you are going to lose hope once in a while, you’ll sit and ask yourself “what’s the point in trying anymore?”, you’ll feel alone, rejected, isolated. you’ll get jealous, you’ll miss someone, you’ll think no one on the planet will understand how you feel. whether it be family, relationships, friends, school, everything. you will, at some point, look in the mirror and hate what you see. you’ll cry. you’ll lie about something, whether it be big or small. you will regret a bad decision, and say bad about someone else even if you hate it when people do that about you. you’ll hide your problems from people, and open up to some.  it’s okay to feel like this, you know. you are never alone! there will always be someone here for you, and always someone who feels the same way as you. even if you never talk to them, or see them, just remember, they understand you.
but listen, you’re also going to feel loved, safe, and happy. it may not be for long, but you still felt that way and you can’t let the bad overcome the good. the only person standing in your way is you. in your life, you will make amazing friends, and have amazing memories-  you probably already have. you need to remember these moments. you need to remember the best party you’ve ever been to, when you got the one of the best grades in class, when someone told you they loved you, or was proud of you. look at photos of you and your friends pulling stupid faces and remember that moment. do what you love, apologize when you need to  and don’t dwell on the past because you don’t live there anymore- its your past for a reason.
make the change and focus on the good. its hard, i know, and will take a lot of time and courage but don’t lose hope and keep holding on. give people a reason to be proud of you. everything will be okay in the end. someone, somewhere, loves you and will make you feel worth it-you need to go and find that person. if you have that person, then make them want to keep you, make them feel worth it, treat them how you want to be treated. loved, wanted, special. if you’re harming yourself in any way, theres someone going through the same thing as you, get help, find coping strategies-recovering is hard, but you will get through it with hope and determination! your whole life is ahead of you, so hold your chin up and take that first proud step forward now, you are not alone, i promise.