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Horns (Review)

Staring Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, Max Minghella, Joe Anderson & David Morse, Horns is dark fantasy thriller based on a novel by Joe Hill. It is directed by The Hills have eyes (2006) French Director Alexandre Aja

The Plot: Horns is the story of Ig Perrish, a young man who wakes up  to strange horns sprouting from his temples, after being accused of his girlfriend’s mysterious death.

Review: The film is original and funny. It’s gory at times but for someone like me who doesn’t like horror movies I thought it was quite good. The film skips through so many movie gendres and plot twists that it can be unsettling but it’s not hard to follow. It’s a good dark comedic fantasy film. You cannot help but laugh. The movie also raises questions about people’s true nature, I guess that the serious aspect of the movie.

Horns is very difficult to describe, it is kind of a horror movie but the tone is not quite that. It has some horror, Romance, Fantasy elements to it with a touch of revenge movie all the while being comedic. The movie combines all of that, it’s a bit crazy but entertaining.

I really liked the way the story was told with the flashbacks, the present and how the characters are unfolded, it was smart. It made me curious about the book and maybe more so that I know who wrote it.

Horns is a nice Halloween movie, let me know what you thought about it?

Drop It Like Its Hot. Top 8 Sweet and Spicy Underthings for Curvy Girls!

Ashley Graham, one of the industry’s most well-known plus size models, looks hot as hell in her underthings. Because Wantering tracks what’s trending in fashion, we know first-hand that there are some REALLY AWESOME lingerie and sleepwear styles online that flatter curvier body types.

Every girl needs something that makes her feel sexy from garters and corsets to simple but beautiful lace nightgowns. 

Top 8 Sweet and Spicy Plus Size Lingerie 

1) ModCloth Hip, Hip, Cabaret Intimate Set in white lace - sizes 40 to 44

2) ModCloth All Out Allure Tights - sizes XL & XXL

3) Hanky Panky Lacy and Lovely Undies in rose - sizes 1X to 3X

4) ModCloth At Your Arabesque Corset - sizes 1X to 4X

5) Only Hearts Lace Chemise from Nordstrom - sizes 1X to 3X

6) ModCloth I Rest My Lace Bralette and Undies Set - sizes 1X to 3X

7) In Bloom by Jonquil Chiffon and Lace Chemise from Nordstrom - sizes 1X to 2X

8) ModCloth Accessorize Your Strut Lace Tights in sheer - one size

Peace, love and #sexytime,

Kathleen, Wantering Editor


30 Days Shipping Challenge, Day 15- What is your favourite real life pairing?

Jeremy Petter and Tally Heilke/Graham Stark and Kathleen DeVere (LoadingReadyRun)

So, I so not expect anybody who follows me to understand this, but I will explain why I chose these guys in a second. First, if you want to know who LoadingReadyRun are, and so who Graham, Kathleen, Tally and Jer are, refer to this post (although Desert Bus is over now).

I felt like to pick a favourite real life pairing I would ahve to have some kind of personal attachment to it. With fictional ones we have that emotional connection, but with RL couples it their business, they’re personal life (and a lot of the time I’m biased against pairing because of my crush on the guy). But with LRR (short for LoadingReadyRun btw) they’re so very connected with their fans, talking to them on twitter and on the forums all the time. They meet their fans sometimes and just hang out, and because they’re not uber famous or anything it’s more friendly and less ‘omg I love you’. So I feel, having been a fan of LRR for a few years now, that I know these guys a little. I know what they like and their quirks and I recognise that these relationships are so adorable in their own ways.

You can probably gather the dynamic of them from the pictures. Both Graham and Kathleen (right) are goofy, hilarious people. Kathleen’s kind of crazy and Graham’s sarcastic and neither are afraid to act ridiculous. They’re perfect for each other- they’re not obviously gooey or romantic, but they’re sweet in their own way. Jer and Tally (left) are a lot more adorable in the conventional sense. Tally’s so sweet and lovely, she’s funny (kind of a given with the LRR cast and they’re friends) but she’s soft and gentle as well while Jer is adorkable and silly. Again, perfect for each other.