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"I don't like Stefan, so it follows that I don't like any of his ships. Stefan manages to suck the awesomeness out of pretty much every female character he is paired with and reduces them to simpering, whiny, insecure, lovestruck idiots. Elena. Katherine, Rebekah, Ivy and now Caroline." How do you respond to this, Damon/DE stans are so annoying.

Hey, anon!

If you want to know how I would respond to that then this is what I would say:

“If you don’t like Stefan I’m not going to waste my time explaining to you why he was one of the most interesting and complex characters on the show but as for him “sucking the awesomeness out of pretty much every female character he is paired with” let’s see some receipts and explain to me how this is different from how the show sands away, strips away and reduces all of the female characters that Damon is paired with because I feel like you got this backwards, bruh.

If you want to talk about Ivy, fine, let’s talk about Ivy. First, it should be noted what Ivy’s role on the show was and that wasn’t to be her own character, she was simply there to show that Stefan was doing his best to distract himself and get a new life, you don’t even know who Ivy is outside of her relationship with Stefan so you can’t argue that he ‘sucked the awesomeness’ out of her when you don’t know who she was pre-Stefan and second, she was like who Jesse was for Caroline, she doesn’t even have a personality and that has nothing to do with Stefan it has to do with how far the writers were willing to invest in her character. Furthermore, Ivy was far from simpering, whiny, insecure and lovestruck, what she was was freaked the hell out that she was turned into a vampire, what she was was impulsive and bloodthirsty thanks to Enzo, and the only time she really talks about Stefan is to get under Caroline’s skin about her possible feelings for him so that point is frankly untrue and just not up for debate.

Rebekah. Rebekah as a character outside of Stefan was insecure and a “fool for love” that was the entire point of Rebekah, that she wanted the romance, the fairytale, that she wanted to be loved. Klaus makes fun of her about all the time and it starts centuries before Stefan i.e. Alexander, and she’s even interested in Tyler for a minute and then she’s desperate for Matt to see her as a non-monster, Rebekah goes around looking for validation to the point that Damon can play her and manipulate her, to the point that Sage can predict that Rebekah will show up to her and Damon’s “party” because she wants that attention, to the point that Rebekah tortures Damon because he made a fool out of her insecurity; but with Stefan, Rebekah is actually pretty badass, she seduces him into seducing her, they basically foreplay with a knife and obviously the episode after they sleep together, she’s feeling some type of way because Rebekah has an established history of falling easily and deeply for men but she isn’t following him around, crying and yelling “why don’t you love me”? she cries when she discovers that he wanted to get whatever it was Matt helped steal (I forget) but then he tells her that he’s sorry and that he cares about her (and it’s true) not to mention that when they’re on the Nova Scotian island, Stefan makes a pass at her, he wants to do it right there in the woods and she says no, if she was lovesick and simpering and insecure with him then she wouldn’t have passed up an opportunity to screw him in the woods but she did. So again, moot.


I concede that Katherine acts OOC after 5x11 when she’s hellbent on getting Stefan to fall in love with her as Elena; but again, how exactly did Stefan suck the awesomeness out of Katherine? What did he actually do to make Katherine insecure and simpering and lovesick? And you need to think of the context of the situation. In season 2, Katherine was still very much mischievous and playful and impulsive; girl stabs Stefan in the gut because he told her that he hated her, that is not simpering, and while she bans Stefan from seeing Elena and threatens Elena with “I will kill her family while she watches and then kill her while you watch” (or something to that effect), that is again not simpering and that was more of an exercise of power, it was more letting Stefan and Elena and Damon know who was in control of the situation, that Elena and Stefan would be broken up was a bonus because Katherine’s main focus was the moonstone. She wasn’t insecure, she firmly believed that what Stefan felt for her was real and she would tease him with memories of their time together in 1846, that there were moments in season 2 and season 3 where she was genuine and as honest as she could be about her feelings doesn’t make her lovesick. In season 5, the change in attitude is because she’s dying, she’s getting close to “meeting her maker”, she herself is in an emotional state on her own, she’s depressed and suicidal and Stefan is the one who is helping her through this, Stefan who she always loved and who she hurt profoundly so of course there’s going to be some emotionality in her navigation of him. And to be fair, their story was supposed to end in 5x11, it was like a week before shooting that Caroline Dries came up with the idea of Katherine bodyhopping into Elena’s and from there everything went to shit but I attribute that to the writing as opposed to Stefan because Stefan did nothing to make Katherine into this person.

Caroline. I don’t ship Steroline because I agree that Caroline is insecure in that relationship while Stefan is distant, which is OOC but again Stefan didn’t make Caroline insecure; he didn’t suck away her awesomeness, how could he when they’re barely in the same room with each other? Bad writing.

And finally, Elena. L O freaking L to the idea that Elena was insecure and simpering and “lovesick” with Stefan. Stelena was a partnership, Stelena was a team, Stelena’s love for each other was transparent; Stefan did anything and everything he could for Elena, there was absolutely no reason for her to be insecure in their relationship and she never was. Give me one time that Elena felt insecure with Stefan: “I’ve been so selfish because I love you so much. And I know how much you love me.” Rose, of course she was talking about Damon too but she’s also referencing Stefan when she says she wishes she could be loved the way Elena’s loved and Elena doesn’t even flinch, she doesn’t say “that’s not true” or ‘it’s nothing” because she knows that Stefan loves her. Elena was loyal to Stefan and devoted to Stefan but she was absolutely not lovesick or simpering. But Elena with Damon?

So before we get into that let’s talk about the women Damon’s paired with. Let’s talk about how Charlotte spent years counting bricks because she was Sired to Damon: “You know when someone breaks up with you and there’s a song that reminds you of them. First, you hate it but then it brings back all the good memories of them. Counting the bricks is my song and I’ve been playing it for decades.” If that is not lovesick and simpering then I don’t know what the hell is.

Let’s talk about Andie. Let’s talk about how while Ivy was around for about three episodes tops and how her storyline actually became about her being a newbie vampire and not being Stefan’s girlfriend, how Andie was around for a bulk of season 2 and was used as Damon’s “distraction” how he compels her and bites her and sleeps with her and whines to her about Elena and then how she waits for him in his room in lingerie and Damon grabs her by the neck and tells her “I’m upset, you know what happens when I’m upset. Leave.” and she says “No. You need to know that somebody cares about you. I care about you, Damon” WHILE his hand is still around her throat and while she knows that he’s in love with Elena, if that isn’t simpering and lovesick then I don’t know what is. Let’s talk about Rose: “I don’t love men who love other women, I think more of myself than that. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be your special friend.” She doesn’t love him but she’ll sleep with him and talk about Elena with him and be there for only him and only care about getting Elena to see that he has love in him, her entire role after Trevor is to be Damon’s champion.

And then let’s talk about Elena, let’s talk about how while she may not have been insecure with Damon, she was reduced to Damon’s ego-booster and caretaker, let’s talk about how all she ever seemed to do was say “I love you, Damon” “Being with you is all I ever wanted”, let’s talk about how she had no idea what was happening with Jeremy or knew that Bonnie was dead because all she cared about was her relationship status with Damon; let’s talk about how when Elena finds the letter to herself asking her to not get her memories of Damon back she says that she needs to figure out who she is outside of Damon (which NEVER happens); let’s talk about how Damon can kill Aaron and kidnap Jeremy and torture Liv and systematically murder generations of Whitmores but that doesn’t matter because all Elena wants is Damon; let’s talk about how Jeremy constantly tells her that her priorities only concern Damon and she does nothing to change that; let’s talk about how Elena throws it in Caroline’s face that she slept with Damon (who abused her and sorry to break it to you, raped her and emotionally tormented her) because Caroline dared to say something snarky about Damon. Elena is the definition of lovesick and whiny and simpering when she’s with Damon. Her personality is completely eroded by that relationship.

So honestly, bye to your entire statement.”

So yeah. That’s what I’d say ;)

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