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My Favorite Klaroline Scenes- 1/??

3x14 Dance

“You look ravishing in this dress.”
“I didn’t really have time to shop.”
“The bracelet I gave you. What’s your excuse for that?”


Whoniverse: Class - AU where Katherine Kelly is the next Doctor and the Sixth Form students of Coal Hill are her companions.


Performed by: Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette

Number: “The Night We Met”

Style: Slow Dancing

From: 13 Reasons Why, Episode 5 “Tape 3, Side A” (2017)

Jean-Léon Destiné (March 26, 1918 – January 22, 2013)

Haitian-born American dancer and choreographer. He was born in Saint-Marc and moved to the United States with the dance company of Lina Mathon-Blanchet in the early 1940s. He later studied at Howard University. His work, becoming well known in the 1940s, often addressed Haiti’s history of resisting colonialism and slavery. He also danced with Katherine Dunham’s company and founded a national dance company in Haiti in the late 1940s. Destiné is known as the father of Haitian professional dance. (Wikipedia)

Portrait of dancer and choreographer Jean-Leon Destine. Printed on front: “Louis Melancon.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

A Olicity Historical AU:  Touch can be so much more than just, physical.

A/N:  T-rated and Isn’t the edit above just amazing? It reminds me of classic Regency book covers.  My beautiful friend @quiveringbunny made it for the story and I’m so grateful. Thank you again so much, Lisa. xoxo

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Chapter 2

Felicity glanced down at her dance card and the empty, untouched, pristine parchment did not upset her.  She did, however, release an impatient sigh as the closest ballroom door beckoned her to walk under its garishly embellished frame and away from the crush of the crowd.

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Katherine Langford dancing to The Beach Boys


Truth or Dare

This is a fluffy Katherine Pierce imagine. Katherine and the reader are besties.  Reader is the little sister of Damon and Stefan! 

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Katherine was probably the baddest, funniest and smartest bitch Y/N ever met. And she’s her best friend. They were hanging out almost everyday. Doing things like shopping, watching movies and talking about boys together. Everybody who knew Katherine a little better should be aware of the fact that she is the best friend one could possibly ask for. If Katherine truly cares about you, she’ll let you know.  So even though she had never done anything to Y/N but protect and care for her. And still Stefan and Damon would throw a tantrum whenever she told them she’s hanging out with Katherine. Y/N was aware that it was because of the history between the, but Y/N had listened to both sides of the Story. She had forgiven Katherine. Because Stefan and especially Damon have been acting rather ridiculous. Y/N didn’t even tell them she was going out, anymore.  

‘I’m leaving, Damon,’ Y/N told her brother, who was sitting on the couch, in the living room. ‘ Where are you going?’ Stefan asked. Y/N couldn’t tell if it was honest interest or if Stefan was just trying to make conversation. ‘Meeting a friend in the mall,’ Y/N answered, trying to avoid the question that would follow. ‘A friend?’ he asked,’ but it’s not Katherine again, right?’ Stefan looked at her. Y/N hated lying, but she was late already, so…. ‘No! I’m meeting,ehm, Sarah.’ Stefan furrowed his brows ‘Sarah? Do I know her?’ Y/N was shifting from one foot to the other. This whole conversation was making her uncomfortable. Y/N would have to, finally, move out. ‘No, I have to go now Stefan, bye!’ Y/n kissed her brother on the check and rushed out of the building. ‘ You are way of the fact that she is lying to us, right?’ Damon, who had just entered the room asked his brother. ‘ Of course,’ Stefan nodded. 

‘Katherine,’ Y/N called. Katherine turned around. Y/N came closer and they hugged. ‘Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for thirty minutes. And I had to turn three guys down,’ she raised an eyebrow. ‘ I’m sorry, but you know how overprotective Stefan and Damon are.’ Kathrine shrugged and linked her arm with Y/N’s. ‘Ready for our Girls Day?’ she asked. Y/N just nodded. They entered the mall together. Y/N and Katherine were turning head everywhere they went. This was no exception. ‘ So do you want to go to Victorias Secret?’ you asked, smiling at Katherine. ‘No,’ Katherine said,’ I have a better idea. What about truth or dare?’ Y/N chuckled. Katherine always had the best ideas. ‘Sure,’ she answered,’ But you have to start.’ Katherine laughed. That was no problem for her. The two sat done on a bench in the middle of the Mall. ‘Ok, go up to someone and get them to dance with you.’ Y/N challenged. ‘Easy,’ Katherine smirked. She had a special charm that made her irresistible to most people. Katherine walked up to a group of girls chatting and checking they’re phones. She started doing some of the most ridiculous dance moves Y/N had ever seen. The girls laughed but soon they started dancing with Katherine. The people walking by looked at them some of them shaking they’re heads or laughing. After a while Katherine cam back sitting next to Y/N. ‘Alright. Truth or Dare.’ she chuckled, darkly. ‘Dare!’ you answered confidently. ‘Y/N, I challenge you to walk over to this couple and say:, Is that really you, babe? Where have you been? And who is this.’ alright?’ Y/N turned around to look at the couple. ‘Oh my god, Kathrine, I can’t do that.’ Katherine pouted,’ you have to, Y/N, you choose Dare now live with it.’ Y/N glared at her angrily and started walking towards the couple. This was going to be one of the most embarrassing things in her life. She acted as if she was just looking at the things in the store window.  Then Y/N turned around. ‘Babe? Is that really you? Why didn’t you text me back? And who is this?’ Y/N pointed at the woman. She was trying hard not to break the role. In the corner of her eye she could see Katherine chuckling like crazy. At least one of them was having fun. The man looked at you confused. ‘John who is this?’ his girlfriend asked. ‘ I have no clue, Babe. I swear to god.’ The girl looked at you, angrily. ‘ I thought you stopped talking to that bitch?!’ she screamed, Y/N took a step back. ‘ I did, Paula. I swear!’ Y/N was confused. Did she just trigger a bad memory? ‘Then who is this slut, huh?’ she stormed towards Y/N and pushed her. ‘Hey! Stop,’ Y/N shouted. ‘ What do you want from my man, huh bitch?’ Y/N started running. Out of all the couples in the mall Katherine had to choose the psycho girl. Y/N looked behind her, The crazy girl was still following her. 

Y/N’s day ended with her and Katherine getting kicked out of the Mall. Maybe she wasn’t such a good influence after all.