kingkathy-deactivated20151121  asked:

1, 2, 9, 10, 12, 26 :)

1: Drake…. lmfao

2: I don’t even know…. first off i would build a bad ass house

9: I don’t really know if I have a crush on anyone right now, and nah i probably wouldnt if i did only because im only in highschool haha

10: Tumblr

12: Besides Drake, definetly Mayday Parade. They are the type of band whose lyrics are like my thoughts expressed better than I could have ever said them

26: omgg okay uhmm, Bree, Vicky, Aaron, and i can prob think of a lot more people hahaha, pretty much a lot of people that i’ve talked to that seem pretty cool :D

Tumblr Crushes:

  • kathybreezy - This chick is having rough days. Drop an ask message in her ask box and make her smile! Or better yet, follow! She’s a DJ and drives an IS250 btw. <3
  • sh1nra - One of my brother bears. Dancer. Follow this dude too.
  • legitcars - Awesome blog. Cool dude. Follow.
  • leialohagrl - Extremely cute, dope blog, mostly reblogs but posts her face from time to time. Follow.
  • garyfrompokemon - Funny guy, dope blog. Mostly reblogs but texts post here and there, just like mine actually. Follow.
  • datflipkid - Awesome guy that I get jealous of everytime I see a picture of him. SO SEXY NO HOMO. Follow.
  • bwandoncastillo - Good text posts, has a lot of meaning, not all about relationships. Extremely independent. Follow.
  • itsjthachhh - Good blog, always reblogs from me but it’s all good, cause I do the same. Follow.
  • l3i11y - Good blog. Good sense of humor too. Follow.

Uhh, so yeah. Follow all these people! Good blogs.