kathy's waltz

JB song recommendation list (UPDATED)

Here it is!! Also I made a youtube playlist for it so go on my blog and look on the side~ Mobile users can access it here

  1. Black Radio feat. Yasiin Bey- Robert Glasper
  2. Kathy’s Waltz- Dave Brubeck
  3. My Favorite Part- MAC MILLER & Ariana Grande
  4. God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty feat. Kendrick Lamar- MAC MILLER 
  5. Feels feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Big Sean- Calvin Harris
  6. Butterfly Effect- Travis Scott
  7. 하루종일 (All Day)- Jazzyfact (Beenzino)
  8. 젖고있어 (So Wet )- Beenzino
  9. 해야해 (Heyahe)’- ONE
  10. U & Me feat. JINBO- Sumin 
  11. 물음표 (? Question Mark) feat.  PLZY, JOMALONE- Yonko
  12. Let Me Explain- Bryson Tiller
  13. Back to Sleep feat. Usher and Zayn- Chris Brown
  14. Bad Habit feat. JOMALONE- Def.
  15. Holic- Def.


  1. About You- Trey Songz
  2. Baby feat. Joo Young- Primary
  3. On feat. Samuel Seo & George- Primary
  4. 너를 (You)- Brown Eyed Soul
  5. 그대 떠난 뒤 (After You Leave)- Naul
  6. Now I Know feat. Pismo- Kenichiro Nishihara
    (the next 5 songs are all from the same album so they’re gonna be under one video in my playlist~)
  7. “An Evening With The Sound Providers” Album Intro- Sound Providers
  8. For Old Time’s Sake feat. Asheru- Sound Providers
  9. Night Steps- Sound Providers
  10. 5 Minutes feat. The Procussions- Sound Providers
  11. Bragging & Boasting feat. Little Brother- Sound Providers
  12. Link Up feat. Anderson Paak & Knxwledge- Nxworries
  13. You- 11:11

anonymous asked:

Okay i'm going to need a list of all the songs jaebum was listening to in his v live. And lets all hope that i stop crying from the effects of it sometime soon. Thank you. I love u.

i was just gonna post it!!

Black Radio - Robert Glasper feat. Yasiin Bey
Kathy’s Waltz - Dave Brubeck
My Favorite Part - Mac Miller feat. Ariana Grande
God is Fair, Sexy, Nasty - Mac Miller feat. Kendrick Lamar
Feels - Calvin Harris feat. Pharrel WIlliams & Katy Perry & Big Sean
Butterfly Effect - Travis Scott
하루종일 - Jazzyfact(재지팩트)
젖고있어 - Beenzino(빜지노)
Heyahe(해야애) - ONE
U & Me - SUMIN(수민) feat. JINBO
? (물음표) - Yonko(욘코) feat. PLZY, JOMALONE
Let Me Explain - Bryson Tiller
Back To Sleep REMIX - Chris Brown feat. Usher & ZAYN
Bad Habit - Def. feat. JOMALONE
Holic - Def.

Kathy's Waltz
Dave Brubeck Quartet
Kathy's Waltz

So today is Dave Brubeck’s 90th Birthday! Dave Brubeck is probably most known for starting the Dave Brubeck Quartet and their album Time Out. In case you don’t know, the Time Out album is where “Take Five” and “Blue Rondo a la Turk” made their debut. In previous posts you may have also seen me post a couple Paul Desmond tunes. He was the Alto Saxophonist in the Dave Brubeck Quartet…another reason I enjoy listening to this quartet :D Anyways, I thought I’d post a Dave Brubeck tune in honor of his birthday - I decided to choose a song that was little more uncommon than what you normally hear when people first mention Dave Brubeck - one that has a little more of Dave’s piano playing in it - so here’s “Kathy’s Waltz” a song he wrote for his daughter Cathy (actually misspelled as ‘Kathy’ on the album).

Kathy's Waltz
Dave Brubeck Quartet
Kathy's Waltz

“Kathy’s Waltz” is one of the first tunes I transcribed from this album and remains one of favorites right behind Blue Rondo. Thought I’d queue this for lunch hour because it’s a great tune to just relax to for a little while so take a load off on your break and enjoy!

American Horror Story Hotel Episode 1 Checklist

Lady Gaga wearing weird outfits? Check

Sarah Paulson looking creepy as fuck? Check

Kathy Bates doing her Kathy Bates thang? Check

Countless references to The Shining? Check

Weird ass body horror? Check

Hotel California playing in a show about a hotel in California? Check

Sex scenes that make you uncomfortable watching it with others? Check

Evan Peters?______

Finn Wittrock?______

Dave Brubeck

Time Out was my introduction to Jazz.  Take Five was a great tune  but Blue Rondo a la Turk was the hook and Kathy’s Waltz, with the time switches that made my head swim, was the line and sinker.    

Thanks for everything Mr. Brubeck…