Hey everyone! Meet “Cat Lady” 😘🐱💕 She’s what I imagine I’m going to be like as an old granny!! 😂 And ya gotta love these Kathie Olivas vinyls! 😁 I have so much fun painting these wonderful 3D cuties! 😉🖌 If you’re looking for the purrfect gift for yourself or your own special cat lady in your life for Valentine’s Day, then you can snap her up Feb. 3rd on thecamillastore.etsy.com at 9am PST😸💖


How does that old saying go, acceptance is the first step to recovery?  Yes, I am somewhat of a vinyl toy junky.  I am a fan of many types of art, but Kathie Olivas is an artist that I have been followed for several years now and I really enjoy her pieces.  Since I can’t afford an original from anyone and definitely commission any of them vinyl is the next best thing.  The figures pictured an Olivas character named Two-Faced Hazel.  I originally got the Asia version (red one) back in ‘09 soon after it released off of eBay.  Since that time I have toyed around with getting the other colorways but would only see one pop up here and there on eBay and they were too damn expensive.  Well, I hit the jackpot a couple of weeks ago when I messaged the seller of a DIY Hazel.  He had three more and he was willing to give me a deal on them.   The bonus is that I now have #2 of 200 of the SDCC (mono colorway) and #12 of 500 of the original (black coat).