kathleen o'neil

Some sunday quotes:

1. “Broken hearts do mend!”

2. “Well, you have to be a little clearer Matt, what are you asking me?”

3. “I know you can make it, I want you to make it… Just Listen to your heart!”

4. “I love you Kathleen. I think I ever have…!” - “I know.”

5. “I am sorry. What do you want me to do?” - “I want you to marry me.”

6. “It’s got nothing to do of me being jealous… He is Staying only for one reason, he stays hoping you leave with him!”

7. “It’s been a while.”

8. “I am sorry Kathleen. I wish I could tell you something else, but I have to tell you the true facts.”

9. “We can’t let you introduce a new cow.” - Let me, let me…?!“

10. "You are such a worrier!” - “Well, I can’t help it, he is all I’ve got.” - “And what about me?!” - “Oh I forgot all about you!!”

Do you recognize the episodes and who said what??? ;)