voltron gender bend au! ive got new names picked out for them also :D

Lance –> Lali

Keith –> Kacey

Katie –> Pidge (lol)

Hunk –> Hawea

Shiro –> Shiori

Allura —>  Alanthos

Idk what im gonna do with this but here u go! i might draw more for it haha :D

EDIT: To the ppl suggesting me to change the names nah I like these :D also pls dont hate on me for using pidges name. I thought ppl would like that the most since it’s a canon name?


My Game Grumps Animated went up aa!! Animated by me, with beautiful backgrounds by @terriblebeastie  !!!

Here are the original character designs, as well as some of my favourite frames!

I hope you liked it if u saw it!!!


who broke it (voltron animation)


@motionpicturesource​’s Christmas countdown ⇄ 10 days until Christmas! [Dec. 15th]

Snow was swirling against the icy windows once more; Christmas was approaching fast. Hagrid had already singlehandedly delivered the usual twelve Christmas trees to the Great Hall; garlands of holly and tinsel had been twisted around the banisters of the stairs; everlasting candles glowed from inside the helmets of suits of armour and great bunches of mistletoe had been hung at intervals along the corridors.