katherine's dumb stuff

I just choked . Was chilling watching Lost girl and all of a sudden this person apears. I had to double check and was wondering where the heck had I seen that girl? Until it finally hit me, Officer Nicole haught. I didn’t know that Katherine Barrell played in Lost girl

music from the end credits of Orange Is The New Black  listen

101. Chances- Jill Barber/  102. Get You Some- Captain Planet feat. Brit Lauren/  103. I Don’t Give A Fuck- Boss/  105. Chicken- Nancy Cassidy/  106. Kickface- Little Foot Long Foot/  108. Baby Face- Whispering Jack Smith/  109. Walking Backwards- Leagues/  111. Living This Life Makes It Hard- The Dutchess & The Duke/  112. Inbred Evil- Boondox/  113. O Come All Ye Faithful- Brian Affoller, Grecen Hill, & Lydia Artsa/  201. Love Bug Blues- Charles Bradley/  202. Beautiful- Discover/  203. Crazy Eyes For You- Bobby Hamilton/  204. Almost Paradise- Mike Reno & Ann Wilson/  205. Workers In The Mine- Sideboob/  206. Valentine- Jessie Ware & Sampha/  207. Into The Unknown- Blackchords/  208. Bitchin’ Camaro- The Dead Milkmen/  209. Bad Bad Daddy- Atmosphere/  211. Where Have All The Flowers Gone- Joan Baez/  212. Cellophane- Sara Jackson Holman/  213. Don’t Fear the Reaper- Blue Öyster Cult