Tell the world that she belongs to no man. That she is a lady, a warrior, a tsunami, and she belongs only to herself. {Inspiration}

The simplest and most effective way I can highlight how strange Sir Ben Kingsley is is by straight-up listing some of the movies he’s done in chronological order:

Gandhi- Gandhi;

Schindler’s List- Itzhak Stern;

Twelfth Night- Feste;

Crime and Punishment- Porfiry;

House of Sand and Fog- Behrani;

Thunderbirds- The Hood;

Uwe Boll’s BloodRayne- Kagan;

Prince of Persia- Angry Bad Guy;

The Love Guru- Guru Tugginmypudha;

His IMDB page reads like he’s punishing me for something but he won’t tell me what it is. Does he need money? Like… a lot of money? It seems like something snapped deep inside of his brain sometime after The House of Sand and Fog and no one knows how to tell him to seek help because we already knighted him, (which I think means he’s above the law?).

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