female characters

•female characters can still be badass queens whilst being in a relationship/being in love
•female characters can still be badass queens whilst being single
•being in a relationship with someone they love and valuing it does not make a female character needy, desperate or dependant
•being single does not automatically mean that they are unattractive or have no value
•what is weak is taking away a female characters agency and erasing her character development and morality so a certain romance is deemed acceptable and can now happen
•what is weak is denying a female character the opportunity to explore her sexuality or indulge in it especially when men have the privilege to do so
•being single or being in a relationship, which is ideally, built on mutual respect, trust and love does not mean that a female character isn’t strong or cannot be an inspiring character that promotes feminism
•what makes any character weak is careless writing, making them co-dependant with someone that it’s toxic as they neglect themselves, their beliefs, their family and friends just to try to please that person