(noun)  an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important or  an introductory piece of music

sugakookie oneshot, music producer!yoongi and idol solo singer!jungkook who is a total fanboy because i live for flustered kookie and teasing yoongi

written for @yoonkookweek​‘s Day 5 -  Your fav Yoonkook AU

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my cousin told me one of the reasons he likes hanging out with me is because he can just come and hang out whenever, because he knows i never have any plans

i don’t know if that makes me sound like a friendless loser, or just someone who’s anti-social

both scenarios are true


Black History Month → Batgirls

  • In Batgirl #24 (August 2011), Nell Little is the future Batgirl in Stephanie Brown’s dream world while the latter was under the influence of Black Mercy. (Nell later reappears as a Batgirl in DC Bombshells.)

  • During the Futures End event, set five years in an alternate future, Tiffany Fox is one of the Batgirls shown in Batgirl: Futures End (November 2014).

  • Kathy Duqesne, first seen in the animated movie Mystery of the Batwoman, makes her way into comics as one of the Batgirls in DC Bombshells #19 (November 2015), set in a WWII AU.

  • The most adapted Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, is racebent to reflect her Afro-Latina voice actress Rosario Dawson, as seen in The Lego Batman Movie (2017).

“What I say about being happy is that I am ‘also happy.’ I’m happy among other things. Happy is one of the many feelings or experiences that I will have throughout a day. I think happy has been sort of made into this Hallmark card of a word, and I don’t know what that means. So I will just say that I enjoy my life, I make choices, I do what I want to do. I am a strong person, I’m not afraid of almost anything, and that’s a lot because of your example.” 

i just saw a post on the RWBY subreddit from someone saying they ship ruby with summer (for those of you not familiar with the world of RWBY, summer is ruby’s mother)

i think that’s my cue to stop browsing that subreddit for tonight