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Chasing Trolls

A/N: So a few days ago the lovely, kind and amazing @kat2609 gave me the prompt from this list, of “Don’t you ever do that again,” and I wrote this. It was pure crack, and cute, but I wasn’t super happy with it. And I felt I could better for my amazing beta! This idea also came to me with the prompt so, I decided to write this too. So, I hope you like this one too Miss @kat2609. I must thank @disastergirl for filling in for Kath as my beta, since I couldn’t very well have her read it when it was a surprise. Enjoy! And let me know what you think. 

“Ow! That hurts!” Emma whined, wincing and pulling back from Killian’s hand, which held a cotton  ball that had been soaked in rubbing alcohol.

“Aye,” he nodded, sticking his hook back under her chin to keep her head still. “But you refused to see the surgeon, so you’ll have to deal with me.”

Emma let out a hiss as he dabbed the cut on her forehead again. “I’m not letting Dr. Frankenstein near me with a needle,” she groaned. “I don’t want to look like some creature from the Black Lagoon.”

Killian raised an eyebrow at her. “You’re making a reference to something, aren’t you?”

“It’s an old horror movie about a swamp monster or something,” Emma explained.

“Well, I doubt you could ever look like a swamp monster,” Killian chuckled. “But, should one appear perhaps you’ll call for backup before trying to take it on yourself?” He said, looking down at her a bit sternly.

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Can we talk about this for a second?


For a long while now we have seen plenty of moments when Snow, especially, and Charming to a lesser extent, have talked the talk about believing in Emma, while questioning and doubting her with their actions.

(Neverland, anyone?)

I found this scene to be absolutely heartbreaking as it is the first time I can recall that Emma really calls Snow on her doubt. We saw a little bit in the last episode, when Emma defended Killian after he had talked about using the dagger - ironic really that Snowing would be so shocked at his words when we know the secret they have been hiding themselves, but at the time Snow was focused on reminding Emma (and herself I suspect) that darkness wasn’t her, still saying the right words. 

Emma is devastated already by their secret and she finally acknowledges the fact that she feels her parents don’t believe she is strong enough to resist. Everything in her face in this image is challenging Snow to come clean and say what she really thinks. Because Emma knows now her mother didn’t think she was strong enough to resist the darkness from before she was born. That look in her eyes, to me, houses every bit of resentment and frustration that Emma has kept bottled up since she came back into their lives. 

It’s a stark contrast with her reaction to Killian telling her that the darkness can creep up on you. Coming from the person who has never doubted her strength, she can reassure him and use his belief to fuel her own.

I think these two have quite a long road ahead of them before they can really repair their relationship. I hope they can.

Why Hook is where it’s at...

I chimed in on THIS post about folk who loved CS but Hook was their number one and it got me thinking about why I felt that way (beyond the obvious…ie this…)

And I realised that Killian Jones probably has more to offer the other residents of Storybrooke than anyone else…if they would just pay attention!

Snow/Charming….could take a leaf out of his book in believing in Emma. For all they talk about her being strong and capable, they are quick to doubt her and to question her choices.(Snow more than Charming)  I have just rewatched the Neverland arc and watching them second guess Emma was driving me nutty. Now we are seeing that even before she was born Snow had doubts. Killian, on the other hand, has always trusted her instincts and tells her so. He also has a few things to say on the subject of telling the truth! 

Regina….could learn a lot about owning your own behaviour from the pirate. As much as she has worked to make better choices, she is still pretty quick to pass the blame when things go wrong and has yet to realise that ultimately SHE is in control of her fate. She said herself in Neverland that she didn’t regret the choices she had made - and she has definitely made some she SHOULD regret IMO. Killian has regrets and he works to make them right. Does it always go to plan? No - but he perseveres. 

Belle….needs a friend who understands her heartbreak. And who else knows better the betrayal of Rumple? Killian might be a hot bed of self loathing a lot of the time, but he is a tower of strength when it comes to building up the people he loves and respects. Will might make her happy, Killian can help her to trust in herself again and not to own Rumple’s sneaky bastardry.

Rumple…well, do I need to spell it out? Rumple needs to see that he can’t have power and love and that to have the happy ending he says he wants he is going to have to choose. And choose wisely. Killian already told him that. (I think/hope for Belle’s sake that ship has sailed so to speak) He needs to see, like Regina, that his choice to chase power above all else have taken the “things” he loved from him. Not any external force - and certainly not our pirate.

Henry…. has the believing part down. No one else understands what Emma is capable of as much as Killian and Henry. Henry believes in Regina and her capacity to change. He could learn a lot about being a good man from Killian. He has an excellent role model there - imagine the man he could become.

Emma ….. has already learned a lot from Killian. She has learned about trust and letting people in and that she can be first in someone’s world. And he is there to keep teaching her to believe in herself and her strength. That she is worthy of love and of being everything to someone who will love and respect her in return. 

So there you go….listen up Storybrooke. The man has much to tell you.

We have seen over the last few seasons that everyone has to deal with a bit of darkness on occasion...

Except Emma. She never had any thanks to David and Snow and their choices with Lily. She never had that force in her, colouring the choices that she made throughout her life. It’s probably why she coped with all the heartbreak that came her way, why she didn’t career off the rails spectacularly.

It was always love that influenced her choices…even when those choices were potentially negative for her.

Imagine going from absolute light to absolute darkness with nothing to prepare you for what that would ask of you. How easy would it be for that darkness to trick you into thinking your choices were for the greater good?

Merida’s heart in her hands in episode one is a good answer.

No wonder, really, that she makes mistakes now. She has no point of reference to work from.