A Child in the Eye of the Storm || Mother Nature and Katherine

A tense, still air hung ominously in the air of the forest, seemingly dripping from tree the limbs of shaking trees and settling in a stagnant mist on the forest floor. It was in that almost toxic mist that the sovereign of the Earth paced so rigidly, her features knit together in a sort of thoughtful grimace as her mind raced so rapidly. As she walked with stiffening a stiff gait, birds and rodents and all kinds of other creatures began to chirp and chatter nervously. Even the trees seemed to bend away from her for fear of unleashing her wrath. So many scared little pleas of help, so many frequencies and auras vibrating in a deafening cacophony of noise

She put her hands over her face in a jagged, almost crazed manner, before roaring furiously, “Oh won’t you all just bloody shutu p !

All of creation seemingly came to a standstill, birds taking flight away from their homes, rodents burying deep into the ground, trees becoming as rigid as statues. They immediately submitted to the might of their master, both in awe and in, most dominantly, of fear. A crack of lightning ripped open the darkened sky, its deafening crash shaking the woods to its core as it accompanied their master’s burst of exasperated rage.

Mother Nature closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Thunder rumbled away and everything was static once more.

[Scan area for intelligent– specimen– ]

Daddy, please–

[Error: no resul–]

Don’t leave–

[System shutting down]

The chaotic spirit was calm. At least, for now. She rubbed slender fingers over her forehead, a large migrane settling ever so comfortably in her frontal lobe. She winced with snaggled teeth bared in pain before taking in another sharp breath and letting her hand fall at her side. Her glazed, watery eyes looked to the jet-black sky.

4.5 billion years of my mind running seemlessly…and yet with seemingly no effort on your part, you manage to disrupt it so easily… Seraphina thought distractedly, pushing her previous emotions away to a dark corner of her mind in a file called “To be dealt with at a later date”.

There was one more meddlesome little problem to be dealt with, and she sat trapped in the hollow form of a mighty oak tree not three meters away. A child with auburn hair, grey eyes…and the loathsome habit of interfering with matters beyond her time and beyond her business. Mother Nature reassumed her regal, yet dangerous presence as she strolled quietly to where she kept the girl.

“And what am I to do with you, little goose girl?…” she cooed with a threatening undertone, obviously not looking for an answer. She continued with a mocking voice.

“Wait for your brilliant guardian in quite literally shining armor to save you from my deadly clutches?”

She lingered her gaze on the human child for a few moments before bringing her hands together in front of her and taking a few steps forward. “Worry not…I merely would like a little chat with you, Katherine of Santoff Claussen…”

Lost Things || Katya & Katherine

A peculiar wind blew throughout the trees, and that often meant excitement. The birds were chittering away with each other, even the ferns and bushes along the forrest floor seemed to bristle with glee! It was all like they knew something the spirit who wandered in their wake didn’t, and refused to tell. A green head of hair darted about, this way and that fussing over small things, picking a big bouquet of flowers to adorn her bed with when she decided to return to the great tree.

One she could carry no more, she plopped herself down in the soft long grass. She began to weave the flowers together, stem to stem. Her thumb poked the tiniest hole then slid the next in until the petals touched. Before long a pattern emerged, she was making a garland this time. The flowers were tightly packed together and hardly a ‘stitch’ could be seen. 

She held up her work to properly admire it. A few more rows and she might even be able to wrap it around one of the lower branches of Yggdrasil. It was unlikely that she’d ever be able to make a strand long enough to wrap the trunk, at least with out using her magic. 

Katya held the two ends of the string of flowers and focused on it, in a moment it was much smaller, small enough to be a bracelet. Useful for carrying long distances in the woods. This was generally what she did with all of the lost things she found. As soon as something caught her eye she knew she had to keep it for a while, inspect it’s every angle, then let it back to be free in the world. 

Lost things. That seemed to be what was on the tip of the leaves, as the trees swayed. In their own language of soft winds and subtle shakes they chatted about how today was not just a day for things, but whos. 

Katya tried to listen in, after eight-hundred years of dropping eaves on them she’d learned a bit about their dialect. Someone was coming, someone special, someone very important! The girl just had absolutely no idea who it could be. 

From the pages of a small and worn journal that had to be translated from Golden Age text before being read.



Katherine, my Katherine. I called you that to my Tsar once… Did you know?… No… Never tell. Never say.

Too much left between us…

I watch you still… Even if it hurts.

My Katherine.

Please forgive me.

There is a hint of diamond dust on the edge of the page.


I just had this heartbreaking-ly sweet thought that

Once Sera gets over all of her crap with Katherine

And she sorts out her issues.

And she realizes that Katherine grew up alone with no parents to call her own.

And she finally, finally begins to see reason…and feel, well, I don’t wanna say pity, but like, she feels bad for Katherine.

And she starts to have this need to be more motherly towards Katherine, an instinct that arises out of the fact that she too didn’t have a mother.

And just lksfdja;s; yeah feels.

But that’s waaaaaaaay in the future because Sera has a lot of shit to get over holy moly.