katherine ann watson


Mona Lisa Smile: Katherine Ann Watson [INFP]

Fi: Katherine stresses time and again that she wants her students to learn to think and feel for themselves. She has little regard for social “rules” but instead lives according to her personal values (she will engage in an affair with another teacher, but only if he doesn’t sleep with his students in the meantime). Katherine is easily hurt, and sensitive enough not to want to hurt others – but also prepared to stand up for herself when she needs to.

Ne: She pins artwork and inspiration to her walls, to invoke a creative frame of mind as she works. Katherine looks to the outside world for inspiration – to different decades of art and history. She dreams of going places and doing things, but it takes her awhile to muster the courage. She is a forward-thinker whose progressive ideas sometimes get her into trouble with the faculty. She’s good at reading people.

Si: Her area of expertise is art, and she can easily rattle off details about it. Katherine loves old and new things alike; she also hangs on to certain things from her past – memories and relationships, that she doesn’t quite know how to let go of as her life changes.

Te: As a teacher, she is a woman of action – she comes up with study plans, does research to find new topics, and sets new tests and challenges for her students. She breaks up with her boyfriend when necessary, starts a relationship with someone else, chooses to leave the school, and travels to Europe.


My ideas for who should play who in reality!
Wendy - Rose Leslie
Tinkerbell - Scarlett Johanson
Alice - Emma Watson
Kida - Anne Hathaway
Meg - Jenna Coleman
Jane - Jennifer Anniston
Pocahontas - Grace Park
Belle - Katherine McPhee
Elsa - Megan Hilty
Anna - Jennifer Lawrence
Rapunzel - Emma Bett Rickards
Vanelope - Anna Kendrick
Aroura - Keira Knightly
Jasmine - Vanessa Hudgens
Ariel - Amy Adams
Mulan - Brenda Song
Snow White - Dakota Fanning
Cinderella - Ashley Tisdale
Merida - Karen Gillan
Esmeralda - Sara Martins
Tiana - Halle Berry