katherine solomon

A thing about Dan Brown

In each of his books he has one very strong, smart overall amazing female character as a protagonist, along with an equally smart and cool male. The guy is always the same but the female changes for every book. As you can probably imagine, these females are all wonderful badass queens: Angels & Demons features a female scientist who occupies one of the highest positions in a prestigious institute of nuclear energy stuff who enters the Vatican in shorts and bosses everyone around so that they can solve the case on time. Second book is a cryptographist / spy from the fucking secret service from France who is literally the reason the mystery is solved in the first place. And third is another scientist who is like a pioneer in her branch of science and she writes the most amazing theories and is a hero to the scientific world. Basically they’re all amazing. Now, on the one hand it’s pretty cool that they change bc yas strong ladies and there’s lots of them. On the other hand though I find this kind of offensive bc obviously by the end of each book the guy has fallen in love w his female partner and it appears that their connection is so strong that they’re gonna stay together forever. Yet in the first couple of chapters of the following book we are told that it didn’t work out in the end and they never saw each other again, cue another strong, gorgeous, smart female somehow becoming entangled in the guy’s investigation and the same thing happening all over again. And I just feel like he’s so eager to get rid of them once he has exploited all the chemistry and stuff and I’m tired of women being these disposable plot devices that are secondary to the awesome male detective when in reality Robert Langdon would have died in the first book had it not been for Vittoria Vetra who is an angel