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Stefan Salvatore – A Cult of Personalities and the Art of Flipping the Switch

This meta is broken up into four different parts all pertaining to Stefan Salvatore and specifically the inner workings of his mind.One, I will discuss the difference between Stefan’s ripper tendencies vs. The Ripper persona. Two, Stefan and how he splits himself in two as “Hero Stefan” vs. “Ripper Stefan” and why each personality hates the other. Three, how he “switches it off” as well as his ability to manipulate his own brain chemistry by shutting off specific emotions but not others. Finally Four, why when Stefan switches it off he is able to actually enjoy being a vampire and why he needs someone to “bring him back” when he shuts it off.

Disclaimer: I am a Stefan Stan through and through but I do not pretend that he is a saint by any means. Stefan is a genius and a master at manipulation, IMO only Klaus and Katherine come close to being able to going toe-to-toe with him and he has out smarted both of them. I also believe that at his core Stefan is quite sadistic but it is his humanity and his compassion for people that keeps him in check, which is why when he shuts it off he becomes a full-blown psychopath. Everything below is my personal opinion based on my observations, I try to use quotes and canon from the show to back-up my theories and how I have observed Paul Wesley playing the different sides of Stefan. I also draw from the online community and what other people have observed so if you’re active in the TVD fandom you’ll probably notice some similar ideas from other posters. Nothing I say is absolute fact as I do not work for TVD and I have no idea what the writers true intention is this is all just how I interpret it as closely to canon as possible.

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