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Name your 10 favorite women/nonbinary/not men characters from 10 different fandoms and tag 10 people

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Yeah, we gave them a good show.  What? Cyrus bet on you. He doubled his donation. It was a show for charity. You knew that. Did you think you actually beat me, little brother? I did beat you. If you have to tell yourself that, go right ahead.


ok but for real can we please appreciate everyone who helped make anastasia the musical come alive?? the music/lyrics, the costumes, the blocking, the set, the acting, everything about it is so wonderful and magical and perfect. so many people were involved in making it what it is (orchestra, director, producer, designers, actors, the list is extensive). im just gonna list everyone i can find who deserves appreciation for this piece of art!

creative: Darko Tresnjak (director), Peggy Hickey (choreographer),  Adam Cates (associate choreographer), Alexander Dodge (hartford set/scene design), Linda Cho ( costume design), Donald Holder (lighting), Brian Ronan (hartford sound), Aaron Rhyne (projection),  Peter Hylenski (broadway sound), Doug Besterman (orchestration), Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty (music & lyrics), Charles G. LaPointe (hair/wig design), Joe Dulude II (makeup design), Tom Murray ( Musical Supervisor & Music Director/Conductor), Michael Keller and Micahel Aarons (music coordinators), David Chase (dance arrangements), Bonnie Panson (production stage manager), Trey Johnson (stage manager), Lee Micklin (assistant stage manager)

cast: Christy Altomare (Anya), Derek Klena (Dmitry), John Bolton (Vlad Popov), Ramin Karminloo (Gleb), Caroline O’Connor (Countess Lily), Mary Beth Peil (Dowager Empress), Zach Adkins, Alex Aquilino, Sissy Bell, Lauren Blackman, Kathryn Boswell, Kyle Brown, Kristen Smith Davis, Janet Dickinson, Constantine Germanacos, Wes Hart, Ian Knauer, Ken Krugman, Dustin Layton, Shina Ann Morris, Kevin Munhall, James A. Pierce III, Molly Rushing, Nicole Scimeca, Jennifer smith, Johnny Stellard, McKayla Twiggs, Allison Walsh, Lyrica Woodruff (ensemble/swing/Romanovs/supporting roles/etc.)

TL;DR - Anastasia is a fantastic musical, and everyone involved should be recognized!!

I’m sure many more people should be on this list, so feel free to add on!!!

Mark and Dark’s Keyblades

Name: Generous Heart

Owner: Markiplier

High Defence
Medium Attack
Low Magic
Ability: Finishing Plus. Unleashes powerful finishing moves after combos.

Mark’s Keyblade reflects his drive to do good with the hilt made up of the ‘Markiplier’s Heroes’ heart surrounding the grip. The keychain is a crown to reflect his self proclamation of being the king of FNAF. The pink Warfstach and the pattern of his lucky flannel make up the rain guard. The main part of the blade is gold which compliments the red of the hilt. Just before the edge is Tiny Box Tim who sits next to five triangles. Each colour of these represents the rest of Teamiplier: Yellow is Amy, Green is Tyler, Blue is Ethan, Purple is Kathryn and Brown is for Chica. The edge is the pixilated M which has become a distinctive logo from Mark’s channel.

Name: Distorted Void

Owner: Darkiplier

High Attack
Medium Magic
Low Defence
Ability: MP Rage. Restores magic points relative to damage taken

Dark’s keyblade reflects his duality. The top half of the hilt is smooth to represent his calm manner while the bottom half has harsh spikes which reflects the rage that simmers just underneath the calm facade. The keychain is a shattered heart as Dark relishes in manipulating others. The rain guard and the main part of the blade to asymmetric to further the impression of how unstable can be when he wants to. The blue and red that lines most of the Keyblade is there because of how he can distort reality around him. The edge has three knife like blades as it’s known that Dark can be very violent if it’s called for.

Robert Killed Simon : A Theory

So, Simon told Robert that he wasn’t fit to be king and that he [Simon] was going to disband the monarchy. Robert, who had been groomed for and promised the throne, obviously and understandably wasn’t happy.

Brandon Boone told Jasper that the same person who hired Ted to kill the first king (Simon), also hired him to kill the next king (Robert).

My theory is that Robert didn’t want the monarchy disbanded as he wanted his place on the throne. He is the one who hired Ted (probably with an alias or through a middle-man) to kill his father. He then hired Boone to “kill” him as well. Robert knows Cyrus and Helena. He knows things will undoubtedly fall apart without he or Simon there. So Robert stays on the island and lets things fall apart.

When he comes back, Robert is seen as the victim. He is a hero for surviving on a desolate island for nearly a year (not to mention for his part in fighting for the country), and then returning to clean up his family’s mess. The family, aside from Liam and Cyrus (who could care less), are all just so happy that Robert is alive at all that he gets by with everything.

It’s really the perfect plan.

And Robert gets everything he wants.

Which brings me to my next point…

Kathryn is pregnant. I’m going to theorize that the baby is Robert’s, though it would also be interesting if the baby were Liam’s.

Anyway, thoughts???