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Welp. @watchmestaand inspired an angsty fic. Whoops.
Jack was known for over thinking, especially when Crutchie was sick. He’d panic the second the boy got a fever, but it was always gone in a few days. He was always fine.

That’s what Jack kept telling himself as he watched the fever climb higher and higher, and Crutchie slip more and more out of it.

He was gonna be okay. He always was.

“Hey, Kelly! Where’s your shadow? Leg still got him down?”

Jack took his papers and glared at Oscar. “Shut up.”

“Oh, I made him mad,” Oscar chuckled. “It ain’t my fault you’re so dependent on some dumb cr-”

And that’s how Jack managed to get in a fight before even being awake for an hour. He left with a black eye, but he’d argue that he hurt Oscar worse.

Selling without Crutchie felt wrong somehow. He didn’t sell with Crutchie everyday, but still. Not even having him come up every once in awhile and brag that he’d already sold ten of his papes was just strange.

Jack normally sold with a partner, even if it wasn’t Crutchie, but lately, he’d been selling alone. The other guys offered, but he refused. He probably got more pity this way, anyway. With the lack of sleep and the shiner, Jack looked a mess, which meant more money.

Going back to the lodging house was never fun, but Jack always made a beeline over. He rarely went up on the roof anymore, since he spent every second by Crutchie’s side as he slipped in and out of consciousness, holding his hand the whole time.

“…Jack?” Crutchie’s eyes fluttered half-open every now and again.

Jack always got hopeful. “How you feelin’, kid?”

“Mm…” Crutchie’s eyes always closed again. “Think ‘m sick.”

Jack sighed and rubbed circles on Crutchie’s palm with his thumb. “Yeah, you are.”

Sometimes, Crutchie asked if he’d get better soon, and Jack never knew how to respond. But, most of the time, he just fell back into a feverish sleep.

No one could stand to see Jack like this. He only got a few hours of sleep each night, if he was lucky. He was uncharacteristically quiet. It was uncomfortable for everyone.

“You’re wearing it wrong.”

Jack turned to see Katherine standing in the doorway. “What?”

Katherine smiled softly at the brown hat on Jack’s head. “You’ve got it on the wrong way.” She flipped the hat backwards and rested her hand on Jack’s shoulder.

“Whoops, you’re right,” Jack smirked. “Crutchie hates it when people turn his hat forwards. He says it feels better backwards.”

Katherine bit her lip. “Take a break, Jack.”

Jack looked at her as if she’d just spoken a foreign language. “Ace, I-”

“Take. A. Break.” She repeated. “Go draw, do something that makes you happy.”

“Being with Crutchie makes me happy,” Jack argued. “I can’t leave him.”

“I’ll stay with him tonight.” Katherine said, pulling up a chair next to Jack’s. “You need some rest.”

“So do you.” Jack replied half-heartedly.

“I don’t have papers to sell tomorrow at the crack of dawn,” Katherine shot back. “Come on, Jack.”

Jack sighed. “Not all night. I’ll just…take a walk or somethin’.”

Katherine echoed his sigh. “Fine. I’ll stay with him, okay?”

“Fine.” Jack squeezed Crutchie’s hand one more time before reluctantly leaving. He hurried down the stairs and looked around. He had a nice amount of money, he realized as he stuck his hand in his pocket filled with a few coins. All those pity sales. He thought. Maybe I’ll treat myself.


Now, Katherine was getting worried. Jack said he was just going on a walk, but it’d been at least a couple hours. As much as she wanted Jack to rest, she also didn’t want him doing anything stupid.

“Hey, Racetrack?” Katherine looked over at the boy in the bunk across from Crutchie’s. “Can you take over Crutchie duty for a second? I’ve got to make sure Jack isn’t being an idiot.”

“I don’t think we’re talkin’ about the same Jack,” Race smirked. “The one I know is always an idiot.”

Katherine let herself chuckle. “Go easy on him right now.”

“I can watch him, no problem.” Race said, taking Katherine’s chair as his own.

“No smoking,” Katherine said before she left. “He’s coughing enough on his own.”

With that, she left on her pursuit of Jack, but he didn’t take long to find. The second she stepped out of the Lodging House, she saw a figure sat right by the door, slumped over.

Katherine frowned. “Jack?”

Jack jumped and straightened up slightly. “Katherine? There some…news on Crutchie?”

Katherine kneeled next to him, crinkling her nose at the stench of alcohol. “Jack, what have you been doing?”

“Relaxin’, jus’ like ya told me to,” Jack sighed. “It ain’t workin’.”

Katherine rolled her eyes. “I didn’t tell you to go out and get drunk, I told you to get some rest.”

“An’ maybe I needed a lil help gettin’ the rest, huh?” Jack replied, swaying. “I was sleepin’ ‘fore you came here, you stopped me from-from restin’.”

Katherine pinched the bridge of her nose. “Jack. You’re a mess.”

“Thanks.” Jack stuck out his tongue at her.

“I mean it, Jack,” Katherine was clearly holding back anger. “Look at yourself. You’re sitting out here with a black eye and reeking of alcohol. This isn’t going to help Crutchie at all.”

“Well, yeah, no joke,” Jack grumbled. “This is how my dad ended up when-when my ma got sick, right? An’ Snyder always told me I’m gonna be a deadbeat jus’ like my father.” He took another swig from the bottle sitting next to him. “I’m jus’…I’m jus’ carryin’ on the family legacy.”

“Jack.” Katherine’s voice was sharp. “The last time you lost Crutchie, you shut down the news circulation for the entire-”

“The las’ time I lost Crutchie, I sold out my brothers and nearly bailed on all you’se to go to Santa Fe,” Jack cut in, trying to make eye contact with Katherine but not being able to focus. “You, you’re the one who wrote that paper, huh? Snyder-Snyder, he was right about me, so’s the damn Delancey’s.”

“Jack, Snyder was a sick and twisted man who knows how to dig into your worst insecurities.” Katherine said.

“If I can’t help Crutchie, if he don’t make it…” Jack trailed off and buried his head in his hands.

“If Crutchie doesn’t make it, he’s going to need you there, 100%.” Katherine retorted. “But, he wouldn’t give up on you this easy. So why are you giving up on him?”

“I don’t…I don’t know, Kath,” Jack groaned. She waited for him to continue, but he didn’t.

“Crutchie would want you to take care of yourself.” Katherine said. “Do you know what he’d say if he saw you like this?”

“He’d probably be real upset.” Jack mumbled.

“He’d give you a hug, say he’s there for you, then punch you in the arm and tell you to pull yourself together.” Katherine replied. “So, that’s what I’m doing.”

With that, Katherine pulled Jack into a hug, which ended up being mostly one-sided as Jack just fell onto Katherine’s shoulder. “You don’t have to be alone, Jack,” She whispered. “We all want to help you through this. We’re all devastated too.”

Jack nodded. “Thank you.”

“Of course.” She took his hands and helped him stand up slowly. Then, she punched his arm playfully, throwing him off balance. “Now, come on. You can spend the night at my house and clean up tomorrow.”

“I don’ wan’ your dad to see me like this,” Jack pouted. “He hates me enough. He’ll fire me.”

“Lucky for you, he’s on a business trip,” Katherine smirked. She put her arm around Jack. “Let’s get you to bed or you’ll hate yourself tomorrow.”

“I already hate m’self,” Jack slurred grouchily. “But fine. For Crutchie.”

“That’s the spirit,” Katherine chuckled. “You guys are gonna be okay.”

Jack bit his lip. “For sure?”

Katherine nodded. “For sure.”

Punishing Katherine... ~Smutty September~

Prompt: Katherine Pierce x fem!reader smut, please. They are in a relationship but Kathrine can’t stop flirting with the Salvatores and it pisses her go off. The reader decides to show Katherine who is her girlfriend. She cuffs her to the bed and eats her out but Katherine isn’t allowed to cum until the reader says so.

Pairing: Katherine x Reader

Word Count: 832

Warning: Just oral, girl x girl.

TAGGED: @sapphire2489 @khadija456fire @yui-miyuka @smileybear17 @slopezofie23 

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Ignored - Elijah Mikaelson

Request: Hi!!! i have e request for Elijah, i saw your last oneshot with him and it was amazing!!! ok, so the reader is a Salvatore sister and she tries to avoid Elijah after he’s back in town with Kaherine for the cure. ((Anon)) 

Warnings: angst, so much angst. Crying. Sadness. Depression. The bad stuff.

Pairing: Elijah Mikaelson x Fem!reader 

 A/n: I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in so long I’ve been so hectically preoccupied with school that I just forgot to post. 

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 “Hey, little sister.” Damon’s voice drawled from the archway to the kitchen. Your mouth was around a straw you had stabbed into a blood bag, like a fucked up juice box. 

 “What do you want?” You ask, turning around to toss the empty bag into the garbage can. Damon frowns at you with a roll of his eyes. 

 “Just to tell you that your boyfriend is back in town.” You don’t even flinch, you hadn’t had a boyfriend since 1910, and he knew that. 

 “My last boyfriend is in the ground, has been since the sixties, you know that.” Damon tsks and taps his fingers against the kitchen island as he sits down.

“Did he really make that much of a fleeting impression on you? I mean the undead one, the beast to your beauty, consumed by saving his little brother, a thousand years old? Ringing a bell?” You tense up, you didn’t think you’d ever forget him. How had you forgotten him? 

 “Elijah’s back?” Damon smiles toothily at you. 

 “Oh, Elijah’s back, and as far as I know he came back with the cure for vampirism. For Katherine.” The smile that was growing on your lips fell. Katherine, of course he came back for Katherine, you hated that bitch. 

“I want her dead, I’ve wanted her dead for one-hundred-sixty years.” You cross your arms over your chest, resembling again the little girl that could get anything from Damon with a pout and puppy dog eyes. 

 “If you can give me a way to keep her dead forever, I’ll take it.” You roll your eyes and turn around to look out the window, Stefan was throwing a ball with a dog you had taken in. 

 “She’s such a-!” You cut yourself off half way through your shout, taking a deep breath and unclenching your fists. 

 “I know, she’s a bitch, an undead skank, you’ve said it all before.” You roll your shoulders, taking another deep breath. 

 “I hate her! I don’t- I wanted to be with Elijah and I thought I could be happy with him but then she comes back and he just becomes her little bitch all over again. He basically worshipped the ground she walked on!” Your hands rested in the island and before you can think about it two handfuls of granite are in your palms. Damon lifts his eyebrows. 

 “So tell him.” Damon says, you can hear the soft tone of his voice. If there was one person he wanted to be happy it would be you, and you knew it. 

 “No, he’ll come to me, I’m not going to run after him all over again.” You cross your arms and Damon smirks at you. 

 “That’s my girl.” You smile at him before throwing the crushed granite away. 


 You could hear them talking from the open window of the living room. You were petting Frank the fluffy collie dog and reading a book. Elijah was talking about you to Damon and Stefan, asking them to let him see you. 

 “She doesn’t want to see you, not as long as your Katherine’s bitch.” You could practically feel Stefan’s sass through the walls. 

 “I don’t belong to anyone.” You snort out a laugh. 

 “Yeah, right. But hey, as soon as you stop following Katherine around like a little lost puppy you can see her. Until then, if I see you around her I’ll rip your heart from your chest.” The door opens again and Frank lifts his head only to put it back down when Damon walks through the door. He winks at you and you smile smugly.


 It had been a week and you were finally ready to go see him. You had dressed up for the party, some stupid ball that Damon insisted on throwing for your birthday. But mostly you were dressed up for Elijah. Katherine was gone, and you looked amazing. 

 “Have you been ignoring me?” You had just reached the bottom of the stairs when you heard Elijah’s voice. You smiled and turned around. 

 “Why would I ever do that? It certainly wouldn’t be because of that undead skank that constantly makes you her bitch, now, would it?” He frowns. 

“Would you care to dance?” He straightens his back and holds out a hand to you. You take it and let him pull you into his chest on the dancefloor. 

“I’m sorry about Katherine.” You roll your eyes when he talks. 

 “No you aren’t, Elijah, don’t pretend. It’s rude.” You were fed up with his bullshit, he didn’t feel bad, you know he didn’t. 

 “But I still missed you.” You look away from him and click your tongue in annoyance. 

 “Just because you don’t believe me doesn’t make it any less the truth.” He grabs your hand and you don’t try to pull it away. 

 “Let’s say you missed me, why didn’t you come back?” Your words cut through the air like a knife, you were still angry and hurt that he left you behind. 

 “It was Niklaus, I couldn’t-” Now you pull your hand away. 

 “It’s always Klaus isn’t it? You’re so devoted to his redemption, he’s a monster Elijah, he’s not the little boy you knew when you were children anymore.” Elijah looks at a loss for words and when he does start to speak you cut him off. 

“No, okay just- no. If I’m not dead by the time you finally come to your senses about Klaus then come and find me but until then- stay the hell away from me.” You turn your back on him, walking away and bringing a hand up to wipe your tears away. Damon is sitting on the couch when you come home, flicking through the tv. You wipe away another tear. 

 “Hey how did- oh no.” Damon stands up when he sees you crying. He’s pulling you into a hug in less than a second. 

“He’s never going to love me as much as he loves them.” Damon tries to shush you, putting a hand over your head as you cry. 

 “I just want him to love me like he used to.” Damon gives a nod as you cry. 

 “I know, I know you do. It’s going to be okay.” 

But was it really?

klarolineforevermine  asked:

day 7: kc+ "we’ve been engaged to be married since we were five but this is the first time we’ve met and your portraits really don’t do you justice” AU royalty x matchmaking tropes

day 7: kc+ “we’ve been engaged to be married since we were five but this is the first time we’ve met and your portraits really don’t do you justice” AU royalty x matchmaking tropes

Hey guys! Happy last day of AU Week! Big thanks to Laine for organizing it all, SHE IS AMAZING, and also a big thanks to Sara for all the prompts! She knows how to get me inspired ;)


HRH Caroline Forbes let out a sigh as she finished powdering her nose, pressing her lips together as she surveyed her image in the extravagant mirror. Her overly made up face stared back at her with concern as the young royal meticulously went over every detail of her elaborate blonde hairstyle and outfit.

Tonight was the night of her “coming-out” ball, a tradition that the royals of her country upheld for their children when they hit 18 years of age. To her parents chagrin, Caroline managed to convince them to hold off on her celebration until she finished college and was ready to partake in royal duties. So now her “coming out ball” was more of a graduation party, and the beginning of the sure-to-be-boring rest of her life.

“What do you think?” she called over her shoulder to her best friend, Katherine. “More powder?”

The brunette wrinkled her nose as she walked over. “Geez Care, one more puff of powder and the court might mistake you for a walking corpse.”

The blonde looked at her reflection in alarm. “Is it really that bad?”

Katherine rolled her eyes. “I don’t know why you’re so concerned. This ball is just a formality for your family to officially introduce you as a member of the royal family. Half of these people see you walking around in sweatpants on the weekends.”

“Yeah, well this is the first time I’m meeting Niklaus and his family,” Caroline murmured, reaching for her makeup remover and began to strategically take off the excess coverage.

“Ah yes,” Katherine grinned. “The elusive fiancé. I wish my parents were so thoughtful as yours  to arrange my future marriage at age five. It sure beats the hell out of the 21st dating century.”

By far one of the worst things about being an Mystic State princess, was the sacrifice of her future. Caroline’s parents arranged for their daughter to marry into a Orleans State royal family back when she was just starting elementary school. It was a carefully constructed deal that would help bring the two nations closer, continually unifying them even more as partners in the world stage.

Caroline rolled her eyes, reaching for her eyeliner and began to expertly line her waterline. “Oh yes, so thoughtful of them. Taking away my basic human right to marry before I even knew what a boy was. It’s so archaic. I thought this was 2017, not the 1400s.”

Katherine hummed, lining her lips with a bold red lipstick. “You’ve never been in the current dating scene. I’d take an arranged marriage to any of the Mikaelson clan members over dealing with Tyler Lockwood’s dick pics he sends on snapchat.”

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Of Jealousy and Promises…

I first noticed how Lady Kiara looked at Drake during the barn building event. I mean, sure, Drake was easy to notice… especially with his shirt off. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him too… but when I saw Lady Kiara staring at Drake like that, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy. But what is my claim with Drake? I cannot even bring myself to be honest with Liam. There were moments when I just want to be selfish and ignore Drake’s friendship with Liam, and I just wanted to be upfront with everyone. I wanted to shout to the world that I am in love with Drake Walker. I want him. I want him badly. But all of this has been more complicated when Liam professed his love for me. Fuck. It’s a good thing and I should be happy. Shit. This is my fault. I led him to believe that I was into it too… but honestly, I was just looking for an adventure, an escape. I wanted to recreate a new reality for me… but Drake happened. Now here we are, we have been spending our secret moments, our moments in between… in between of trying to clear my name and trying to avoid Liam; and somehow hoping that Liam would be sensitive enough to realize that I am not actually falling for him. Then now, I have to be worried about other girls that might catch Drake’s attention. Sure, he said I matter to him, but what if he gets tired of this complicated story and wants out? Unlike me, Lady Kiara, Lady Penelope and Lady Hana have been “freed” of their obligations to the King. They are now “allowed” to meet other nobles. Heck, Lady Madeleine is even helping them to find their match. I am not actually sure why everyone thinks I am still vying for the King’s hand when all I want was just to clear my name and be with Drake. Added to that, there is still the thing with the Beaumont brothers. I owe them. God, I should’ve known there is no such thing as free lunch. For the life of me, I won’t be able to pay them. Unless I become queen, which will never happen.

Past few days was tough after that. I had a hard time sleeping. I kept on thinking about Lady Kiara and Drake. Drake was actually kind to her, “at least find someone like me to help you.” My mind was whirling with Drake’s words to Kiara. Drake was not like that with me the first time we met. He was kind of a jerk. But he wasn’t with Kiara. Why? Is it possible that he likes her? Drake told me that Kiara wasn’t his type. But who knows…

The other day during the picnic, there they were again. Flirting. Kiara was honest enough to say that she likes Drake. Drake did not respond, but I saw him blush. My stomach did a somersault. For a moment, I thought I would literally vomit. Kiara also mentioned something about Savannah which is Drake’s weakness. I knew that Drake would try to contact her again to get any information about Savannah. I couldn’t sleep at all after that. I am 100% sure that they would get together.

After dinner, I messaged Drake to ask if he is up for a drink but he did not respond. He was probably busy, I told myself. Since there was no response from Drake, I couldn’t help myself but be anxious. I was in my room pacing back and forth thinking about Drake and Kiara; psyching up myself that it would be totally okay if Drake asks Kiara about his sister … but not in private. No. He could ask her when I’m around, couldn’t he? Finally, my phone buzzed. He replied saying, “Can’t. I’m out. G’night.” He is out? But Maxwell is in the train with Bertrand. I saw Liam with Madeleine a while ago. What could be Drake doing at this hour? And who is he with? Bastien, maybe? I know that there are other possibilities, but I wasn’t willing to admit. I shook my head. I went back to my bed and decided to watch a movie instead.

It was almost 10:30 in the evening. I’ve watched a whole movie and never heard from Drake again. The train was silent and probably most nobles were already asleep. I couldn’t sleep. Not until I hear from Drake. I texted him again, “When are you coming back?,” No reply. Then I heard her giggling. I stopped. No, please. It couldn’t be. I shut my eyes and told myself that I am imaging things. I stood up and pressed my ear on the door. I heard her laugh again. I didn’t know you are funny, Drake. Those words were reverberating in the train. That thick French accent, I’m sure it was her. Drake. She repeated his name. It couldn’t be, I tell myself last time. I had to check. I had to look. With my shaking hands, I opened the door gently and stepped out of the room. Kiara was hugging Drake and Drake was hugging her back. She pulled back and started stroking Drake’s arm. “Thanks for tonight, Drake. It was fun.” I felt blood draining from my face. Drake took Kiara’s hand and kissed it. I felt my knees weakened and my eyes dampen. Drake lifted his head and saw me. His eyes widened when he saw me. He quickly turned to Kiara, “Thank you, Lady Kiara.” He said silently. I quickly turned my back and went back to my room. I shut the door and sat on the floor. I felt my tears streaming down my face. I couldn’t let them hear my cries so I covered my mouth and tried to stifle my sobs. My chest hurt and I couldn’t breathe.

There was a knock on my door.

“Cruise,” It was Drake. “Please, open the door.”

I couldn’t respond. I did not move. He knocked again.

“Please. Cruise…”

“Go away, Drake.” I managed to say in between sobs. I stood up and walked towards my bed. “I don’t want to see you,” I cried.

Drake turned the knob and pushed the door open. Great, I forgot to lock that damn door. Drake entered and closed the door gently. “Hey,” he said quietly while trying to reach for my hands. I swiftly turned to my side while looking at the floor,

“How could you?” I felt tears streaming down my face again. As I was rubbing my face with the back of my hand, he grabbed my arm and hugged me. I pressed my face to his chest while sobbing.

“I’m sorry, Katherine.” He pressed his lips to my forehead. “Please believe me. We did not go on a date,” he continued. “It is not what you think it is,”

I continued sobbing. I cannot bear to see his face. I feel that if I look at him I won’t manage to stay angry.

“Drake, you hurt me.” I whimpered.

“I know. I’m sorry.” He led me to sit on the edge of the bed. Drake knelt before me and lifted my chin. “Cruise,” he said as he wipes my tears with his thumb. “Listen to me. It was not a date. It was not like that.”

With my blurry vision, I saw Drake smiling. Fuck.

“You think this is funny?” I snapped.

“You are jealous, Cruise,” his lips breaking into a smile. “But,” he pressed his lips and continued, “I’m sorry. I should have told you that I was meeting Kiara. Let me explain,” he stood up and sat beside me. He pulled me closer and put his hand on my waist.

“You had whiskey.” I sighed. It was our thing, Drake. Great, you shared whiskey with her too. I felt my heart beat faster and my mind whirl again. They had whiskey. I felt my jaw clenched and my body stiffened. I guess, Drake felt it too and he pulled me closer. He kissed me on the forehead again,

“I did. But she didn’t.” He managed to reply,

“Wow. That’s great. Congratulations.” Tears started filling up my eyes again.

“Hey, I don’t think of Kiara that way. She’s not my type. I told you that before, Cruise.” His voice was on the edge and I felt that he was already annoyed by all of this. “I had to ask her about…”

“Savannah,” I finished. Of course.


“Yes. That was all. It was not a date. I need to know if she knows something about my sister. You understand that do you?”

I did not respond. Of course, I understand that. But I can’t help but be jealous. They were laughing. It took me months to make Drake laugh. You’re so funny, Drake. My ass.

“Cruise… please say something,” he whispered. His head leaning to my head and I can smell the whiskey from his breath. It was intoxicating but I still can’t get over the fact that he and Kiara were together.

“Drake, I…” I stood up. “I understand you want to know more about your sister. I know I don’t have the right to be jealous because I’m not even your girlfriend.” I was rambling. I was pacing back and forth in front of Drake like I was memorizing lines for a play. I could not shake of my anger; I had to let it out.

“But I’m hurt, Drake. I… love…” I gasped, no. I shook my head. Shut my eyes and breathed,“I loved being with you,” I managed to continue. “Those moments when we share whiskey… those are our thing. And… I don’t like that you are doing it with other ladies… laughing … hugging Kiara…” I was going on and on, suddenly Drake stood up, cupped my face and pressed his lips on mine. We kissed passionately until we were both breathless.

“Jesus, Cruise… you talk a lot.” He smiled. Looking into my eyes, he said, “I like you. I want you… and you only.” He kissed me again.

I looked into his eyes, “You promise, Drake?” I asked.

He pressed his lips on mine, “Of course, Cruise. I’m only yours.”

A Olicity Historical AU: Touch can be so much more than just, touch.

A/N:  Thank you to the wonderful @quiveringbunny for making this amazing cover art for my story.  It’s so beautiful.

You can read all previous chapters HERE or AO3.


Chapter 4

Felicity watched from her window as the two men, one fair-haired and the other dark, both with military bearing and impeccable ease with their horses, rode away from the manor house.  It was early and the world was just waking up.  The servants were stirring and the birds chirped their greeting to the new day.  

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