day 67: how you found out about tumblr, and why you made one

Well, some of my friends had one and I always saw my friend Kathy talking about it on Faceebook. So finally one day my friend showed me her HILARIOUS tumblr and insisted on making me one. And here we are. (:

So my brother was home one day and broke the foot off his little toy, and decided that he wanted to super glue it back together.
So he goes to super glue it, and somehow accidentally super glues shut a hair scrunchie.
Said scrunchie belonged to my dad’s sister.
So my grandma is painting the house wall, and my aunt goes ballistic and starts yelling at my grandma cause she couldn’t open her scrunchie.

My grandma, being the boss she is, yells back.

My mom shows up at the house, sees my aunt yelling at my grandma and my brother, so she takes off her work necessities and goes to work defending her family (I’m pretty sure she was just waiting for a reason to kick my aunt’s ass) and she starts pounding her and somehow manages to drag my aunt across their apartment to a large window that is twenty four floors above the city of Sao Paulo..
That’s when my dad comes home and manages to grab my aunt’s arm and pull her back and away from the window, with my mom going crazy and threatening my aunt continuously.

Now my parents are divorced and my aunt and mom haven’t seen each other in twenty years.

That’s the story of when my mom almost pushed my aunt out of a window of a twenty four story building in Brazil.

Moral: don’t super glue people’s scrunchies together.