It’s been a long time since we’ve shown some blog love, and what better way to come back than to feature the AMAZING Who What Wear. Co-creators Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power have brought the world the perfect style guide, complete with how-to tips and wardrobe inspiration. Whether it’s summer beauty ideas, the best neon accessories under $100, or identifying the wedges Kate Bosworth was wearing, Who What Wear is the go-to guide for everything fashion. The Power-Kerr team is the ultimate cocktail: 2 parts LA style, 1 part New York edge, a dash of glam, and a slice of cool. Together these ladies have brought us an amazing site that will forever be a bookmark, and we in turn have gotten two totally chic style gurus. 

Make sure to follow Hillary and Katherine on Twitter, check out their books on Amazon, read their j'amazing Tumblr, and take a peek inside their closets on another Closet Collage fave, The Coveteur