There’s going to be a sequel to the “Love, Simon” book (”Simon Vs The Homosapien Agenda”) where his best friend Leah comes out as bisexual. And I would REALLY like to see this book, as well as the potential movie adaptation, get as much attention as its predecessor.

It’s called “Leah On The Offbeat” and it comes out next month on April 24, 2018. So READ THAT SHIT!

Also Katherine Langford, who plays Leah in the movie, is a very staunch LGBT activist and while I’m not sure about her sexuality, she DID post a song she wrote for a girl she liked back in high school on her YouTube channel several years ago, soooo.

Bisexual representation and wlw representation is very important. Especially when it is mainstream the way Love, Simon has been. SUPPORT THIS, YOU GUYS!