alright so this was me yesterday on our 5k fun run to open nurses’ week

the theme was to dress up as a superhero so I dressed up as: super gay trash: because queers need representation too (and im trash)

i also won $10 for having a unique costume and it was so much fun since my whole class kept my pace so i dont fell out the run and we were singing cadences and it was great because esprit de corps

(i would like to thank @boboacademy for this hella cool shirt and credits to the trash bag i stole from the utility closet and dammit my pants were falling down while i was running)

ok selfies story time

top left: i bought myself a silly shower robe and it’s amazing bc i can look decent around the house w/o actually putting clothes on

top middle: it was 5 am I just dropped off my mom to the bus stop and im at the park getting ready to do some exercise but it was raining so why not take a selfie oops there’s a stranger at the other side of the park wow that’s awkward

top right: i just finished my first day at my first job ever and my wardrobe is filled with blue tops I didn’t sign up for this percy jackson

bottom left: hello yes basic training is finally done but wait I didn’t graduate bc I suck at pt thanks battle buddy for bringing us to ihop with your ssg. dad it was scary but he’s cool and it’s my first ihop meal ever

bottom middle: ah yes living the pseudo “im a broke college kid” life except im not in college and I get paid to study so stop screwing around kathleen get your life together

bottom right: hello boston I didn’t breathe to take this picture bc I have a huge belly and this silk top makes me look cute right hey are those boobs where did that come from

Team Fortress 2 reading ability (funny fact)

According to “Unhappy Returns” comic and Miss Paulings’ words: nearly half of mercenaries can’t read

I was wondering who exactly can’t)

9/2=4.5 Or 3 or 4 of them. It’s all clear with Soldier and Pyro, but Soldier not only can’t read he can’t even count.

What about 3rd person I have serious suspicions about Demoman. His mother always yelled at him to find a lot of jobs, that’s why it is likely Demoman wasn’t up to the school…

Howbeit for this moment 100% fact: Soldier, Demoman and Pyro can’t read 

darya-kf-games  asked:

приветы : ) если реквесты в силе, то прошу сердешно, если будет время: броманс хэви и мед badass, epic, EXPLOSIONS, unicorns, action и ваще-ваще чтоб прям слезы лились X D спасибо за понимание...

Request was about Heavy&Medic bromance. Hope you’ll like it)

larger size