kathy beth

the signs as celebrity alter egos

aries: roman zolanski (nicki minaj)

taurus: becky (taylor swift)

gemini: hannah montana (miley cyrus)

cancer: cry baby (melanie martinez)

leo: sasha fierce (beyonce)

virgo: kathy beth terry (katy perry)

libra: harajuku barbie (nicki minaj)

scorpio: veronica the witch (britney spears)

sagittarius: britney bitch (britney spears)

capricorn: bianca (mariah carey)

aquarius: jo calderone (lady gaga)

pisces: electra heart (marina & the diamonds)

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Sterek, Stiles is Mr April in this year's Beacon Hills fire department's charity calendar, Derek is a schoolteacher. And a huge fan. (Who totally wants to ride Stiles's pole.)


Oh god yes

Derek wears sweaters. Ugly grandpa sweaters. Like Derek wore ugly Christmas sweaters before it was cool and they aren’t so much Christmas sweaters as all-year-round sweaters. Mustards for fall. Laura mocks them and Talia swats at her head, hugs her only son tightly, tells him he’s gorgeous just as he is. Derek beams at her and pulls a face at Laura cause they’re both still twelve years old.

It’s not like Derek doesn’t know they’re ugly sweaters, it’s just that he likes comfy and inexpensive clothes so that he can spend his money on books and really great, local food at the farmer’s market and saving up to go to Italy next year and he’s not hiding, okay? He’s not, no matter what Cora says.


During coffee break one Thursday, Linda, Beth and Kathy are leaning over one of the desks in the teacher’s lounge, all trying their hardest for inconspicuous but the aborted giggles and flushed faces kinda ruins it. Derek walks up from behind, looking over a shaking shoulder to try and catch a glimpse of what’s causing all the fuss.

And it’s definitely worth causing a fuss over.

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Once in a While - Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Saturday nights at The Basement were always busy, but that Saturday was particularly insane.  A new up-and-coming singer/songwriter was playing.  He was young, he was hot, and he was talented - at least that’s what all the bar patrons were saying.  Pretty much every other 20-something woman in Brooklyn was in the bar, and they all wanted a drink.

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