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shout out to everyone who gave up on the vampire diaries years ago and are now joining us to watch the final episode! welcome to what i like to call “the final stab”


“Even after our long and happy life together, Damon is still worried he’ll never see Stefan again, that he’ll never find peace. But I know he’s wrong, because peace exists, it lives in everything we hold dear. That is the promise of peace, that one day, after a long life, we find each other again.”


Damon Salvatore : My All Time Favourite Moment EVER

Can I just say something? How the hell has Matt lived for 8 seasons and nothing has happened to him , in the season 8 finale they kill Stefan ?!! Wtf!!!!


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the vampire diaries appreciation week
day 7 📖  free choice — tvd + species (insp)


Me after the ‘I was feeling Epic’ episode 😭

Lesson number 1 - Kol Mikaelson Imagine

Word count - 1263

Y/N and Marcel were twins, sharing everything including the punishment from their horrendous father. Their father hated them and didn’t even try to hide it. Every day they got beaten bloody by his workmen and almost dying from starvation every other week. This was until one day, a mysterious man and his siblings saved them for the horrible life they were living. Only 13 years old and they already saw and experienced too much. 

Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah saved them that day from near death. For the next 7 years, they all cared for them in their own way. Marcel and Rebekah started a secret romance that only Y/N knew about. Elijah taught them both how to read and Klaus taught them both how to live. Neither of them knew of any other siblings that was in that family until one day, Klaus got jealous of Elijah and Marcel and decided to bring his brother, Kol Mikaelson, back into the world. It was this day, Y/N and Marcel learnt all about the Mikaelson’s family history and all about being a vampire. Yes they knew what Klaus and his siblings were, but they never knew the advantages of being a vampire. This knowledge divided Y/N and Marcel a little, as Marcel wished to be a strong vampire while Y/N wished to live as normal a human life as possible. 

The day that Kol Mikaelson introduced himself, that wish vanished. Y/N was enchanted as soon as he stepped into the room. If she had any experience with boys, she would have made a move but unfortunately, she wouldn’t know where to start and she would end up making a fool out of herself. The reason for the lack of experience is Klaus. He was always too protective over the twins, especially Y/N as he saw her as a daughter he could never have. Rebekah made a promise to Y/N that on her 18th birthday, she would take her out and find her a man to love but that promise broke the second Klaus daggered her. 

The next few months after Kol was introduced, they became close. Y/N overlook the fact that he was a ruthless killing machine as when he came home, he was sweet and spent time with her. Every day she came closer and closer to asking him to turn her into what he is but every day she became too scared and promised herself, the next day would be the day. 

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A year after Kol was introduced, Y/N still had no experience with boys as Klaus was as protective as ever. Although she did feel as if she had different feelings to Kol over the past few months. He started taking her out and tried setting her up with men but she didn’t want them, she wanted Kol.

On Y/N’s birthday, Klaus gave her the present she had wanted for almost 10 years, he freedom. The note that he left at her bedside read

Y/N, i have noticed for a while now that you need and want your freedom to go meet boys and live your life. For your 22nd birthday, i am granting you your wish, although i hope you come back to visit sometimes,

Love, Klaus

After reading the note, Y/N broke down in tears. Although this is what she wanted and needed, she couldn’t help but think of the feelings that Klaus had while giving her the best present ever. She ran out her room, trying to find Klaus so she could understand why it was only now that he granted her the freedom she had dreamed of. When she didn’t find him through the house, she decided to go give up and find him later. Right now she wanted to enjoy her freedom.

On her first night of freedom, Y/N wanted to go out and meet new people. She could only think of one person who would be up for that, Kol. She went to his bedroom door and knocked. 

“What can i do for you, my dear Y/N” He smiled. 

“I was wondering if you wanted to do something later, maybe go to a party or something. I’m sure there’s one somewhere in this big city” Y/N asked. Kol only nodded his head in response, then shut his bedroom door again.

A few hour later and Y/N had just got ready. As soon as she opened her bedroom door, she noticed Kol standing outside, waiting for her.

“Happy birthday, love” He said while smiling at her and motioning for her to follow him downstairs. Once she got downstairs, she saw around 100 people partying. He had organised a whole party for her in just a few hours and she couldn’t be more happier. She knew this was the night where she could finally start her life. 

After a few hours, she was drunk and had danced with a few guys. She wanted her first kiss to be with someone that she had a connection with so she rejected the first few guys that tried to kiss her.She was also scared that she would embarrass herself, as she was completely new to kissing. She went to go and get another drink when she noticed Kol standing by himself in the corner of the room. 

“How is the great Kol Mikaelson all alone with this many girls in the room” Y/N laughed as she finally walked her way through the crowd of people. 

“I’m just making sure that no man here is going to hurt you or take advantage of you. I’ve been watching you all night. On that note, how come you’ve rejected every person that has tried to kiss you?”

Y/N couldn’t tell if she was scared or embarrassed to tell Kol that she had never kissed a guy before. The only thought that was running through her mind was that he would laugh at her. She was 21 and had never been kissed.

“I’ve - erm - sort of never kissed anyone and i was scared i’d embarrass myself” In the next second,she found herself in Kol’s bedroom. He had used his vampire speed to take them both up the stairs, away from the crowd. “Why did you bring me here?” Y/N questionned.

“As you know, i’ve been with a lot of girls and it’s fun. I want to help bring you into this world. So, Y/N, i am going to teach you how to kiss”

Shock. That is all Y/N felt and she couldn’t hide the expression from her face. Although she had never admitted to anyone, including herself, this is all she had wanted since the day she laid eyes on Kol Mikaelson.

She then noticed that he had started to walk over to her. Within no time, he was standing in front of her. 

“Just follow my lead” Kol whispered, while stroking Y/N’s cheek, and with that, his lips interlocked with Y/N. For Y/N, it felt exotic, nothing like she had felt before. Whereas for Kol, it felt Perfect. This is something he has wanted since the first moment he laid eyes on Y/N.

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Kol’s tongue then entered Y/N’s mouth, exploring it. This in turn, earned a small moan from Y/N which sent vibration’s through Kol’s tongue. It was this motion that caused a natural reaction of Y/N’s hands to enter Kol’s hair. After a while, Kol pulled away and rested his forehead upon Y/N’s.

“Well that’s the end of lesson 1, my love. How about lesson 2 tomorrow?” Kol said with a smirk and immediately knew, from Y/N’s smile, that she agreed.

My Queen! She’s back and she’s controlling fucking hell!