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Favourite bits from the Jyn featurette:

In the original story pitch that I did, I described Jyn Erso: team leader, female, Spartan-tough, battle-worn. A little cynical and jaded from everything she’s been through. She’s seen it all, and maybe that makes her seem callous to those who don’t really know her.

—John Knoll

Jyn is sort of the central figure in this team, but she’s sort of distanced herself from people. She’s a survivor.

—Kathleen Kennedy

A lot of it is about relationships between children and parents. Because of this, Jyn hates the Empire. So whenever Jyn sees stormtroopers, she just wants to annihilate them. 

—Felicity Jones

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The Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm announced today two major upcoming release dates.

Star Wars: Episode IX is now set for release on May 24, 2019. Directed by Colin Trevorrow, the film will close out the third Star Wars trilogy.

In addition, the fifth chapter of the Indiana Jones series is now confirmed for a July 10, 2020 release. Both Steven Spielberg, director of every Indiana Jones film, and star Harrison Ford will return.

anonymous asked:

For what it is worth, while I agree that Jyn and Cassian's relationship certainly wasn't played as platonic by the end, I am pretty certain Official Lucasfilm Dude (tm) Pablo Hidalgo has said there was no romance in Rogue One. I think some people have very high criteria for what they consider romance - it takes either kissing or declarations of love to "count". It's not just a Star Wars thing, either - you see it in lots of fandoms.

Kathleen Kennedy said their relationship combines respect and skill and attraction, and she’s a loooot higher on the Official Lucasfilm scale than he is. And when Felicity Jones was asked about whether Jyn and Cassian’s relationship is friendship/romance/etc, she answered that it’s all of those things. I doubt anyone is paying more attention to Pablo than to Kathleen and Felicity.

Also, Pablo Hidalgo just answered “did Jyn and Cassian kiss in the elevator” with “that’s their business,” so he’s certainly not insisting it’s one way or the other.

Also-also, I don’t think the reviewers and other “IT’S VERY IMPORTANT THAT IT’S PLATONIC” types are paying the slightest attention to anything outside the movie itself (and fairly so). Say, my friend who started this whole conversation has not the slightest awareness of Pablo’s existence, and probably not Kathleen’s either.

ETA: The other thing I always find bemusing about “only romance if they kiss” is that it leaves us at a place where Jyn/Cassian isn’t romantic and Luke/Leia is. So. You know.


@lovegwendoline: Thank you @starwars #StarWarsCelebration #RogueOne for having me moderate the panel!!!!!!!!!! It was INCREDIBLE!! 💥🌟👌

“I’m Hillary Clinton and I Hate My Life.”

Hillary Clinton has become that annoying aunt who shows up to every event and complains about how awful her life is. 

Last Sunday, the former Secretary of State chimed in on Twitter to express her support for Emmanuel Macron’s victory in France’s presidential election. She states, “Victory for Macron, for France, the EU, & the world.”

Sure, if that’s how she sees it, that’s fine. 

Then she says, “Defeat to those interfering w/democracy.”

Okay, that’s not objectionable. Any rational person would agree with such sentiment that foreign entities getting involved in other nation’s elections is wrong (of course there’s the assumption that Russia tried to interfere with France’s election like they did with the US election). 

But then she added this, “(But the media says I can’t talk about that)”. 

So. Pathetic. 

She took a swipe at the media because they dared to criticize her marathon of excuses she gave for losing the election. She always says that she takes “personal responsibility” but repeatedly blames James Comey, Russia, misogyny, the media, literally everyone and everything she can think of. She even said before Comey sent his letter to Congress, she was “on her way to winning.” Such arrogance. 

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, there is ZERO proof that Comey’s letter changed the outcome of the election nor is there any proof Russia’s hacking of the DNC and John Podesta emails did the same. Could they have? Maybe, but you can’t prove it. 

But this latest tweet of hers encapsulates how awful she was as a presidential candidate and how big of a sore loser she currently is. 

Hillary Clinton will go down as the worst presidential candidate in US history. She’s a dishonest, calculating, artificial, narcissistic, power-hungry, corrupt, career politician who represented everything that was wrong with D.C. politics and she epitomized the status quo in a change election. Plus, she ran a terrible campaign!

The left applauds her lifetime of work and attack individuals like Ivanka Trump for relying on nepotism for her pivotal role in the White House as one of President Trump’s closest advisors, but what they don’t acknowledge is that Hillary Clinton’s entire career was completely dependent on her husband. Since her days as First Lady of Arkansas, she relied on Bill Clinton, who was a far more likable and charming person, and road on his coattails to the White House. Do you honestly think she would have been elected Senator in New York or have two presidential campaigns without her husband’s political machine? And while she was failing miserably as our Secretary of State, she was reaping the benefits at The Clinton Foundation that Bill was running. Without her husband, she’s nothing, which was exactly why she stood by him after the Monica Lewinsky scandal. No woman whether it be Lewinsky, or Jennifer Flowers, or Juanita Broaddrick, or Kathleen Willey, or Paula Jones would come between Hillary Clinton and her political future. But in the end, the only woman that came between Hillary Clinton and her political future was Hillary Clinton. 

What she struggles with the most is that she is desperately trying to stay relevant. She can do speech after speech, launch a Super PAC, or put out these moronic tweets, but the appeal she once had with most Americans is gone. She’s trying to fit in with the cool kids by joining the anti-Trump “resistance,” but even those people don’t want her. And what’s hilarious is that the more attention she draws herself, the more it hurts the Democratic Party. So Democrats of all people should be the ones who pull the plug on Hillary Clinton because she’s on her political death bed. 

The best part about all of this is that Hillary Clinton still thinks she’s the victim. She not only believes the presidency was stolen from her, she was owed the presidency. All she wanted was power and all she got was rejection not once but twice. She’s the type of person that would go up to group of Syrian refugee orphans and demand them to pity her. If her self-victimhood is what helps her sleep at night, so be it. Meanwhile, she can enjoy the millions of dollars she’ll continue to rake in from paid speeches and book deals, a lifetime of Secret Service protection, enjoy time with her two grandchildren, and never have to cook, clean, or drive anywhere ever again. She has it rough, right?

Within the span of six months, she went from saying “I’m Hillary Clinton and I approve this message” to “I’m Hillary Clinton and I hate my life.” 

And I love it.


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my friends from vine and i made a full length youtube edit of the amazing women at rt/ah! i would really love if you guys would watch, and please, please tweet this to any of them if you can!!


Raiders Of The Lost Ark was a major milestone in Harrison Ford’s career. He went from working actor to movie star, building on his wonderful work in Empire Strikes Back he finally found the perfect creative collaborator … and life long friend in Steven Spielberg. The boy who was bullied as a kid,lost his front teeth in an on set accident, and had a scar on his face, was now a leading man at 37. His advice: “Never give up.” Check out our podcast to see how it all happened! Click our icon and find links to where you like to listen!


[First Sailor Moon-RT AU post]

idk This idea just makes me so happy, so I drew the “Outers” with Griffon, Kathleen, Kara, and Mica, and then just used some screencaps basically as an exercise.

It was a lot of fun and I still just adore the RT ladies so much and am always excited to see them in more content.