kathy tin

Superbly Spectacular Secret Santa Exchange.

- waking up at 8:10am to make it to the train station at 8:32am only to get phone calls from both anna mai and kathy tin that neither of them would have made the 8:30am train. felt a little better about waking up late.
- having a grand time catching up and talking on a 2 ½ hour bus and train ride.
- ending up at the edge of queens at 10:55am and went food shopping with shannon. 
- made it to shannon’s (so hard to get to!) and watched Kronk’s New Groove and waited for janet, emily, and diana to come!
- everyone arriving and all of us helping shannon make lunch - pad thai & pasta salad! YUM!
- digging in with monstrous portions. yay for being pigs!
- superbly spectacular secret santa exchange! shannon got me INHERITANCE! best best best best best best best best!! and she made me a beautiful card <3
-  playing Urban Myth, Bananagrams, Taboo until Maneesha arrived and Diana left
- Maneesha opening her present and all of us playing Clue! (except anna mai)
- Clue lasting over an hour with Emily giving up at the end
- taking a 2 and ½ hour bus/train ride home with anna mai and kathy tin! yay ultimate discussions! school discussions! “what the heck did we do on fridays” discussions!

Never a dull moment with y'all.

“She was dumb tight!”

… And this is why we’re friends.