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*emotionally* “Alright…so…I’m just busting out of the social pages…”

Katherine, if you’re gonna try to win anyone over with an emotional appeal, try it with Jack, because you just busted in calling them all ragamuffins and asking questions about whether or not the strike stands a chance in an amused tone and Davey is Not Having It.

~The unimpressed look of an unsympathetic and still-offended Davey~

I love Katherine, and I think she has great character development as the show goes on, but Davey is 100% offended by her coming in and saying/asking the things she did at first.  I know they become friends later, but they definitely start off on the wrong foot. 

I don’t think Davey is offended that she called him specifically a ragamuffin, I think he realizes it’s a bit low for Katherine to come in as obviously well-dressed as she is and make comments about the Newsies, as though they’re ragged-looking by choice and not because they’re extremely poor kids trying to survive.  Also, while I’m sure she didn’t mean to be insulting, to seem amused while asking if they think they stand a chance and to say “this is entertaining” instead of showing that she takes the strike seriously was definitely not doing her any favors in her first impressions with Davey.  He knows how rough and how dangerous this strike is going to be, which is why he took longer to jump on board, so he’s got no sympathy when Katherine tries to emotionally convince them to give her the exclusive interview, and why he shot back at her just before with a snarky comment about a “real reporter.”

This post isn’t meant to talk bad about Katherine, because she just didn’t realize how bad the newsies’ situations were, and she changed her tune immediately once she did, which I love.  Also, I know Katherine does move pretty quickly from Davey to Jack right after that line, but she did start that line saying it to Davey, and Davey’s reaction is just so perfectly in character.

This is why I love how amazingly Kara Lindsay and Ben Fankhauser play these characters and the level of depth they put into their portrayals.  It’s phenomenal.


the antagonists of the uncharted series // name origins & meanings (insp) (protagonists)

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So Katholine should be friends even though Kat killed Caroline and left her alone and confused and ready to be sacrificed for her own master plan, but Hayley simply knocks Caroline out for a little while and their friendship would be horrible? Not hate, I'm just wondering what the difference is...

Okay, you mistake my interest in the Katholine friendship. You also misunderstood why I don’t want a Hayroline friendship.

Katherine and Caroline’s friendship has never seemed black and white to me, both Katherine and Caroline have said that Caroline was better off as a vampire and that in a weird way Katherine helped her.

Noone’s saying the act was right but it was very impersonal on Katherine’s part, Caroline was collateral damage in order to send a message to the Salvatore’s and make a point.

Caroline likes to think she’s very morally centered so she always maintained a casual contempt for Katherine but I don’ think she ever full on hated her. The truth is that she and Katherine are very alike. Caroline is the most pragmatic of all her friends, eerily so. When it comes down to something she deems important (usually protecting one of her friends) Caroline has very little scruples. Which is why they make such h a good team when they eventually do partner up.

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As for Katherine, I think it’s Caroline’s pragmatism and the fact that she has moxie

and is survivor like her 

and the fact that she managed to outsmart her

that convinced me that Katherine low key liked and respected Caroline. A lot more than most of her friends.

And I think Caroline low key liked her too but would never admit it.

They both have a mean girl side to them although Caroline’s is less overt, they’d both be very honest with each other (scathingly so) and trade thinly veiled insults if they were friends under different circumstances and it would be glorious.

I mean look they’re the perfect partners in crime.

I don’t think that Katholine should be friends because Katherine is the nicer person or because Katherine was nicer to Caroline than Hayley (although, murdering her aside she actually was, considering Hayley was mostly dismissive to Caroline - “I don’t do teen drama”

 - and snapped her neck 

before betraying her boyfriend) 

I like Katholine because it actually made sense, the two ladies have similar personalities and things in common. 

Hayroline, however, makes no sense because it was clear from the start the Caroline never liked Hayley (because even though the whole Tayley relationship/affair thing was fake Caroline still suspected Hayley had a thing for Tyler - and was right) Plus after Hayley snitched to Klaus and got the hybrids and Tyler’s mom killed there’s no way Caroline didn’t find out about it. I mean Hayley half confessed to Tyler before telling him to run.

Besides if Damon knew about what Hayley did.

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Then Caroline defo did.

Now I know what you’re thinking, a) it’s been years Hayley and Caroline both have kids now, bygones whatever and b) if Caroline can be chill with Klaus who actually killed Carol then surely she can forgive Hayley for her part in it. Fair point, sure. But my argument is, Hayley and Caroline never really liked each other in the first place. They don’t really have anything in common except magical pregnancy (and Klaus’s penis).

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Genuinely, I mostly object to the Hayroline friendship because I don’t like Hayley. I’ll admit it. I’d be cool with Caroline and Camille being friends over her and Hayley (I may not have liked Camille as a concept, or Kl*mille but I didn’t dislike Camille if that makes any sense).

Besides Hayley really has no actual personality, they (the writers)can make her BFF’s with whoever (Camile, Freya, Davina etc…) at will just because she’s whoever the writers want her to be in that moment and that’s what I object to. I’m not saying their friendship would be horrible I’m saying I wouldn’t personally enjoy it.

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TVD 2x02 Review

1. I really like Paternal Stefan, I wish he and Jeremy had more screen time.

2. I mean they SEEM like a family. “Well today we have a distraction courtesy of the slave driver, Elena. Hello, Elena!” I could see him saying this to his son. I’ve finished watching This Is Us, which I liked for various and really disliked for others but Jack and Rebecca, I could see them being Stelena.

3. “Is Elena worried too? I bet I’m your every conversation” yeah Damon, because you killed her brother.

4. I also like how they’re saying he’s worried he’s going to explode as if killing Jeremy wasn’t an explosion.

5. I forgot that Bonnie was vibing on Carter and he was vibing on Bonnie before he is brutally killed like essentially every black man on this show and all of her love interests.

6. What other show is Carter in?

7. So remember that time Damon killed Jeremy and then remember that time he went to the carnival and put Jeremy in a chokehold because Jeremy was rightfully upset? And remember that time the show treated this as a mild annoyance and made Elena look like a terrible sister and human being for being with the man who did this to her brother?

8. I really like when Paul and Ian stand next to each other because the contrast, like Paul is fucking sculpted its insane, that collarbone?

9. “There is no such thing as combat turtles” “It’s Ninja turtles actually” love Stefan.

10. Ian STOP with the eyebrows, we GET it. He didn’t waggle his eyebrows as Boone right? He just tries to give Damon a thing.

11. I remember I used to love when Caroline pushed Damon down the hell but that is wildly underwhelming considering everything he’s done to her. At least break a kneecap. Or push him so hard, he slams into a wall.

12. Also I like how Damon is the one who sets up this experiment with Carter and Tyler but doesn’t even stick around to see it through? Stefan has to be the one to make sure everything doesn’t end in bloodshed?

13. Also I forget how exactly would Katherine know that Damon gave Caroline vampire blood?

14. “Because Katherine is a manipulative nasty little slut” so are we just not going to talk about Damon’s misogyny? Also, why are we acting like Caroline being turned is the worst thing ever when literally last episode Damon killed Jeremy? And last season Damon tried to kill Caroline and abused and raped her? AND he turned Vicki and sent her over to Elena’s house for fun? And he literally just compelled a guy to keep going at Tyler just to see what happens. Like Katherine is actually pretty low-key compared to Damon’s shit, guys.

15. Wasn’t there a school carnival the night you staked Vicki? No, it was a Halloween party. Already the writers are forgetting their own canon.

16. Bonnie going around being a sounding board to everyone’s problems and no one has asked her anything about herself. Cool. 

17. I also kind of love how both Stefan and Elena protect Caroline, like Elena has her front and he has her back. Seriously, Mom and Dad of the group.

18. Stefan helping Caroline in the bathroom is still one of the sweetest scenes in the series.

19. “Bonnie, it wasn’t his fault” no but like basically everything else is, he deserves to die, fam.

20. Totally glad that Damon nearly got burned alive.

21. “I have a doppelganger who is hellbent on destroying all of us.” HOW? Katherine turned Caroline, shitty, yes, but like that’s kind of she’s all done right now. She just went to the wake and pretended to be Elena fo five minutes, calm down.

22. “But killing you, what’s it going to do?” Jeremy, if you had just killed Damon then Tyler wouldn’t have died, Aaron wouldn’t have died, nameless innocents wouldn’t have died, the world would’ve been a much better place if Jeremy or Bonnie just killed him.

23. Damon and Jeremy “bonding” because their fathers hated vampires makes literally no sense. They don’t even SAY anything.

24. Still think it’s totally cute that Stefan wakes Elena up by kissing her and she’s jut like “oh hey, what time is it?”

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The Immortals- Part 12- K

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Words: 1339

This is a “re-writing” of Imagine Meeting the Originals.

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

I really hope you like it :) Please, don’t hesitate to let me know what you think :) 

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