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okay, I know embarrassingly little about Chinese cuisine (having grown up with a half-Chinese best friend and eating her mom’s cooking all the time!), explain to me what is the difference between xiao long bao and what we call siao pao in the Philippines? Is the siao pao a sweet variation on xiao long bao?


hmmm… i’m not sure. but my guess is the siao (long) pao and xiao long bao are the same or related or similar or a variation? maybe it’s a dialect/pronunciation difference?  when i was in shanghai, i always knew it as xiao long bao… and these dumplings were not sweet.  they were  soupy, or rather really really juicy inside and there was a sort of method to enjoying them with the spoon. here’s a guide on how to enjoy the xiao long bao:

chinese cuisine is so… so vast, can’t find a better word. along with the regions, it almost seemed like each city in china had its own unique style and specialty… and what we experience here is just a sampling.