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Did you think that Jafar as a cobra was awe-inspiring and powerful? What about our own Judge Frollo? Want to congratulate whoever was lead animator on those incredible characters?

Thank Kathy Zielinski, perhaps the most under-sung hero of character animation alive. She also worked as a key animator on Ursula, responsible for making Ursula sneer along to the infamous line, “Life’s just full of tough choices, isn’t it?”

She was also lead animator on Road to El-Dorado antagonist Tzekel-Kan, and Ferngully’s big bad, “Hexxus”. Her most recent work was on The Book of Life.

There have been some great villains in the past, but we’re really pushing the limits in terms of acting and getting inside him. He’s not just after the gold or power. He has this internal struggle. He basically feels he’s good and he’s trying to rid the world of evil, yet he has these feelings, that he feels are making him weak and that he is being lured into this other world that he doesn’t want to be a part of. The closest he comes is to the Queen in SNOW WHITE.
—  Kathy Zielinski on Frollo

This is a scene that Kathy Zielinski had a part in animating.  She is one of the most well respected women in the business and she is amazing at what she does.  Kathy held a Master Session with us last week, but she is set to return next month for another.  Not many get an opportunity to learn from a well established animator, so don’t miss your chance to learn from Kathy!

anonymous asked:

Speaking of Road to El Dorado, it may interest you to know that the woman who animated Tzekel-Kan also was an animator for Claude Frollo, Jafar, Spirit, and the villain from Ferngully. Her name is Kathy Zielinski.

I think I remember reading about her once! She must be so skilled, bringing characters (especially villains) to life so believably. It’s such a pity individual animators are so poorly known and generally underappreciated. Especially if you look at her impressive biography and realize this woman’s work has shaped so many childhoods.

For #WomanCrushWednesday, I chose animator Kathy Zielinski.

You may not know her name, but you’ll certainly recognize the villainous characters she brought to life on the animated screen:

(L-R) Judge Claude Frollo from Disney’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, Jafar (AS BOTH A BEGGAR AND A COBRA SNAKE!) in Disney’s “Aladdin”, Hexxus in “Ferngully: The Last Rainforest”, and Tzekel-Kan in Dreamworks’ “The Road To El Dorado”.


Designing An Animated Short Film with Kathy Zielinski