This post is completely irrelevant from my past posts, but I just have to write this.

So I’ve been reading about the Kathniel issue, about the daniel’s picture with ingrid and his aloof behavior on the buzz. I’ve seen the picture and I’ve watched the interview. 

And I thought, maybe Daniel’s aloof behavior has nothing to do with his feelings for Kathryn. Maybe because he got bored or uncomfortable with the way Gretchen was conducting the interview. Have you ever thought of that? I mean, I’ve noticed that Daniel sometimes acts aloof in certain interviews if the interviewer isn’t doing a good job of asking questions or if he is uncomfortable. 

I’m not sure though, I’m just saying. The truth is, I didn’t particularly love the way Gretchen conducted the interview. It was boring, bland, and fishing for issues. #justsaying

And about the picture. WTH?! I mean, I’ve seen plenty of pictures where DJ hugged or placed his arm on another woman- although some were fans or girl friends who are not-so-pretty-like-kathryn but was there any issue about those?! Just because he took a picture with a sort-of-pretty girl doesn’t automatically mean he’s in love. GAHD! Let’s grow up people and move on! Let’s trust the Kathniel magic.