how some people are going to behave. 

Look, I’m as relatively as new of a fan of Katie as the next person. I knew of her because of Merlin but didn’t really follow her career until Supergirl. Yeah, I think her back tattoo is a little unfortunate, but that’s not really a reason to drag her over it. Yeah, her goth phase was interesting. But who can really say they never had one? Besides, it was a method of self-expression for a younger Katie. I don’t think we should be making fun of that. And don’t even get me started on that anal thing. That’s just downright disgusting, in terms of what that scene started. And where some people took it. I also don’t really understand why this goth thing was such a big deal. We all knew she had a goth phase, and arguably she still has a little bit of it in her personal fashion. At least, I thought we all knew. 

It’s been really surreal to watch this all unfold and continually be amazed what people are willing to post in public about a person they don’t really know. Especially one who tends to be pretty private. Or at least as private as you can be when you’re an actress. 

Yes, it’s a part of every individual’s growing fandom that you’re going to get some people who just do that. It’s the price of an actor/actress gaining exposure. And to some extent, we all have to just deal with it. But some of you really need Jesus. I’d really rather not get PMs over this, but if you have to, don’t tell me “it’s just a joke.” Because it’s really not that funny. Some individuals in the fandom really need to grow up and let Katie be herself. And not make a spectacle over the stupidest shit.  

preference #6: you're a runner
requested: can you do a pref where you’re a runner and you work out a lot?

Calum :

You signed up for the gym so you could get in shape. You figured it could be one of those New Years’ Resolution things, but actually stick to it. When you got to the gym and asked to meet with a personal trainer, you were expecting a petite, muscular woman who would encourage you while you ran on a treadmill. You were not expecting Calum Hood. He walked out to greet you by the free weights, and you thought he was a model. He wore a muscle tank, and it did its job. His tan, cut biceps looked defined and smooth even as he walked towards you. You could see his sharp jawline from a distance, and when you finally met, he towered over you. He couldn’t be real.
“Hi, I’m Calum Hood. I’m your new trainer, and I’m going to work you very hard.”
It took all of your strength to not blush or sigh or both. “I’m Y/N, and I’m ready to work.”
Calum smiled. It wouldn’t take long before you realized how serious he was about working you hard. You met three times a week, and each session was intense. But he was so good. Calum was encouraging and knew just when to push and when to back off. Sometimes you would pretend to not know an exercise just to watch him do it effortlessly. Your favorite days were when he actually worked up a sweat, skin glistening with temptation. You began wearing your most flattering sports bra and shortest spandex, and you knew he noticed. He would crowd behind you to adjust your machine and feel his eyes linger on you, hands skimming whichever part of you was on the machine.
One session, Calum had you do crunches on the floor while he sat opposite you, holding your feet down with his massive hands. Each time you came up, you were almost nose to nose with him. After an excruciating amount of crunches, you come back up and this time, Calum’s hands let go of your feet to grab your hands, stopping you from continuing. “Wait,” he says. “I need to tell you that this whole time, the only thing I could think about was how much I wanted to kiss you every time you came back up.”


Evening runs are your favorite part of your day. As cheesy as it sounds, running gives you time to clear your head and just focus on your time to yourself. Recently, though, it’s also been the time for you to pass by the house of the cute guitar player who always practices while you’re on your run. You used to run with headphones on, but one day, his playing sounded over your headphones and you couldn’t get his song out of your head. He always played on his porch, eyes closed as he focused solely on the music. You’ve passed by his house for enough weeks to know what he looks like when he’s inspired or stuck, and that he changes his hair color very frequently. You think the green suits him best. He used to not know you even existed, but soon you evolved to making eye contact, small smiles, and eventually, waves.
You’re on your run one day when you’re so focused on his music, you don’t notice the trashcan coming up and you crash into it. You fall to the ground, and sit there for a moment, confused and embarrassed. From above you, you hear the voice you’ve only heard singing finally talk.
“Oh my god, are you okay?”
“I’m fine! The only thing bruised is my ego.” He laughs, and it’s really more of a giggle, the way his eyes scrunch up and his deep red lips quirk up.
“Let me help you up. I’m Michael, by the way.”
“Thanks, I’m Y/N.”
His strong hand takes yours, and he helps you stand. You feel the warmth linger even after you’re done touching. Up close you can see how green his eyes are. You blush.
“You run by here everyday. That’s such a commitment. I could never do that much exercise,” he blushes and rubs a hand through his green hair.
“Yeah, I’ve heard your music. It’s kind of the reason I keep coming through here. It’s not everyday that cute boys play guitar during your runs.”
“Well, cute girls don’t always inspire you to play music while they run.”
You both laugh, and when you turn back around to begin your walk home, you can’t stop thinking about Michael’s number in your phone and your plans for Saturday night.


The new guy who works at the athletic apparel store is really cute. He’s got sandy brown-ish and hazel eyes. When you walk in, he flashes you a bright smile and dimples indent his cheeks.
“Hi, how can I help you?”
“I’m just looking for a new pair of running shoes. My current ones aren’t in good shape.”
New Guy, Ashton, your brain supplies when you notice his name tag, beams. He looks you up and down and his hazel eyes have a cheeky glint in them.“Your shoes might be out of shape, but you certainly aren’t. Did you run out of heaven or did you fall like all of the other angels?”
You don’t know whether to laugh or be offended. You stand there, unsure of what to say, when Ashton starts laughing. “I’m sorry. See, I have this medical condition where pretty girls turn me stupid and I say bad pick-up lines as a side effect of that.” You laugh, and his eyes light up as he joins you.
“So, can you help me find a good pair of shoes?”
“I actually have this other medical condition where I know absolutely nothing about running or exercise or shoes,” he explains. The smile hasn’t left his face.
“You work at a sports apparel store and know nothing about sports?”
“Nope. They pay me to stand around and flirt with customers, mostly.” You find yourself laughing again.
“I’m gonna go look at some sneakers. Thanks, Ashton.” You realize after you say his name that he may not have realized you read his name tag. You blush.
“Okay, well, since you know my name, it’s only fair I learn yours. Knowing your name, or even your phone number, could really help me help you pick out the best pair of running shoes.”
“I’m Y/N, and we’ll see about the phone number. If you can help me find a new pair of running shoes, you can get my number.”
“Let’s get looking, then!”


Luke Hemmings is the only person standing in your way from winning the school award for best athlete. He is also your worst enemy. The two of you have been the best runners on your school’s cross country team since your freshman year. That had never really been a problem, because meets were divided between the boys and girls anyway. The problem now is that the prize, and subsequent prize money, went to the single best athlete in the senior class. And Luke Hemmings is the only person good enough to take that away from you, and he knows it. Luke knows how good of a runner he is, and how all of the girls at school fawn over him. It makes you sick, frankly, the way his blue eyes always reek of mischief, and the permanent smirk on his face. It makes you work even harder in practice. You need to beat him.
You’re running the school’s course one day, and go alone because none of the other girls wake up as early as you do. While you’re on your run, you see none other than Luke Hemmings on a run of his own. You’re fuming. He’s smirking.
“What are you doing here, Hemmings? Nobody on the team is ever up this early, and this isn’t even the trail the boys run.”
“I know. I’m here to see you, Y/N.”
“Why, want to know if I have a mirror you can borrow?”
He laughs and your cheeks begin to burn as the happy sound escapes his kissable lips. Stop thinking about his lips! He’s the enemy!
“No, I’ve got plenty. And why would I look at myself when I would much rather look at you, preferably naked. Definitely underneath me.” He winks and you want to hate him for being so forward, but instead you think about what it would feel to be underneath Luke’s long, strong frame. Your blush deepens, and you attempt to keep the scowl on your face.
“As if I would ever do anything with an asshole like you.”
“Come on, Y/N. You were the one who always hated me. I was happy enough to have your attention, even if it meant you hated me.”
“You’re only saying that so I’ll sleep with you. Why don’t you get one of your fans to entertain you?” You don’t know how it’s happened, but Luke has managed to be near enough to crowd your space. You have to crane your neck to look into his deep, blue eyes.
“Because I want you. I like that you’re competitive, and that you’d probably beat me. Why don’t we put our little rivalry to bed, Y/N? Show me what you’ve got.”
Before you can stop yourself, you grab him by the neck and kiss him.

a/n: hey friends, katie here. this prompt definitely made me want to exercise (but we know that’s not going to happen). madeleine and i are working through the other requests, but, as always, message us with prompts/greetings/offers of friendships/tears over 5sos/etc. stay tuned for other stuff to come soon! xo