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Katie was talking about your amazing fanfic all night long

LMFAO i wish.

but the thing is, i think thats what people sort of missed when i had katie sign my writing in the first place. it wasn’t for fandom, or to make this grand statement about canon, or for me to shove some awkward lesbian pairing in her face….and as much as i like supercorp themselves, it wasn’t for that either… its because she truly GETS the art of character analysis through fanfiction. she understands the entire process, and appreciates it. she puts so much work into her craft, and shes inspiring at what she does –and she understands that people get invested in it, too. its what makes me actually want to write about her characters in the first place and practice my writing with them– because it MEANS something. i have SO many feelings about katie’s response to fanfic that it would turn into its own oneshot, but… i just love her a lot and value the way she can see the art in it beyond just weird fetishized relationships and scenes. and ya know, we joked a bit when she read it and all that when i met her, but it was honestly just a great thing because there was that understanding there. i wouldnt have approached anyone else with something that means that much to me.


“Bring me the witch and I will save him”

One of the greatest warriors of Galra Empire, Shiro the Champion, finally returns to the castle. However his condition is quite unstable: he is under the influence of powerful spell that plunged him into a deep deep sleep. Then The Emperor Zarkon sends a few his men to find the witch who did it and bring her to him.

Our team (Keith, Lance, Hunk and Pidge) takes the mission, but can’t even imagine what adventures await them. 

The witch is actually a princess of long lost civilization; a mystery stranger who calls himself Zarkon’s son and a lot of dark secrets of Galra Empire.

Voltron as one of those Final Fantasy games, I guess.

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Katie seems like such a fun person to go out have drinks with and then just talk about books and all topics. I think she said in an interview she wants to find someone who can have a drink but by the end of the night discuss Nietzsche. I think he's a philosopher.

i know she would be the most entertaining but then hit you with knowledge bombs that leave you shaking your head. yes nietzsche is a german philosopher…. that would be a fun conversation i’m curious what her views are on him. and i would want her to educate me on russian history simply so i could listen to her accent and cry at her brilliance. basically yes i would LOVE to get wine drunk and babble about all things nerd, it would be ICONICCCCC

Is Katie McGrath a vampire? A theory.

1. Nobody knows when her birthday is, her brother confirmed she doesn’t have one and if you ask her she will avoid the question.

2. She said she hates the sun and usually stays out of its way all the time.

“[Talking about filming Jurassic World in Hawaii] I have to say, I hate the sun so it wasn’t much fun for me…”  (x)

3. She’s super pale.

4. She hasn’t aged in 10 years.

5. And we haven’t seen pictures of baby Katie. We only have this one and I mean, that could have been taken 100 years ago for all we know.

6. She played a vampire once and was pretty convincing.

7. She has those hypnotizing out of this world eyes.

8. She always wears sunglasses to cover them, even inside.

9. She’s alluring and inhumanly beautiful.

10. She just looks like one…

11. Also, she loves meat, she wears mostly black clothes that cover every surface of her skin, loves cold weather, is highly intelligent, knows a lot about history (’cause she lived it) and loves it, doesn’t have any social media so she won’t be ‘out there’ and when she’s not filming she disappears for long periods of time and she barely leaves her house. I know there are more things that I’m forgetting. I’m just saying… 



Shiro: I’m Japanese.

Lance: I’m Cuban.

Hunk: I’m Samoan.

Keith: I’m half-Galra. Dunno what my Dad was, but it doesn’t matter.

Pidge: Whoa, that’s so cool! I’m not entirely sure on all the details, but I’m probably, like, 25% Italian? Maybe less than that? Definitely have some British and Irish roots somewhere, maybe a little Dutch and German? A smidge of French?

The other Paladins:

  • Me, just got into the shower: its so exciting that we get a lgbt character, i hope its klance or shatt that sure would be great
  • Me, still in the shower, a second later: holy shit what if the lgbt character is Kaltenecker