Cher and Kathy are just amazing.


They are made for each other..


So mom was looking at the show line up and talking out loud, wondering when that show Fashion Police was coming back

My little brother and I were in the kitchen talking about Clara Oswald’s imminent departure on Doctor Who and my little brother asked me who was going to replace her and I said, “I dunno, they haven’t announced anything yet.”

My mom replies, “oh I thought they said it was Kathy Griffen.” She thought we were talking about Fashion Police.

I said, “mom, we were talking about Doctor Who I think we’re having two different conversations.” And my brother says, “we were having two different conversations but now I’m way more interested in this one.”

And then my brother made up a universe where Kathy Griffen is traveling with the Doctor and making them visit every single winery that ever existed.

This is what happens when I come home for the holidays.