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Supergirl season 3 table read
  • Katie: ....Lena leans over her desk and kisses Kara softly on the lips
  • Producer: um katie, where in the script does it say that?
  • Katie: it's written here, right in front of me. Paige 4 scene 5
  • Producer: it's written in purple glitter pen
  • [katie throwing away a purple glitter pen in the background]: that sounds like a whole lotta your problem

do you guys remember that time when Katie said Melissa was going to kill her for signing Supercorp posters at the King Arthur movie premiere??? and we all thought it was bc Melissa was a private person and didn’t like people who asked for their posters to be signed?? it turns out that Katie knew Melissa was a homophobic b**ch and she was pretending to be the captain of our ship just to keep the ratings up!! 


But like…this whole thing. But especially when Katie McGrath laughs at the scene between Wynn and Kara.

real talk:

honestly i dont understand people trashing Mel but somehow defending Katie literally everything she’s said is diplomatic “eh whatever” which is maybe inoffensive but saying thats support??? mmmmmm…nah.

meanwhile Emily Andras is taking Wynonna Earp to a successful s3 and actually *developing* the love interest character as opposed to not giving her anything to do so she (rightfully) decides to leave the show *coughs* maggie *coughs*

or Gal Godot who just up and fuckin said who she’d pick for a female love interest for the next movie.

tl;dr Katie saying “whatever you get out of it” is diplomatic, NOT support.

THIS, THIS is how actors should react to ships! Even if they don’t necessarily agree with it, this is the way you show support! You don’t ignore it, you don’t put it off, AND YOU CERTAINLY DONT NOT NEGATIVELY make fun of it and put others down. What Katie says is the perfect explanation, people can have different views of looking at things! This is why I love Katie McGrath she doesn’t put it down, she doesn’t ignore it she gives a different way of looking at it.

It doesn’t have to even be with actors it can be with anything, look at it in a positive light and see that other people see things differently!

some of y'all really out here saying well katie laughed too she’s trash like y'all in addition to possible reasons why that is and the fact that she apologized have y'all seen her during the panel she looks so fucking done the whole time she’s answering questions and I live for it

I don’t really have any opinions on the dream daddy game bc I haven’t played it and I’m not sure that i will but TBH it was kinda mean that they made the women so hot bc now my thirst for a mom dating game is 100% unquenchable lmao

Getting mixed vibes from Jeremy’s apology on Instagram. On the one hand it’s good that he apologized and he said some good stuff, but at the same time he’s all like “I’ve done stuff that should PROVE I support LGBT+” and like I don’t think he realizes that just because he’s done some good stuff in the past doesn’t mean he has ‘immunity’ or whatever the fuck whenever he screws up major like this. I don’t think he understands that people aren’t freaking out because he disrespected a SHIP; they’re freaking out because he disrespected a HUGE community of people that find safety and hope in the idea that two women can find happiness and love in each other as a couple. He just seemed like he was pulling a “yeah I messed up, but you all are over reacting and I deserve an apology for the hate”. Honestly he needs to grow up and learn the difference between a “joke” and flat out disrespect to the very people that are keeping his shitshow on TV.

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i'm so confused, what happened what the cast of supergirl do??

In short, Jeremy Jordan mocked supercorp fans for wanting supercorp to be real and the rest of the cast (sans katie and David) laughed uproariously at his little homophobic joke then they all proceeded to be super homophobic in their interview. Meanwhile Katie is trying to say that the viewer’s interpretation is important and she’s glad that they can do that but is getting drowned out by the rest of the fucking assholes.

I love that Katie says that Lena was the first character she wasn’t expecting to have gay undertones. Like I watched Slasher, I would imagine Katie would think that Sarah Bennett was straight, but apparently I was wrong. Aside from all the plaid, what was gay about Sarah?

what im hearing katie say: (irish accent) jhdsdsjhkdskdjhsjhdskahsjsjd david sdjhhdsjksdjkhjdsfsdfkdsjkddsjahdsddsf aliens sdkjdshsdakldaslkjsdksdakkdsffdskldslkfddsfjkdsfhjdsjd pilot dsfjdsjksdjsdkjjdsfklsdfdsfjksdfdsfdfjkdfjdf

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I love how Katie supports Supercorp with everything she's got and then her castmates who know how she feels about it make it a joke like what the actual frick? Katie deserves better, so humble about everything and that's what she gets in return?

i know arrgh like i just reblogged the video when she brings it up in that exact same interview and its so heavily implied that shes talked about her views with the cast (i think she mightve been insinuating melissa but not 100% clear) and then this happens and im like???

and yeah like theyre entitled to their own opinions and whatever but mocking and ‘debunking’ something that is literal fiction and can be interpreted however you want (as katie mcgrath continues to say) is just rude af

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So.... can I ask what actually happened that everyone is so upset about? I've seen people hating on the cast, but no one has said exactly why. And you're generally the most level headed, so wanted to come to you-

Hello love, thank you for saying so. I’ll try to put this all into a nutshell for you, but to be honest it’s a big mess.

Note that this is only a segment of a longer interview with MTV. But as you can see, Jeremy is singing about Supercorp and well… you can see how he and Melissa behave. 

Here is the full interview

While Chris didn’t laugh during the song, his sarcastic and condescending comment (and interruption of Katie and her comments in an effort to validate the fans) was also in very poor taste. I can’t make out what Mechad says when Katie is speaking about how fans interpret the show/ship, but it does come across as mocking as well.

Since then, Jeremy has received quite a bit of backlash, both hateful and otherwise, about what he did and has posted two apologies on Instagram (one of which was not a good one at all). I’m sure he isn’t the only one to hear about this, but from what I know, neither Melissa, Chris or Mechad have commented.