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All #Wayhaught Scenes l Season 2.

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And yet, when dawn does come, it is always so beautiful and terrible—the coming of the light such a miracle—that it’s almost worth waiting for. One’s own life—one’s own secret private life—what a queer positive thing it is.  Nobody knows where you are—nobody has the remotest idea who you are, even.
—  Katherine Mansfield, from a letter to Virginia Woolf c. June 1919

The most unrealistic thing about last night’s episode was that Waverly didn’t look at Nicole’s butt in this scene

For all the people hearing and even saying that Nicole is toxic

This is the face that Nicole makes when Waverly says that she’s not sure if she wants to know the results of the DNA test, “But if I’m not an Earp, I have to [know].” In my mind, this is Nicole’s heart breaking a little bit and considering giving the results to Waverly. But right after, Waverly pulls her in to “distract” her, and Nicole doesn’t get a chance to tell her. Then the baby bash happens, and eventually things spiral out of control.

Like many others, I don’t believe that Nicole was going to withhold the information forever; she just couldn’t find the right moment to tell Waverly. I mean, why else would she be carrying the results around in her bag if she wasn’t going to tell her soon? Don’t get me wrong, I think that Nicole going through Waverly’s mail was an incredibly bad decision, and it truly was a huge invasion of privacy. But we all know that Nicole always has Waverly’s best interests at heart.

Misguided? Totally. But toxic? Absolutely not. I think they’re gonna make it through. And even if they don’t, they’ll always come back to each other.