I decided to tidy up my wall collage this morning by adding in some cards and buttons that I’ve collected over the weekend at Hello Etsy.

There were some laser-cut wood buttons with interesting (or inspiring, depending on how you look at it) quotes and I’ve picked up a couple that I can relate to (especially the one with ‘Your mistake was a hidden intention’).

I love collecting name cards which are beautifully designed. It’s such a waste to put them away in boxes/card holders and so I’ve added a few on my wall too.

It’s gonna be a continuous WIP for this wall. I reckon I’m gonna change the pictures every now and then, just to brighten things up and hopefully provide some inspiration along the way.


As I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I was doing up a Look Book for Katheyl.

It’s finally ready!

The beautiful album itself is customised by Eva of Nauli, who’s one of the many talented and ‘crafty’ friends that I’ve known through Etsy.

It’s been a fun process throughout the preparation of this Look Book, with plenty of help from my darling husband. Now I can’t wait to bring it along with me to the craft market which I’ll be participating this weekend!