Imagine if Maria agreed to hide the kids out w/ Hades though. They managed to actually get there safely and Hades being Hades and how much he was just obsessed with Maria and her kids he would make it so as long as they were there, they didn’t age. He tries making it as homey and “lively” as possible to because he knows Maria is still kinda against this but doesn’t want her kids hurt obviously.

So imagine demi gods and others just being terrified that they have to walk through the underworld and just all of sudden seeing these two random kids playing hopscotch in a random patch of park type area next to a lake of fire completely unfazed. Or better yet, Bianca and Nico are the type to go ahead and make a game out of creeping people out as much as possible. So throughout the entire visit, they just follow the demigods completely silent in like masks or something saying nothing

Or being completely intimidated by Hades and just mid rant Nico and Bianca come running in. Pulling on his robes like:

Bianca: “Dad! Dad, can we have the cake that’s on the counter!”

Nico: “Pleeeeease!”

Hades: “Oh my Gods–Go ask your mother!

Nico: “She said to ask you.”

Hades: “UuuuUUUGH, well did you eat dinner yet?”

Bianca: “Yes.”

Hades: “Did you eat your vegetables?”

Bianca: “…Y…Yes?”

Hades: “….Go, but if she asks I said no.”

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When I was your age — about, ooh, a few thousand years ago — I loved a good bedtime story. The Three Little Cyclopes. The Emperor Titan’s New Clothes. Snow White and the Seven Pleiades, eh? All the classics.
—  Poseidon, trying to comfort a young Percy.

Will was the first person to tell Nico that it’s okay to cry. Will was the first person to tell Nico that it’s okay to be sad. Will was the only person to hold him whenever he broke down, Will was the only person to spend the whole night awake, watching Nico sleep to make sure he wouldn’t hurt himself. Will was the first person to truly care. And he never asked for nothing in return, not once. He never got annoyed when Nico didn’t know how to return the feelings, he never got angry when Nico couldn’t reciprocate the actions. He never pushed Nico too hard - he knew that, in time, Nico would find a way to express himself without hating himself. He knew that Nico needed time to heal.

And one night, it happened. One lonely night, when Will couldn’t sleep because the nightmares were too bad. One night, when Will was alone by the river, watching the waves through blurred eyes. One night, there was a soft hand on his shoulder and then he was being embraced tightly and rocked gently as he cried. It was enough to confirm that he had done the right thing. And Nico never said a word because he still couldn’t figure out what the word to describe it was. And that was okay. Because things took time and the moments were too precious to waste on learning vocabulary. Besides, Will didn’t want a word. He wanted Nico.

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can you please do the 2nd rain prompt? thank you!

Anon 2: Can you do something really fluffy inside the infirmary? Like Nico going in to visit Will while he’s working or something?

“I’m drying off your hair with a towel and I’m concentrating so hard until I look down and see you looking up at me with raindrops still clinging to your lashes and freckling your cheeks. your hair’s all mussed and I’m still rubbing the towel over your head and ajshajaklalala” AU

Rain Prompts

Will wasn’t a huge fan of rain, being a child of the sun god and all, but he could appreciate a good down pour to help everything grow and cleanse everything. He liked the smell of the earth after it rained too. He could appreciate the way that the droplets clung to the windows stubbornly, and sometimes when the infirmary was particularly empty, he would engage in races with Austin to see whose rain drop would reach the bottom of the widow first.

What he could not appreciate were boyfriends who felt the need to run around outside in the rain, surely getting themselves sick.

“Nico!” Will was yelling over the sound of the rain pattering on the roof of the porch to the infirmary. The soaked figure that he knew was his boyfriend didn’t move. “Nico, get in here right now! You’re going to get yourself sick!” His shoulders dropped and Nico sulked into the infirmary, dripping water.

“I was going to come visit you in a few minutes.” He grumbled while shivering slightly. Will went to fetch towels.

“Before or after you got hypothermia? What were you doing out there?” Will wrapped Nico up in a towel and gave him a set of spare clothes Will keeps in the infirmary for himself with instructions to change and hang the wet clothes up to dry. When Nico came back Will plopped him on an empty bed and began drying his hair.

“I like the rain. It washes away all the old and gives way to something new, it helps things grow.” Nico hummed. “It’s quiet.” Will didn’t really understand him, because rain was anything but quiet. It was pounding down on the roof of the infirmary right now. “It’s peaceful. I feel like I can think better when I’m out in the rain.” Now that, Will understood. He thought better when he was out in the sun as opposed to indoors. “Sorry.” Nico’s voice was impossibly soft.

Will was between Nico’s legs, and when Nico apologized and tilted his eyes up, Will’s heart stopped. Nico’s head was down, but he was looking at Will through his long, dark lashes with rain still clinging to them. A few raindrops scattered his cheeks like freckles or constellations, and Will wanted nothing more then to connect them with his thumb, smearing them from existence. Nico’s baby brown eyes were glittering and a smile tugged at his lips.

“If you’re going to kiss me, Will, then please do it now.” Nico’s words floated between them, filling the space where air should have been. Will leaned forward and let his lips press against Nico’s, soft and sweet and gentle, everything Nico was. Everything Nico deserved. Will’s fingers gently held Nico’s chin, and Nico’s arms wrapped around Will’s neck, playing with the stands of hair at Will’s nape. He didn’t let any of the hunger seep into the kiss, keeping it away for another time.

Instead, Will pulled back and rested his forehead on Nico’s. Nico smiled, and this time, Will did brush away the rain drops.

Fluff for compesitation

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I know i just sent you an ask but if it isn't too big of an issue, a little drawing of a smiley face would help me a lot. Times are a bit tough because my brother is leaving home as well as my only relatives nearby and my boyfriend, if not it's ok 😊

You deserve way more than that, darling. 

I apologize if the times are tough, but please, rest assured that this will pass. Even the worst possible gray cloud can’t block the sun forever. Soon everything will be bright again and you’ll see that beautiful rainbow <3

Hang in there, friend, I’m sending you all my positive thoughts!

Percy had some jokes planned to tell whenever Leo came back, but when it actually happened he was so shocked he completely forget them. It was okay though, because Nico helped him make a punch line