Friend, or Foe? :|

          Supposedly, friends should help each other, right? They watch each other’s back. If one’s in trouble, the other’s always right behind his back. As much as possible, they attend to each other’s need, like a mutual understanding. I mean, not the mutual understanding like they’re into each other but the mutual understanding that they let each other excel, or more on benefit from each other in a good way. Though misunderstandings may come along the way, I think real friends can talk about it and resolve it eventually. It may be a long painful process but I guess it’s worth it.


          Honestly, I am not a perfect, always behind-your-back kind of friend. Most of the time, I heard the issues way too late, and that’s just when I can speak out what I think about it. I am not a good adviser as well. I can give advices but when it comes to applying it to myself, I don’t think I can do it. Like what they say, it’s easy to give advices to others, but if that situation runs into you, you can’t even apply what you said. Funny is it? Well I guess that’s what life is.


          Anyway, I’ve been juggling about this conflict between my friends. I’m so eager to help them out, to talk about it and resolve it, but I just can’t do anything about it. They ‘were’ friends. That’s what they keep on saying. I mean, they really are friends until a huuuggeee misunderstanding came. At first, I don’t know what will I re-act, especially I don’t even know the other side’s story. I don’t want to be one-sided and judgmental you know, and besides, they both are my friends. I kept on telling them to talk, just those who are involved. Involving the whole class in this forum may also affect the relationship of one to the other.


          I know I should not involve myself, which is what I’m actually doing. But, I really really really want them to reconcile. If they could just drop out all of their prides, both of them, then maybe, that’s when they can resolve it.


          Oh. I just don’t really know what to do. K

Every time I look out of my balcony, I see things I never thought I could see from here. It’s cool though. Relieves stress. Well I just love the view, sometimes buildings seem to disappear. HAHAHA. Either the clouds eat them or the rain wash them down. :P HAHAHAH

This time, I saw fireworks. :) hahaha Yay! I don’t know where it came from but they’re magical. HAHA (‘cause they relieve my stress okay?) ;)

Clinic starts 2 weeks from now. And I’m not yet ready! I don’t know what to do. Yes, I’m reviewing our lessons. I take 3-5 hours a day to read and understand everything written on my notes. I even ask questions from friends who already graduated and passed the board exam. They tell me this, tell me that. Explain a topic in the best way then can. Then in return, I ask questions to clarify everything. I am preparing myself for it. But..

What if reviewing won’t work? What if I fail? What if I let myself down, my parents. What if this course isn’t really for me? Urgh! Noooo! Please. I need to pass this clinic! We all need it! No more retakes for all of us, please! :| Hard work 100x! 

HOPE! I need you now more than ever! (Not the cigarette okay? I don’t smoke.) 

I’m not a bookworm. Actually, I can’t believe that I’ve read these books. :O HAHA Not a book person, really. But I enjoyed reading these.

So I started reading books when I was in 1st year college because of book review. So we did book reviews for The Tale of Two Cities by Dickens, and Double Cross by Patterson. And then this whole craze about Twilight started so I read them too. I know. HAHA and that’s it.

I continued reading Twilight Saga, and then I found this book, Maximum Ride, and finished them, well almost. HAHA Then I got my Hunger Games book the very first time it was released. I can still remember it. HAHA It was when Ondoy (storm) hit our country. Actually, while reading the Hunger Games I’m also reading City of Bones. It’s not confusing okay? :)

Well, I’ve read other books too but it was in PDF format so, hahaha they’re not in here. Then the other books were borrowed. Hihi.

And that’s it. :P


Had our Outreach Program to our adopted community which is the Boystown Marikina-Luwalhati.

So arrived there around 9am and immediately started our program. Doctor Yu introduced us to them, and explained why we’re there. Then the speakers delivered their topics well, and was able to answer some of their questions. The elders were so eager to learn something new. I can’t believe their children left them in there. Most of them are just so cool. They sang for us, recited a poem, danced. :) Cute. HAHA I really enjoyed it.

Left the Luwalhati around 11am, then lunch time in Mang Inasal Legarda! :) 

After that, friends and I watched Insidious for only 25 pesos (in a movie theater okay). HAHAH :)