*spoilers for superman 25*

So at the end of this issue, we see that Jon can get his powers back (including flight!) under one condition: Kathy has to be there.
Patrick Gleason was taking a Q & A on Wednesday and I asked him if that meant she would frequently be joining Jon on his adventures. He said yes, which was to be expected since there was that page that showed the future. It had high collar Batman Damian and future Jon along with future Kathy.
I followed up with: “Damian’s not going to be too happy about that” and Pat liked my comment.
So we’re getting the Jon/Damian partnership established finally. Then Jon tells Damian about Kathy, to which he’d say something like
“Tt, well I can’t argue with the fact that she makes you stronger.”
Then Kathy would step in to clarify!
“Thank you! There’s just one thing… We have to be holding hands for it to work!”
Damian: * kill Bill sirens*
I can imagine he would think this was going too far in endangering a non-vigilante plus HAND HOLDING!? Jon is but a child, on the cusp of puberty. This absolutely cannot be allowed, she would become a distraction! Not to mention Damian’s jealousy of Kathy’s introduction. He doesn’t have many friends after all and he’s insecure.
Anyway, Kathy is clearly here to stay and she may or may not be disrupting the dynamic of these two. I wonder what you guys think.

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The hermit, The star, the moon, and the sun?

The Hermit: Favourite way to spend a day alone

same way i spend all my days, since i’m always alone; on the internet, or playing video games

The Star: Someone you consider perfect

@wlwmikan @blakeybelladonnya @timegoddess @pyrrubys

The Moon: Something you fear

my two biggest fears are the dark and moths

The Sun: Your happiest memory

my life has been so horrible recently, i can’t think of a happy memory

remember how images and figures of a lynched Obama was ‘free speech’ but Kathy Griffin holding a fake decapitated Trump head is ‘crossing a line’?

In poor taste, yes. But the hypocrisy is actually laughable.


Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles, AHBL8 Melbourne
[photography by me]