katherine poe


Reading the 2dcloud Winter Collection: Gulag Casual by Austin English, Mirror Mirror #1 by Nou, Tracy Auch, Andrea Bjürstrom, Leslie Weibeler, Caroline Hennessy, Nicholas Verstraeten, Katherine Poe, Sarah Ferrick, Connor Willumsen, Leon Sadler [ed. Blaise Larmee], Sec by Sarah Ferrick, and IDTN by Andrew Burkholder. We don’t have any advanced copies of Altcomics Magazine #2 for me to read, so no photo.

Thank you to everyone who has backed us so far! We are at 6% of our funding goal. My favorite part has been reading all of the tweets people have posted after backing. They are so marvelous, thanks everybody <3

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Ever since I moved to San Francisco for graduate school I’ve been having dreams about going to the moon every night.  In these dreams, moon travel consists of entering a capsule much like a darkened theater and closing your eyes real tight until you get there, “powering down.”  The moon is nothing special once you arrive– it looks sort of like a back country road in the north American south, with a picket fence to the left and a tree-lined meadow to the right, and you have to be careful after dark when walking around in bare feet because that is when the cock roaches come out.