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Yay! welcome to our network where whovians watch movies!


  • mbf the admins
  • reblog this post
  • be okay with giving email
  • be an active blogger with your ask open
  • be available and go to some of the movies (admins are in est time)

We’re looking for:

  • a nice who bloggers whos active
  • interested in movies!
  • (also if you want a better chance of getting in post why in #whovianswatchmovies)

If you get in:

  • many friends!
  • get to watch cool movies
  • get to vote on the movies we’ll watch
  • follow everyone in the network
  • track #whovianswatchmovies
  • we’ll message you


  • choosing 10ish people (plus the ones who helped start this of course!)
  • well pick more throughout time
  • if you become inactive please dont take up spots in the network since we’re not sure how much the stream can hold

side note, on saturday (3/1) there will be a screening of the hobbit check the tag for more info

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  • send me your favorite type of potato (french fries, baked potato)

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