AHS Anthology Theory

So one of the big trailers for Roanoke was the one titled anthology and since the very beginning I’ve had this idea that each of the ten episodes would relate back to a season per episode. Season 1 to episode 1 and so forth. Now it seemed this wasn’t the case at first but now I’m convinced otherwise. Going along with my other mirror theory (check my ahs tag) it appears that there are reflections of each season per episode. Episode one is a family looking to start over so they move to a knew house after an horrific event much like season one. Episode two features two nurses killing people and nurses/hospital was explored slightly in season two with asylum. Now the latest episode includes a medium from NEW ORLEANS who employs a sort of witchcraft. Now what I’m saying is that four may involve circus/freak references, five hotel or old Hollywood and six, according to Ryan Murphy, is the big twist. So maybe the mirror theory comes into play there. But the interesting thing is that maybe seven through ten could have hints for the next four season ideas! Who knows we’ll just have to watch and find out.


•Shelby killed Flora and Mason to pin it on Lee and be spiteful.
•Lee killed Emily.
•Matt doesn’t know what the fuck is going on. But, he hasn’t been on those business trips like he’s been saying. Harken back to Ben season 1.
•Shelby is teamed up with the “enemy” because she knows Matt has been cheating on her. She has been from DAY 1 - since the “gang” beat him up near Hotel Cortez.
•We will get a flashback/memory of what Shelby actually said to Matt, when he was in the hospital and I bet it will be menacing.
•Shelby is an unreliable narrator.
•Lee is an unreliable narrator.
•Matt is an unreliable narrator.
•Shelby’s the most deceitful one - maybe, she too has a gift.
•Lady Gaga is the spirit of the forest. The Butcher made a deal with her in return for her soul.
•Lady Gaga’s minion is the pig man.
•Pig man is the result of beastality and a repressed colonist? Maybe.
•Priscilla is also the result of a sexually frustrated colonist… maybe pig man’s sibling or spawn?
•Some freaky incestuous shit likely is going on between the Butcher and her son. Yep… maybe they are Priscilla’s parents?
•The Butcher killed her husband. He was never coming back for the colonists. She moved them to flee from them finding out.
•The “colonists” will turn on the Butcher and come to claim her just like Mordrake came for Elsa, only her ending won’t be so sweet.
•"Croatoan" was the word that Priscilla used to make the ghosts “Go Away!” but the Butcher killed her.
•Priscilla killed the nurses.
•Priscilla is like the Tate of this season - evil but the result of bad parenting.
•Shelby will likely go free from her crimes and her deceit will only be revealed at the very end.
•My Roanoke Nightmare is a production of Lana Winters and Billie Dean… because why not?
•Dandy’s fucked up inbreeding stems all the back to the butcher and her son…
•Cricket was hired by Alex and John to find Holden.

•Lady Gaga is using the Butcher to get her land back - remember in Season 1 how they talked about Native American burial grounds? The Butcher thinks she holds dominion over the land and Lady Gaga, but Lady Gaga will be the one, who turns on her. •Keep your eyes peeled for an R named character… they are as good as gone.
Something I was thinking of

Someone probably already noticed this, but every season has a link to tv-shows.

Murder House: Billie Dean mentions she’s gonna make a tv-show

Asylum: Lana makes a tv-show about the Asylum and Bloody Face. And she gets interviewed years later after all the shit went down

Coven: Cordelia gets interviewed after all the shit went down

Freak Show: Elsa gets her own tv-show after all the shit went down

Hotel: Billie Dean goes to the hotel to film for her tv-show

Roanoke: Shelby, Lee and Matt get interviewed for a tv-show after all the shit went down

In conclusion: Billie Dean making all these ‘seasons’ doesn’t sound so weird anymore.

After being somewhat disappointed with the premiere, I’m now really impressed by American Horror Story. It’s genuinely creepy, and I’m glad it’s strayed away from the comedic elements, for the most part.

As far as characters go, I’m still ecstatic about Lily Rabe having a major roll, as well as Kathy Bates’ casting as a villain, but besides Sarah Paulson, I wish the other returning actors would be the main ones in the show. Denis O’Hare shouldn’t have such a minor role, Wes Bentley and Lady Gaga shouldn’t have been featured from the start, and most importantly, where the fuck is Evan Peters?